Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Star Wars Movie HD

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A continuation of the saga created by George Lucas set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983).


  1. I bet Luke is the new sith and I have some proof, first of all hes not on
    the poster of the movie and he is obviously still and alive and in the
    movie because he talks in the first teaser.

  2. I’m so happy they didn’t drag the skywalker family in!

  3. What’s the girl name

  4. When the music starts… I almost had tears in my eyes.

  5. The boogie Sandwich

    What will happen if this movie suck?….WORLD WAR III maybe

  6. Let’s hope the acting is better than this trailer makes it out to be,
    really looks like it’s just going to be a high budget fan film with a bunch
    of shit actors.

  7. Overrated
    Trust me
    I love star wars but i can see through the veil.

  8. “Just let it in” thats what she said.

  9. black jedi? boycott this film lol

  10. Scott Aldrick Alcantara

    Haven’t even watch the first one

  11. looks gay. black guy and female lead were shoehorned in for political

  12. ThirstyMonkeyNicca

    The CG ruins it. Wheres the practical fx on using miniature models for the
    ships? CG takes away all the magic and makes it a soulless generic piece of

  13. Come into the void

    I’m sorry to spoil this for everyone but Luke Skywalker is the new villain

  14. Am i the only one to think that luke became a sith to revenge his dad ?

  15. Didn’t do it for me. I have a bad feeling about this ! Crap.

  16. A 2 and a half minute trailer and doesnt spoil anything, Thats how you make
    a trailer

  17. One of the failing of STAR WARS is sound in open space. I hoped they will
    fix it, but no.

  18. Agent of the Patriarchy

    Meh. It’s gonna suck.

  19. All this #boycottstarwars is stupid, all because the main character is
    black, wait until they find out who James Earl Jones and Billy Dee Williams
    is, Idiots.

  20. black guys a lightsabers dont mix might cut his dick off in a light saber
    duel or even use it as a saber lol

  21. Did anyone else notice when she is crying at the 144 mark it looks like
    it’s Chewbacca’s body.

  22. What has Darth Vader started that needs to be finished?

  23. Is Luke Kylo Ren? I mean it is a little far fetched but there is fan
    fiction showing how Luke turns to the dark side. He is in no trailer, he is
    not on the theatrical poster, where is Luke Skywalker??

  24. I liked everything but the black actor. It seems he has a MAJOR role and he
    will be the new Jedi? Sorry he just looks dumb here. Are we supposed to
    feel we can relate to him like we did with Luke all these years ago?
    Nothing against black people but he seems like a really bad choice.

  25. The Revan rippoff

  26. Awesomeness Hippopotamus

    Prediction: Kylo Ren and Rey are bother and sister and the children of the

  27. 1:03 Kylo Ren forces rebel-soldier to tell where their secret base is, 1:28
    – 1:36 Empire attacks the Rebel base and rebels try to defend it, 1:40
    Rebels lost the battle and Luke knows that Kylo Ren is coming for him, 1:44
    Kylo Ren executes Luke. Before his death Luke sensed the force in Finn and
    Finn becomes a Jedi. I think that is what happens in the first film and
    that is why they dont show Luke much in the trailers.

  28. never watched star wars is that bad

  29. I wonder why they still haven’t showed Kylo Ren’s face

  30. i hope that at 1:44-1:45 it’s not chewie’s lifeless body laying in front of
    rey :/

  31. Does anyone else think that the sith lord at the ending part with his hair
    out looks a bit like anakins hair? Or something? It very well could be Luke
    Skywalker wanting to finish what his Dad started and that would like be a
    big cinematic reveal again or something as they havent shown Luke, AT all
    but shown Han, Chewy and Leia…. Hmm

  32. There are no words to describe this awe

    see what i did there ?

  33. Nick McGill (Mcgillotine)

    Why is not-Darth Revans voice so laughably unsuited to his apperance

  34. I’ll have you know that I watched this trailer and only came 12 times

  35. so!! is this suppose to be like a version of starwars like black version of
    luke skywalker?? black jedi with white girl whats next bi racial
    jedi kids on next chapter.kind of ruin the saga.

  36. will this be the final star wars movie :(

  37. The worlds first Black jedi!

  38. House of de Future

    I’d rather have Anthony Mackie as the Male MC. You know, the guy that
    played Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. At least we know he’s
    a good actor and I feel like this guy’s too inexperienced to perform in
    such a big movie.

  39. Is anyone else full-on crying right now? Also, who are the 70 people who
    disliked this?

  40. Deadpool Wade Wilson


  41. i want more… really? 2 min? i want see death star… luke! cmon show more

  42. where is master yodaaa

  43. Where is Luke skywalker?? Come on man… He is essential

  44. YASSSS! People are finally start to see potential in African Americans 😀
    I’m really happy he’s an protagonist too.

  45. Why are people saying that Kylo Ren is Luke? He’s played by Adam Driver…

  46. This movie is age-ist and sexist!

    You have to be between 16 and 19 years old and look hot if you wanna lead
    in these kind of movies, anybody over 19, including Han and walking carpet
    Chewbacca are there for decorative purposes.

    Why not an obese, Chinese, dwarf, transgendered lesbian as a Jedi?


    Because Star Wars universe is ageist and sexist.

    This movie is not inclusive enough!

    That was my SJW impression made of half truths, sorry :)

  47. If you look at the opening shot in Rey’s can see what looks
    like luke’s (anakins) light saber..think about it..could this star
    destroyer that she is savaging, be the same one Luke lost his light saber
    with in empire strikes back? We know that Rey is a Jedi because the tops
    cards spoiled that for us, revealing that she is force sensitive..maybe the
    saber was calling out to her..and if the rumors are true and she’s Kylo’s would explain why his toy dialogue sounds disappointed when he
    says “is it true, you’re just a scavenger?” Like think about it. Why would
    Kylo be so disappointed about Rey being a scavenger unless they’re siblings
    and he has great expectations for her because of their bloodline?

  48. I grew a vagina just to get it wet BY THIS TRAILER :3

  49. Is mark hamle or how ever u spell his name in this movie

  50. I miss R2D2!

  51. omg. i can’t wait.
    One thing i don’t get is that people seam to not remember the Jedi’s? Why?
    Han Solo is still a live, so it’s not like it has been 1000 years sense the
    empire was defeated.

  52. Will the black guy die first?

  53. no luke skywalker. ı think luke is kylo ren

  54. Is Luke the sith?

  55. Luke not in trailer or poster? Leia crying? Is Luke dead? Is he passing on
    what he learned to Finn???

  56. Just I didn’t see Luke??

  57. I bet Kylo Reen is actually Luke. In the original script of SW6, Luke put
    on hus father´s mask and became the new Darth Vader

  58. Where the f is luke?

  59. But where is Luke?

  60. which one is better ? real 3d or imax 3d ?

  61. Anyone else rage when you heard the music from 1:20 on?

  62. So Luke Skywalker has turned to the dark side after all. interesting.

  63. i havent seen episode 6 yet but what happened to luke?

  64. wheres luke ?? did he become the new emperor :|??

  65. the account i use for things

    its like what? 30 years later by solo age.
    and they havent upgraded there ships yet?
    like , why wouldnt get a better vertion. u had the time for that
    (#the movie will probrobly say why and i will look like an idiot(

  66. There is definitely a Neo Nazi theme running n this. ‘The First Order’
    sound like a revivalist group that long for the old days. A bit like the
    Third Reich. Vader seems like a martyr much like modern day Nazis think of
    Hitler. All those scenes of the Storm troopers lined up being addressed by
    the leadership is EXACTLY like the footage we see of the German rallies
    before WW2. If you think about it The Empire always was a bit based on the
    Nazis. The name for storm troopers for a start and the way the officers
    dressed they looked like WW2 German officers. The real question on my mind
    though is how many times has George Lucas watched this trailer today? :)

  67. finally, after all these years…. the saga will be complete.

  68. Is luke skywalker in this one lol me dumb…. but i wanna know

  69. What’s the bad guy called?

  70. did I get that right that a storm trooper is a jedi

  71. are they using practical effects or CGI on the Starfighters?

  72. ComekillMeNow #BibbyDepressed

    Not a star wars fan or know anything about the previous episodes. So my
    question is , where the hell is Luke Skywalker ????

  73. The Marvellous Jansen

    Theory: Luke Is Kylo Ren
    “I Will Finish What You Started” He Says It To A Burnt Darth Vader
    Helmet… Who Else Would Have That And Why?

  74. I know there are lots of theories floating around the internet about
    different aspects of the movie but I don’t think JJ is dumb enough to ruin
    this by making Luke evil. That would be really dumb because Luke saved
    everyone and fixed everything temporarily and his father turned back to the
    good side. With those parts of the story resolved it would be really dumb
    to suddenly make him evil. And Kylo is not Luke’s son because there is
    nothing in the originals that even suggests that Luke “got it on” with
    someone. He had no one but sister to get it on with. And I don’t think Luke
    and Leia’s fling lasted long enough for them to have sex. That would be
    nasty anyway. I think the best theory is that Kylo is Han and Leia’s son
    (it would only make since that they would have gotten married after ROTJ.)
    Some people think that Luke trains him in the Force and he somehow gets
    turned to the dark side and ends up slaying Luke (his master), which would
    be in typical student-kills-master Star Wars fashion. You can kind of piece
    this all together from previous info and info they give in the trailers.
    We’ve already seen someone who is most likely Luke with their right
    prosthetic hand resting on Artoo (Luke lost his right hand when Vader
    sliced it off and Artoo is Luke’s droid companion.) Not to mention, we see
    this in the chaotic looking scene that looks a lot like the chaotic scene
    that they show in this trailer with Kylo. I’m betting this is the scene
    where Luke dies because if you watch there is a small clip of Kylo slashing
    his lightsaber in an executionary fashion. We also see in the very last
    clip with Kylo and Finn about to face off that Kylo appears to have taken
    off his mask. We can see the back of his head and that looks an awful lot
    like long, dark hair and Luke does not have hair like that. Does anyone
    think this makes sense?

  75. Turns out from watching the trailer a few things are given. The scene that
    shows R2 and the robot hand who else would that be other than Luke….So he
    is there confirmed. Now watch the part where the girl character is crying
    with the light on her. Notice the background…Notice the ending background
    where the black guy is fighting Kylo…Notice anything? They are the same.
    Who else would the girl be crying over other than her black friend who
    meets Kylo too early and does not have Master Yoda to save him like Anakin
    did against Count Duku. You can also see the same orange strip shoulder
    area on the bottom of the scene of her crying which is earinly similar to
    the stripe on her friends jacket. Now to the right is what looks like a
    human ear. Plot has been revealed and the story line pretty much entrenched
    now. No more speculation needed. Movie ruined,

  76. WHO IS KYLO REN?? Everyone says han and leia’s son. skywalker plus Solo
    could equal Kylo, and its already been said Ren is the new order. My
    question is, why is everyone disregarding him picking up the mask and
    calling Vader father?? Why not the son of Luke? Finishing what his father
    started. A story we do not know yet. Ive have not seen one person say he
    could be Lukes son. And its been said Luke has a bigger role in VIII than
    VII. Think of the test this might put Luke thru fighting his father and now
    having to fight his son…wow

  77. Mark my words:
    Luke is Kylo Ren (Finish what the father started)
    Han Solo dies

  78. Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker. Calling it. 100% Cannon. No Exceptions.

  79. No jedi training yet can weild a lightsabre?

  80. This trailer alone is better than “Attack of the Clones”


  81. where’s jaina and anakin solo? even mara jade is not here in this movie.

  82. Just one question; where’s Lando?

  83. My theories:
    1: So with what seemed to be anikan in the trailer Finn has anikans saber
    the same one as anikan had in the light side, why exactly would anikan be
    trying to get his saber back is he making a re-appearance back to the dark
    side? But leia and Luke are old now like fifty something and anikan looks
    the same when he was in the dark side so I don’t know???

    2: It’s been a rumour that Luke is kylo and I agree because in the episode
    where vader dies Luke takes vaders helmet and it is the exact same material
    as kylo rens so did “kylo ren” use vaders helmet and tweaked the appearance
    of the helmet???

    3: Now there has been rumours going around that Han and leia had a daughter
    named rei

    Now if I get anymore theories I will be sure to tell you guys :)

  84. Welcom to Purgatory (Drako Silo)

    If Finn us a clone trooper gone Jedi then this whole story is shot. (real
    fans will understand)

  85. Kylo Ren’s voice isn’t as intimidating as Vader’s. First let down for me.

  86. 1. This movie makes no sense.
    2. George Lucas is a dumb ass for selling his franchise
    3. Looks like a lifetime movie
    4. Bad follow up episode
    5. Way to modern

  87. Where’s Yoda when you need him…

  88. Star Wars? Never heard of it. Is it a Mass Effect ripoff?

  89. Im serious right now, star wars 7 is gonna be the biggest movie of the year

  90. where’s Luke Skywalker? >:(


  92. i think mace windu is the uncle of finn

  93. people who don’t like star wars will never understand the love the fans of
    star wars have for the films. every star wars fan when they heard the
    announcement of this film coming out how excited they were, and trust me
    when that first trailer of this film come out , I had goosebumps all over
    me. after Revenge of the sith I thought there was never gunna be another
    star wars film ever (non animated).

  94. Starkiller

  95. is this gonna be a triology? 7-9 ?

  96. Spoiler alert theres a guy in the end more more badass than ever hes force
    can destroy a mountain if u watch it closely in trailer

  97. Prediction: Kylo ren is actually a clone of Anakin/Vader and is trying to
    finish what the Vader couldn’t.

  98. 1:02 Luke Skywalker

  99. I’m so terrified this is gonna be like the Phantom Menace. Lucas said he
    didn’t like the script too, which just makes me even more worried

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