Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ultimate Force Trailer (2015) HD

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A continuation of the saga created by George Lucas and set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983).

Music Credits:

“Rebirth” by Nick Phoenix
“Sleight of Hand” by James Brett

Courtesy of Extreme Music.


  1. Alvin and the Chipmunks are going to destroy this movie at the box office.

  2. Mr Brunswic (brunswic51)

    Was this a fan made trailer?

  3. Luke is probably the villain

  4. whats the song name/!!?

  5. I was the actual first one because i watched it 19 seconds after it came
    out and it had no views

  6. am i the only one who got goosebumps watching this ?

  7. can I get top comment for once?

  8. I feel like i watched the whole movie itself

  9. i feel like this was fan made but it is still soooo good!!

  10. was that skywalker in the end with the Metal hand ?

  11. Luke must have been that guy at the end holding R2. He had the robotic arm.

  12. The biggest downside of this movie is that there will be no Yoda. WHY??!?!

  13. There were some new scenes, where there ?

  14. Does this mean we’re not getting any more footage before the movie comes
    out? I hope not

  15. I’m thinking Kylo Ren is Luke’s son, especially with the whole “I will
    fulfil OUR destiny” thing. Maybe his grandfather’s legacy he wants to

  16. Mark Sneddon (Mark767)

    So given I haven’t seen a single bloody frame of Mark Hamill, does that
    mean that he’s one of the masked ‘bad’ guys?

  17. So who do we know that got their right arm chopped off, that also rolls
    with a robot companion like that 1:59, hmm i wonder ? *CHO CHO ALL ABOARD

  18. Санита Попова

    what a stupid film only 4 nerds

  19. Who else thinks Kylo Ren is Jacen Solo?

  20. plot prediction – Kylo Ren is just another sith that comes out of the
    woodwork, or metalwork, to finish Darth Vaders grand plan. Luke will now be
    living the life that Yoda and Obi Wan once did in solitude. he will be
    found and asked to fight with the rebels. At some point in the next movies
    he will die and the black dude will become what Luke was in Return of the

  21. 1:03 I will fullfill our destiny? Luke and vaders destiny? Kylo ren is

  22. 2 weeks to go !! Woo hoo !

  23. i think this trailer shows too much

  24. Who else is seeing this opening day? ?

  25. wer is luke.?

  26. nick ca “nicky” Turner

    anyone else thinks that it was luke with r2 at the end

  27. No John Williams Score, No like.

  28. Damn, dat nigguh be ugly!

  29. What's it worth???

    the thumbnail of this video is a filthy lie

  30. choice of music = incorrect

  31. 17DAYS!!!!!!!

  32. Still no hint on the story-line core. This was lame fan-dom stuff

  33. 00:38 amiral Akbar at right :D


  35. This was fan made right? Please tell me it was fan made.

  36. don’t like star wars This is for 3 years old babies

    I’m going to cry tears of joy for (what will hopefully be the better part
    of) three hours when I finally get to see this.

  38. Was I the only one who liked the music?

  39. Spoiler: Kylo Ren is Luke

  40. who said “you don’t know a thing about me” it doesn’t sound like Adam or

  41. should i watch all the star wars movie before watchin this? helppp

  42. So…. this is not official, right? it’s just a remix :(

  43. Aleksandar Gocanin

    Am i the only one who kinda liked the beginning music of the trailer? :D

  44. anyone wondering if jar jar will be a sith?

  45. 2 steps from hell rebirth the intro song for people lookung for song

  46. who else thinks the new badguy is going to kick ass

  47. the hype is real

  48. 1:22 Kylo faces off against a tree

  49. I never watch star war before. But if i watch this one i need to star from
    first episode??

  50. I´m still not convinced this movie will live up to it´s expectations. Sure,
    it looks good but all this has to be filled with a meaningfull story. And
    that´s a term I would not put in context with the name JJ Abrams. As much
    as I am a Star Wars fan nearly my whole live I don´t know if this will
    bring the magic back or if it is just going to be a movie amongst many.

  51. 3 words: WHARE IS LUKE?
    I know he was at the end(probably) but we don’t know his role, and I’m not
    the kind of guy that thinks Luke is kylo ren, so I just want to know

  52. So many unanswered questions: Who trained Kylo Ren in the force, if at the
    Return of Jedi, Luke is the last Jedi? Is Luke the new Sith Lord? Did he go
    to the DarkSide? How far will this new film deviate from the canon?Also, if
    the Empire was defeated at the end of The Return of the Jedi, where did all
    these new imperial forces come from in the future?

  53. SO…FREAKING…AWESOME!!!!!! ?????????????????

  54. The BEST MOVIE of this YEAR!

  55. The beginning score sounds like something from a generic action movie :/

  56. spoiler: the new bad guy of the movie is a clone of Darth Vader

  57. who is the guy who held the head of r2d2 in the end? he had a hood and
    metal hand. plz help

  58. Darth Revan said I will finish what YOU started, as if he was talking to
    the ghost of Anakin. He said nothing will stand in OUR way.

  59. Why is Leia crying



  61. Favorite quotes from the trailers:
    “Have you felt it?”
    “Just let it in.”
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  62. Gonna watch this for Harrison Ford

  63. don’t tell me that luke skywalker is the new darth Vader 0:57

  64. At 1:56 that is Luke I’m telling you!!!!

  65. This Sunday Star Wars movie Marathon.

  66. First of all, I think 30 years isn’t near enough time for anything to turn
    into a legend-especially in a world where space travel and modern
    technology exists. Not even 100 years, maybe 1 or 2 thousand years. 2nd how
    can the dark side make a comeback? You have Luke and Leia. And you have
    Ben, Yoda, and Anakin in their other form to guide Luke and help him stop
    anything before it gets started. I forsee a ton of plot holes in this
    movie, plot holes=bad story writing.

  67. 1:01 trooper what are you doing?

  68. I don’t care if it’s a fake trailer I’m stil sooooooo excited for Star Wars
    episode 7

  69. This music is garbage. Makes Kylo Ren looks like Daft Punk.

  70. The trailer was really good but the choice of music was definitely
    horrible. Damn! It truly could have been the ultimate trailer albeit

  71. wow that is some shitty music. does not fit star wars at all

  72. the hype is real THE HYPE IS REAAALLL

  73. this movie just doesn’t look that good at all.

  74. i do find it weard and curious becouse at the end you se almost the same
    hand or robot hand as anakin had (darth vader returns LOL)

  75. Muhammad Zafrullah

    Where is Iko?

  76. We don’t need no black storm trooper jedi!!! <---said several racist fan boys

  77. A George Soros Film

  78. I don’t think this movie will be great. I really hope i am wrong because
    i’m a huge Star Wars fan.

  79. Intergalactic Federation of Refined Editing

    For a fanmade trailer, I was actually pleasantly surprised by this. There
    were a few mistakes that made it feel more fanmade, but overall you’re
    improving, good job :)

  80. cant wait for the release !

  81. Ils ont pas intérêt à avoir touché aux thèmes originaux !

  82. Come out already will u….

  83. so, R2D2 sith cunfurmed?

  84. Chills i cant wait to see this.

  85. I have no problem with the music. I just feel that it doesn’t work with the
    trailer at all. I would’ve just gone with The Force theme throughout. Just
    my opinion though

  86. Chynna Del Rosario

    The music was so awesome!!!

  87. Nooa-kasper Ostela


  88. Never finished a starwars movie . the old movies is fkn lame, and i heard
    the “new once are even worse

  89. Ugh what is with the music.

  90. Muhammad Hilmi Ahmad

    Still no Luke?

  91. gonna watch it in 3d!

  92. luke skywalker spotted!!! 1:58 :D

  93. still no luke skywalker

  94. theEndrusza endrius


  95. Not bad for a fan made video.

  96. couldn’t get the music rights huh?

  97. it’s all true

  98. First minute was the best part

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