Steven Spielberg’s RЕАDY PLАYЕR ONE Trailer

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Steven Spielberg’s RЕАDY PLАYЕR ONE Trailer
Genre : Science Fiction, Blockbuster, Game
© 2017 – WB Pictures

Comedy, Kids, Family and Animated Film, Blockbuster, Action Movie, Blockbuster…


  1. So you can’t go outside in 2045?

  2. This moviegood asf

  3. Jacqueline Scarborough

    OMFG please be awesome as the trailer 😫😍😍😍

  4. The legendary Jokester

    A movie with a bunch of different characters? TAKE MY MONEY!

  5. Ariaditya Pramestu

    So a movie where we watch the main character plays video game? Sounds like youtube

  6. Wow wow look at 1:32 if you want nightmares

  7. Isaac The Fallen Apple

    The constant Spielberg references are very distracting and gauche to be honest. But otherwise the trailer looks fun.

  8. was that Deadpool walking with Harley Quinn at 1.06 ?

  9. wow wow wow iron giant!

  10. why am i not more impressed by this…somehow doesn’t feel like a speilberg movie, it feels like a chinese/bollywood indie flick

  11. I love this trailer!

  12. A Museum of Coins

    Watching the ad for this movie for the trailer of the same movie

  13. Does anyone think it’s like sword art online

  14. This looks awesome.

  15. Iron Giant

  16. Starts with the Iron Giant and ends with GTA ONLINE racing okaaay haha

  17. Anyone else think this looks really dumb?

  18. Shit looks good.

  19. halo assault rifle at 1:32…

  20. Who me else spotted the halo references?!

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