Storks Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kelsey Grammer Animated Movie HD

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Storks is an upcoming American 3D animated comedy film directed by Nicholas Stoller & Doug Sweetland and written by Stoller.


  1. first?

  2. Second?

  3. first

  4. first :333

  5. Rae Anne Official

    omg!!!!!new trailer

  6. 3=======✊=======D?

  7. Hi (sorry for my bad english)

  8. What is happening to cildrens films?

  9. the look the parents give each other

  10. i hate bby

  11. 333 views.. It’s a sign

  12. (sigh) Why most animated films today are starred by animals?

  13. Get ready cause Rule34 is prepared for this

  14. OceanWarzGaming - Rex

    ” This Film Is Not Yet Rate ” May Be For 18+

  15. Daniel Alan Gealy

    finally a 18+ rated kids movie

  16. Well, this looks intresting.

  17. last?

  18. Bebe Powda! :)

  19. Well… the baby was like the start of Inside Out movie (baby Riley)… Or

  20. this is actually a pretty cool looking movie!

    i mean, barely anyone made animated movies in 2015,

    but 2016!!!! holy crap!

  21. Babies with rainbow hair? That’s cool.

  22. *This movie is not yet rated*


  23. This is degradation

  24. I love Everything

    Do girls have wet dream? Please reply.

  25. “This film is not yet rated.” Well, I highly doubt it will be rated R but

  26. the kid want a baby someone give him a baby :D

  27. I was about ready to laugh at this but it actually looks pretty adorable

  28. What happened to kid movies?

  29. it put a smile on my face. MUST WATCH!

  30. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    not yet rated? well hope it turns out to be xxx rated.

  31. Are we just gonna pretend that isn’t tiny bird Trump?

  32. WTF ? So cute.

  33. this shit will be

  34. 0:35 Am I the only one who thinks that that bird looks kind of like Donald

  35. Torsten Atterberg

    This shit made me wanna kill myself.

  36. I feel like there are gonna be a lot of subtle adult jokes in this….:

  37. I hate when people fish for likes. Like if you agree.

  38. i want a brother too Q_Q

  39. 0:37 Is that a Trump-Bird

  40. human trafficking movie?

  41. trailer more like a tv spot

  42. Wait, so the kids name is Nate, his parents Sarah and Henry. And the
    delivery girls name is Tulip. So is the main birds name Junior or did his
    dad just call him that or something.

  43. not yet rated huh? rated r all the babies die

  44. This video is for the parents who are always asked about how are babies
    born by there innocent young child

  45. ‫متعب البقمي‬‎

    why don’t the birds have feathers?!

  46. Nexsusriina Fun type

    A….*points a finger*
    I didn’t belive and never heard this “delivery thing” when I was a child ?

  47. Babies with pink hair, are they social justice babies?

  48. Who is Tulip voiced by?

  49. So the Pigeon’s the villain?

  50. georgi stoilov (AIM-AceMove)

    Another movie that nobody will remember…


  52. I was all for this when I thought Kelsey Grammer was the main stork. Now I
    don’t care.

  53. Then at the end it shows a real birthing video to all the unsuspecting

  54. pigeon TRUMP!? also most brothers arnt that nice to each other WHAT IS THIS

  55. Please don’t say that the one adult girl working with the storks was a baby
    who never got delivered…

  56. ಠ_ಠ

  57. ( ಠ _ ಠ )

  58. if your kids ever ask you where babies come from, this movie has the answer

  59. This looks rubbish

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