Suicide Squad Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Jared Leto, Margot Robbie Movie HD

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A secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

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  1. This movie better be better than what the trailer makes it to be.

  2. Already better than Man of Steel

  3. Deadpool doesn’t approve of this

  4. DC I know you’re trying and all but you’ll never reach Marvel’s standards
    🙂 it’s just fact

  5. Well I thought this joker could be alright but now… Nahhh man

  6. Too bad Kung Fu Panda 3 will destroy this movie

  7. Worst.


  8. Who’s the villain?? You can see it in the scene where the train is
    crashing, but who is that?

  9. Who’s playing the joker

  10. Ok bye marvel nice knowing you

  11. Justice League & The Suicide Squad


    The X-Men, Deadpool, and the NEW Avengers this year .

  12. this is just going to shit all over every movie Marvel has ever made LMAO

  13. I was worried, now I’m sold: Jared Leto is the best on screen Joker of all

  14. published on january 19th? isn’t it the 18th? am i crazy?

  15. “i can’t wait to show you my toys”

  16. Remember Marvel?

  17. It looked serious when they first announced it. Now it looks goofy.

  18. Why is Harley Quinn bathing in milk?? They can make a spot on killer croc
    but green chemicals is NOT IN THE BUDGET xD

  19. A lot of Joker in this trailer. I like that.

  20. Isn’t Harley supposed to be half red half black? But they made her half
    blue for some reason

  21. Seriously people give the fan-war a break. Batman vs Superman, Suicide
    Squad, Civil War, Doctor Strange all look amazing, so just enjoy them and
    stop complaining.

  22. This will be DC’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, and by the look of it, just as

  23. Eh, looks alright. Not nearly as good as Dawn of Justice, but eh…..

  24. they show a bit of batman in first trailer but none in second?

  25. Anyone else rewind to see Harley bend that ass over?

  26. At least put a damn domino mask on Harley so she’s not just some blonde
    chick in shorts.

  27. Still think that Jared Letos laugh sounds like Emperor Palpatine.

  28. Music at 1:38?

  29. Was that Jai Courtney… Trying?

  30. Step aside Marvel, the big kids have come to play

  31. I wish Harley was played by Tara Strong…..

  32. ummm Deadpool isn’t in this?

  33. I had no interest in this movie until this trailer. The marketing so far
    has just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. But this totally changed
    how I perceive the tone of the film and did a great job of showcasing the
    talent. Hype achieved.

  34. Soon as I heard bohemian rhapsody, I knew it was gonna be good

  35. So basically the suicide squad is fighting killer croc and this looks sock

  36. Crimson Dragon Slayer

    So far so good. No major spoilers like with BvS.

  37. Batman strangling joker at 2:33

  38. Is that Groot at 1:44?!


  40. why can’t we have a darker tone super hero movie DC teased both like they
    were and said “lol jk we wanna be silly like marvel”

  41. 1:58 joker changing? harley dying? spoilers

  42. Whackashit Collaborations

    Good…but overrated.

  43. Harley quin will make this movie

  44. I just wanna be in a coma right now and just wake up when this movie come

  45. JoKeR… also why is 0:20 Michael Keaton in this movie lol like seriously
    why is he in this, i mean we all know he Was batman once before but why lol

  46. Omg, deadshot died in a episode of arrow :v

  47. This guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer is pretty dark.

  48. gar funkey (garfunkey)

    There’s like no Slipknot in the trailer lol. I’m guessing he’s the one who
    gets his bomb caller blown up.

  49. fantastic trailer, didnt reveal the whole movie but showed enough to

  50. Oh baby deathstroke at 1:17 thats him right?

  51. for real question tho, who would win, entire suicide squad vs deadpool?

  52. I’m not convinced of Jared Leto being the Joker bring back Heath Ledger.

  53. what is the song in the beginning

  54. Wait a second… Isn’t that Tom Hardy at 1:11, 1:16, 1:28, 1:36, & 1:56 ?

  55. They should have chosen a different background track to this trailer. I
    prefer something more serious

  56. *goes outside and screams with joy

  57. why they change the style from the first trailer? its like a joke now

  58. Margot is going to steal the show

  59. Like Samuel Jackson says…”DC makes interesting villains” not heroes. I’ll
    wait for Netflix release

  60. Harley kind of just sounds like a drunk girl. I was hoping she would sound
    more like she did in the wolf of wall street, where she already pretty much
    had the new york harley accent down.

  61. Looks like complete shit.

  62. Thumbs up for Queen yo.

  63. LETO#


  65. thats music and trailer itself sooo epic !

  66. Just imagine suicide squad’s advertising were like a parody of the dead
    pool. And marvel and dc make a big fat joke of it and have an advertisement

  67. Só Eu Que Sou BR E Tô Louco Pra Estreiar Logo? Hehe

  68. Osama bin Laden should be in this movie

  69. This is a fun movie?!

  70. wtf…. worse trailer ever.

  71. Where’s Tom Holland?

  72. Will Smith will boycott this trailer if you dont put him in the title…

  73. suck it marvel!suck it aalllll!!!!!!!

  74. This looks lame AF

  75. Holy shiitake mushrooms, this full trailer made this movie looks x40 times
    better than the teaser made it look. Hot damn

  76. whos the main villian…like who is the squad up against

  77. maria alejandra torres

    what’s the song?


  79. Looks better than Batman V superman at least.

  80. Tom Hardy WAS going to be in this, but he was forced to over-time doing the

  81. Wow this is going to good I can just tell

  82. Whats with all the hype people??

  83. Can’t wait

  84. judith angulo valenzuela

    I’m crying ?


  86. I came

  87. I knew they were crazy, but never this crazy, wow

  88. August is so far away :(

  89. David Andres Chalacan Arevalo

    muy bien ese guason

  90. This looks really good but cmon civil war is gonna be amazing

  91. Filmed in Toronto <3

  92. Worst Joker and Harley ever.

  93. Margot Robbie is bae, real talk, lol


  95. There should be an Oscar for best trailer and this would win it 100,000,000

  96. I don’t know why, but the Joker has always been attractive to me :X

  97. mysterymidnight 478

    Looks great the only thing that worries me now is the Joker

  98. people bitching for the sake of bitchin

  99. the joker looked terrible. Harley let us pray she’s better than that. and
    that trailer song sucked

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