TΟMB RAІDER Trailer (2018) Alicia Vikander, Lara Croft Movie HD

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TΟMB RAІDER Trailer (2018) Alicia Vikander, Lara Croft Movie HD
A Movie directed by Roar Uthaug
Cast :Alicia Vikander, Walton Goggins, Hannah John-Kamen |
Release Date : 2018
Genre : Action
Copyright 2017 – WB

Comedy, Kids, Family and Animated Film, Blockbuster, Action Movie, Blockbuster…


  1. If I can get 50 likes I will mail myself to Jake Paul and post it it on my channel! Stay tuned

  2. Hopefully it will be a bit better then the first 2 movies:)

  3. ummmm Alicia i don’t know, not convinced yet

  4. badland 八戒

  5. Where’s her tits?

  6. Wtf i didnt even kno they were making one

  7. Feels more like game but still game looks better than movie.

  8. Some Porkified Smokified Ribs

    Tranny Croft


  10. Trapes are like Prince of Persia Game

  11. Jimmies Rustled cherries

    Could have BEEN Uncharted and make the story line BETTER

  12. plz don’t be dissappointing like AC movie (AC movie trailer looks pretty good but the movie itself is shit)

  13. Looks way too similar to the last two games. Its going to be boring if its the same exact story, characters, etc for people who have played them.

  14. flaty croft

  15. This almost has the same vibe as the 2013 Tomb Raider game. This movie may be good.

  16. Why? seriously, why? The first 2 were OK…………forgettable…this actually looks lamer…no real star power either! Why bother? just make a new movie that’s like this but different!

  17. Tomb raider the game cinematic trailer 😑

  18. 1:24 – Best CGI

  19. Przemyslaw Budakiewicz

    trailer so great ….i cant waiting…

  20. Where’s Roth? I know they’re mashing the 2 game stories together, but he was instrumental in Lara’s character development into a badass.

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