Tamasha Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor Movie HD

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Tara (Deepika Padukone), a young Indian girl finds herself stranded on the French island of Corsica after she loses all her possessions. In this time of distress, she meets Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) an Indian backpacker who extends to help her. Ved, drawn to theatrics sets a condition to make their rendezvous more interesting. During their time together they are obliged not to disclose their real identities to each other only to make their trip unpredictable. For the next week, the two spend an indulgent time in Corsica having the time of their lives, until she finds a way to return back to India. Four years later, Tara finds Ved again. This time though, she finds him ordinary and lacking in charm that she remembered him for and ultimately rejects his proposal. Ved is unable to handle the rejection which further triggers a chain of events. He realizes the instincts that Tara missed in him and this now leads him on a journey of self-discovery as he sets out to pursue Tara.


  1. Good trailer

  2. Indian Tyler durdan

  3. What’s the point of posting Indian trailer

  4. I’m I the only black person who watches Bollywood movies and excited about
    this movie

  5. Bollywood is here now. what’s next?

  6. I’m surprised to see Bollywood movie trailer here.

  7. Bollywood trailer on this channel?

  8. That one Gay Nazi from outer space but is now the damn fiddle master

    I actually like Bollywood way more then that shit we get here called
    Hollywood :^)

  9. I am just curious, Bollywood is not ran by Jews, so I’m going to assume
    there’s no homosexuality in this movie, am I right?

  10. I usually don’t go in for romantic films or Bollywood films but this kinda
    looks okay…

  11. im an indian i know these actors and thy do much better than this!

  12. tamasha bagasha

  13. Ok I’m exited for this

  14. O.O

  15. bollywood movies are always like this and it pisses me off, there’s barely
    any action movies ever. one in a millionth chance you’re gonna get a
    bollywood story without love mixing with drama

  16. Reptilian ass tear inc HiSsssSssSsSSSSSSSsssss

  17. summary: dude goes on vacation meets a chick who loves thriillseeking guys.
    but when they go back to their daily routines, she cant find the
    thrillseeking guy she loved before. cool. i think it will turn ut booring..
    Chennai express was a lovely movie.

  18. Beautiful woman.

  19. I grew up with Bollywood movies and truth be told this doesn’t seem bad, at
    least it doesn’t show any signs of random singing solos or on the spot
    choreographed dancing, lol.

  20. randeep <3

  21. movie will be gaaaayyyyy

  22. I never get Indians, they speak half English half Indian all the time.

  23. This… actually could be quite good if done right. (heh, “if done right”
    seems to always end my comments on this channel 😛 )


  25. wtf wrong channel

  26. R.I.P Hindi

  27. I don’t mind the ads…
    I don’t mind the buffer..
    But when the ads buffer…
    I suffer…..

  28. What the F*** did i subscribe?

  29. i’ll just leave a dislike here and i’m gone

  30. Yeh jawani hai diwani

  31. Bollywood movies sucks. Girl-boy-party-drinks-sex-love the end. Come up
    with something creative!
    Hollywood movies actually are something to see cause they are combine
    effort of hard work, technology, imagination and creativity.
    On top of that I hate Deepika.

  32. Same old nonsense.

  33. i am fron india but i don’t like bollywood movies

  34. Do not…i repeat, Do not post bollywood trailers here

  35. what’s name of this girl ???? she’s so so beautiful ???

  36. very excited to watch movie

  37. YES Bollywood trailers!! Please do upload more!! Thanks!! :)

  38. hope it bombs at the box office and we can get rid of both these non-actors

  39. i adore hollywood and english films the sam eway i adore indian film as i
    am a native here, indian producers are way back compared to hollywood, so i
    woudnt expect them to take a film worth billion dollars, and afterall this
    is a bollywood film into hollywood channel

  40. i adore hollywood and english films the sam eway i adore indian film as i
    am a native here, indian producers are way back compared to hollywood, so i
    woudnt expect them to take a film worth billion dollars, and afterall this
    is a bollywood film into hollywood channel

  41. Dafuq?? Bollywood?? Unsub-ed

  42. Dun post Bollywood trailers again..These actors suck!!

  43. There was happy new year trailer,most people forgot that i think

  44. ticket to be confirmed for the first day first show 🙂 🙂 love u deepu didi

  45. It’s called when we people give all our effort to do something amazing at
    that point why matter for if any Indian or any tittle… Enjoy oye!

  46. Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube

    where is the Bollywood physics?

  47. Thank You Thank You +Movieclips Trailers if it weren’t for you i would have
    totally missed this movie. Bollywood movies are some of the most romantic
    movies you will find. They are really good. Watch with your SO.

  48. They brought this movie trailer here but they couldn’t get Prem Ratan Dhan
    Payo stw

  49. typical indian bullshit gay same old love story… they will die in the end
    by wiggling their head.

  50. these people always look awesome on-screen..looks like a same story but
    hope the twists should be interesting..

  51. Same old shit.

  52. Narottam Jajodia (NJ)

    Another waste. Why don’t they make movies like Lagaan, 3 Idiots, A
    Wednesday, etc. anymore?

  53. one word wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cant wait to see the movie

  54. Anyone know the song played at 1:25 ?

  55. Why is there a Bollywood channel

  56. Wow Bollywood trailer nice they should do this more often

  57. when will bollywood movies become unpredictable?!

  58. papa ek comment karu chutyagiri


  60. Mystique Romana-Hiko

    this reminds me of a chinese drama called somewhere only we know

  61. Imtiaz Ali OK now Make ROCKSTAR 2 For God’s sake

  62. Papa main ekk kahani sunau…

  63. worst trailer

  64. People who abusing bollywood go and watch movies like bhaag milkha bhaag
    ,dil chahta hai, 3 idiots, gangs of wasseypur, Rang de basanti ,Udaan,
    Baby, Lagaan, andaz apna apna,swades,Wednesday ,Zindagi na milegi dobara,
    ETC…. !!!!!!

  65. bollywood on movie trailer!!! cool..

  66. song 1:25? 🙁 plz

  67. some one get crazy about this move yaahoooo

  68. ‘friend with benefits’ with a little bollywood twist that’s it.

  69. predictable story

  70. Lol. A man who is bored of his life goes for a holiday and then meets a
    girl who teaches him about life and they both fall in love. The same story
    always, nothing new

  71. These two created Monday to be together …..

  72. Howdy? Sweet! story high What’s your opinion about that, guys

  73. I just laik

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    حلو الفيلم

  75. iqra17064@gmail

  76. eagerly waitin for my best couple of bollywood

  77. his last 4 movies were flop on box office, after this one releases it will
    be 5

  78. Luv it

  79. ‫محمد علي‬‎


  80. deepika?vry pretty….

  81. many people from USA will be thinking why the hell bwood trailer plays on
    hwood channel its right because there is no comparence but I would like to
    say These Two Actors in BWood are most chilling and entertaining actors
    especially the Girl so and so the Director also so these trio is best in
    India so I will say wherever it releases in US or UK do watch ur money
    won’t be wasted

  82. ‫عاشقه حروف اسمك‬‎

    حلو كولش

  83. wow

  84. Christopher Brandao

    a lot of light skin Indian actors.

  85. Their chemistry is amazing to see. So sad how he has zero chemistry with
    Katrina on and off screen lol

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  87. Ashutosh Chandrakar

    How is it different from bachna ae haseeno and yeh jwani hai diwani…….

  88. they should put filipino/korean trailers here cause you all missin out the
    stories are way better

  89. hmmmmmm…..nice….best of luck ranbir:):)

  90. ‫النمره الذهبية‬‎

    Thanks Hello

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    ??????????السعاده من تعشركم ويفهمكم

  92. Deepika? interesting.. Ranbir? uh.. Imtiaz Ali? meh.. A.R.RAHMAN!?!?!!?!??!
    HELL YEAH I’m watching this!!

  93. I say all the f****** Americans stop commenting worst stuffs about this
    movie..I know u bull shits don’t know anything about the language Hindi but
    please without understanding the real story please don’t comment here!!!

  94. katrina kaif the best

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