Taxi Driver Revisited (2016) – 40th Anniversary Spoof HD

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Hey, I’m talkin’ to you! Robert De Niro impersonator, Josh Robert Thompson, takes on modern day Los Angeles as the ‘Taxi Driver.’


  1. This is really funny! Got the deniro face spot-on.

  2. ahahahaha BR

  3. This man looks like Robert De Niro

  4. Yaaay, good to see Josh doing something. Haven’t seen him since Craig fell
    off the planet.

  5. I have no idea who thought this crap was a good idea but bravo! That’s some
    good crap!

  6. Thanks hahahhahaha

  7. Make a movie about “Crazy Taxi”

  8. Samuel Clark San Andres

    FakeTaxi XD

  9. Geoff Peterson!

  10. pretty good de Niro impression. ?

  11. goddamit! shit was spot on!

  12. I’m gonna break your legs, put them back together and I’m gonna break em
    again… Lol!!

  13. lol this was kind of funny yah

  14. Craig Ferguson – Jeoff Peterson

  15. I actually thought it was robert de niro loool ?

  16. I really expected Craig Ferguson to be on the backseat!

  17. this is pure gold

  18. What kind of dog is that?

  19. He’s good, the impersonation was on spot xD

  20. Cute dog :)

  21. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    I prefer the porno fake taxi

  22. lol love it

  23. 0:23 nice :D

  24. Geoff Peterson!!!

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