Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Official Sneak Peek #1 (2016) – Megan Fox Movie HD

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The Turtles return to save the city from a dangerous threat.


  1. is that Eddie Murphy Professor Klump?

  2. Unpopular opinion: I didn’t hate the first one.

  3. Boobs

  4. tits, tits, tits, oh what turtles? thats cool i suppose.

  5. The movie no one asked for.

  6. iPadGameWalkthrough

    How to cook cereal
    1 cup of cereal
    1 cup of milk
    1 cup of bowl

  7. ПьеRO's Reviews

    *sigh* that looks pretty much the same plot that was used in 3d cartoon

  8. Let’s be honest, most of us here were only going to watch this because of
    Stephen Amell.

  9. Am I right in thinking that I glimpsed Beebop and/or Rocksteady? I hope
    that we get to see Casey Jones in the trailer!

  10. Wheres arrow?

  11. Honestly the only reason I’ll probably watch this movie is because of Megan
    Fox’s sexy ass…while I like TMNT is just not something I feel it will be
    loved as much as Transformers.

  12. CANT WAIT!!!!

  13. What is it now with these damn trailers before the trailer shit? Seriously,
    Stop It!!!

  14. Walrus is in the Matrix

    How many Bayisms can you mash into FIFTEEN SECONDS OF FOOTAGE

  15. tomorrow was going to be a good day for me

  16. you already destroyed my childhood with the first “Michael Bay” shit storm
    of a movie… here comes the salt.

  17. ANDDD… still no xmen apocalypse teaser…

  18. Please stop ruining my childhood. Just stop

  19. Eddie Murphy as the nutty professor as Baxter Stockman?!

  20. looks awesome to me. guess no ones a real turtle fan here.

  21. They’ve officially stopped trying

  22. It’s only been a year and the second is out soon. Wtf?!!?!?

  23. I wouldn’t mind a TMNT/Transformers crossover movie.

  24. Shane Nelson (undertow9x)

    Megan Fox sucks ass. She can’t act for shit. So tired of seeing her dumb
    ass in movies.

  25. everything looks fine but….(and I never thought I’d say this) why is
    Megan Fox/April O’Neil tying up her shirt? She’s supposed to be a respected
    news reporter!!!

  26. Has it even been a year yet?

  27. Am I the only one who thought the first one was just a good (not great)

  28. 0:11 Was that Casey Jones on Roller Blades with a Hokey Stick being chased
    by Rocksteady?

  29. These are not the TMNT i knew and loved to watch as a kid.

  30. ugh…. another one???…. Why???

  31. I dont care what anyone says, Megan Fox is HOT!!!!!

  32. Was that Tyler Perry?? lol

  33. I spy something grey and with a horn.

  34. I saw megan fox unbuttoning her top. I’m sold

  35. Not enough explosions, dislike :(

  36. 0:07 is that bebop or rocksteady?

  37. Looking by the teaser this movie will be utter shit

  38. I find that many people expect movies like these to be the best movie ever,
    when they are not, in my opinion they are aiming just to entertain people,
    with a bit of fun and action, don’t expect these movies to have the best
    storyline etc. I find that these movies are made just for a little simple

    Another example of this are some comedy movies, people criticize the
    storyline of them, when with most of them I think they don’t really give a
    shit about the story line, such as Grown Ups and Ted, yes, i do pay
    attention to how the movie is playing out, but it is comedy for a reason,
    and its not your shawshank redemption kind of movie.

    But yeah, some of yous just don’t like these movies straight up to begin
    with, and gair enough, we are all different, though some of yous criticize
    movies on the wrong/stupidest things and or have a ‘the glass is half empty
    rather than half full’ sort of attitude

  39. I enjoyed the first one and I’m excited, but way to reduce April to nothing
    but a sex object. Such bullshit.

  40. Stitchtini "Neon" Pines


  41. and to think Megan is a mom? gee, she’s gorgeous.

  42. i have to admit that i hate how sexualised is megan fox on here, its simply
    unncesesary and disgusting.

  43. 0:10 Michael Bay at his best

  44. Looks awesome.

  45. Just why….

  46. Amazing

  47. Shady Red (ShadyRedSniper)

    Well I can’t wait to hate it.

  48. BlackGuy3Eyes ____

    {Booom, Blam, Bow, Lights, Tyler Perry, PG 13 Titties}

    “See extended version Tomorrow Bastards”

  49. TMNTdibujos delgado

    TORTUGAS NINJA 2 ( fan dese el 2012 ( soy una chica ) wiiiiii )

  50. lol I love how the title says “Megan Fox Movie” as if people watch it just
    to see her…then again there are probably a bunch of little boys watching

  51. to be honest, im kinda exited

  52. Am I crazy or have the damn turtles gotten smaller? They were massive in
    the last movie.

  53. This looks like what the first film should of been

  54. awesome

  55. I saw boobs, I give like

  56. Oh no not again…

  57. Nooooooooooo

  58. I cant remember….DID ANYONE ASK FOR THIS!?!?!

  59. Laura Linney? What the hell are you doing here? Are things THAT bad?

  60. TMNT FAN (MUT4G8N)


  61. bebop and rocksteady oh shit!!! this gonna be good.

  62. Neil DeGrasse Tyson?

  63. I like the first one so this one should be good

  64. This is going to be awesome:)

  65. This is like every kid walking into a final. They think their gonna do but
    they wind up do absolute dogshit

  66. i just love it how this trailer at 00:10 resumes all the acting skill of
    megan fox.

  67. What is the Nutty Professor doing in the movie?

  68. Oh man, I can’t WAIT to miss this one!

  69. Michael Bay is ruining the Ninja Turtles!!!!

  70. Did Michael Bay and Megan Fox kiss and make up? When did this happen? I
    thought they would never work together again.

  71. Micheal Bayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  72. No.

  73. Seriously? ANOTHA ONE??

  74. how asked for this to be made?!?!? Holly shit Tyler Perry o_o

  75. Black & Blue Studios

    Megan Fox is sexy. my lord. im done

  76. Cons:

    Turtles still fugly as shit and now wearing clothes for some reason.

    Megan Fox is still acting

    Tyler Perry is in movies still

    they dragged poor Stephen Amell into this :”(

    Still smells of Michael Bayness.



    15 Seconds of crap.



  77. The Arkham Decepticon


  78. Dimension X is opening and here comes Krang and the Technodrome.

    Finally a movie portrayal of my beloved kid cartoon and SNES game.

  79. Guys, Stephen Ammell stars here too

  80. now they’re releasing trailers for trailers? GTFO with that shit

  81. This is why we cant have nice things.
    btw was that the nutty professor

  82. Why are they using sex to sell a TMNT movie?

  83. Stephen amell at 0:12

  84. WTF we didn’t need the first one and damn sure don’t want a second turtle
    movies. especially with punk ass Tyler Perry in it. guess he is funding it.

  85. As a huge Ninja Turtles fan, I hope this movie will do them justice

  86. Isaac AwesomePants

    Megan Fox and her boobs. Yes.

  87. megan fox 0:10

  88. …nevermind.

  89. Because the first one was so good?

  90. Stop it Michael Bay! You already ruined Transformers, dont do it to the
    TMNT again!

  91. Megan Fox back to sucking directors cocks

  92. sigh* even though I didn’t like the first one, I give this one a go. looks
    quite interesting

  93. Ohh the hate this movie will get

  94. Fkn rly?! another one?! Piss off Michael Bay!!

  95. Oh of course the day I find out the title I have to wait another day to
    actually see the trailer! I JUST WANT TO ME MY LEO FOR GOD SAKE! I’m okay!
    Just a few more hours and it will be tomorrow!

  96. Hulk came in from the portal and black widow came to stop him

  97. Maybe the flash will end up there.

  98. Bewbs

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