Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Megan Fox Movie HD

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The Turtles return to save the city from a dangerous threat.


  1. ugh. Still a michael bay movie.

  2. I thought it was tomorrow…

  3. earliest I have ever been to a movie trailer

  4. Feels like I’m watching Transformers

  5. 4 doomsdays and megan fox, i’m in

  6. Why did they make another one?

  7. Wtf?The music just really makes me laugh

  8. I laughed damnit
    I will be in line
    June 2016

  9. Chocolate Cow Films


  10. They ain’t Turtles. They are lizards.

  11. Stupidest shit, But will still watch it, my childhood my just get off with
    this shit.

  12. they actually made a sequel to this crap?

  13. The actor in the minute 1:15 is arrow?

  14. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!! – No one.

  15. This is probably as good as the franchise gets. I mean its TMNT. This
    trailer looks like the movie will pretty much capture the spirit of the

  16. Movie looks so dope can’t wait

  17. How did they talk Tyler perry into this shit lol

  18. Michael the Magician

    That rhino and hog look very cartoony, like even more than the turtles.
    They look like they are out of Pixar or something.

  19. Baxter, Beebop, Rocksteady? Those ships be Kraang? So much to take in!!!

  20. Danny “Theueeee” Granger


  21. who wanted this

  22. It’s meant for kids mainly and adults who remember this movie will be great
    let’s be real

  23. I only see Michael Bay jerking off in a pool of money and explosions. i am
    not seeing this movie, i am not wasting my time or money to see another
    Michael Bay explosion fest with most likely more emphasis on the humans
    than the turtles. And just like the last on, will be a pile of shit. Thank
    you and goodnight.

  24. This looks ten times as better than the first!!! Who’s with me?!!! & you
    can hate on Bay all you want, but the fact is y’all are still going to see
    it so stfu

  25. Produced by Michael Bay: I’M OUT

  26. Am I the only one that’s actually excited for this movie?

  27. They will find any excuse for Meghan Fox to dress Slutty.

  28. For all you idiots saying this is bad because Michael Bay made it, we’ll he
    only produced it. He didn’t write or direct this unlike the transformers
    movies. This movie looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see it. Plus
    the origional teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wasn’t to great, and the sequels
    to it were shit, so don’t bash on this movie. Lots of fun for everyone,
    great humor, great action. Can’t wait!!

  29. Man, Michael Bay really is the best director to date. I mean, Transformers
    2 is the best movie ever! Transformers alone is better than Donnie Darko,
    2001 and Kill Bill. You rock Michael! Now take my money because this looks

  30. where is spiderman when the turtles need him?

  31. 1:25 what is sheamus doing there!?!?

  32. Michael Bay and CGI…… (Vomits)

  33. That moment when Ninja Turtles has a better trailer than Batman v Superman

  34. if it wasnt for Megan Fox id pay to watch it in movies, now ima have to
    pirate this shit


  36. Let’s be real. We’re only watching this cuz of Megan Fox ??

  37. How can you have so much free time OLIVER QUEEN, go back to star city.

  38. It’s like they shamelessly acknowledge the movie is shit but they don’t
    care cuz $$$$.

  39. this is what Arrow does when Felicity just died wow

  40. arrow,transformers and Doomsday(4 of them actually) in one freaking
    movie,what more can you ask for?

  41. TMNT 2: Meet the Transformers

  42. People don’t seem to know what “producer” means.

  43. Michel bay.

    You can make action scenes look orgasmic. But the overall movie..

  44. zeto “naruto uzumaki” kenshi

    the first movie looked like it was going to be a good movie (I mean the
    trailer looked good) but it ended up being a awfull movie. I think this is
    doing the same thing

  45. so i have one question.. how is Micheal bay getting money to make more of
    these movies?? shouldn’t he be broke or something by now?

  46. Directed By Michael Bay

  47. what is the name of soundtrack at 0:38 ??

  48. Ananggadipa Raswanto

    Why Casey Jones is short haired?! I need explanation!

  49. 1:47 money shot!

  50. Megan fox: “who are you”
    Guy in mask ” my name is Oliver queen and for 5 years……”

  51. I’m actually really excited for this

  52. Anyone going into movies like Transformers and this looking for some award
    winning story are a special kind of stupid. These movies are meant for over
    the top action and fun, stop reading so deep into shit, just enjoy the

  53. which the villain,the crank or foot clan? i know the name of the tmnt
    villain,but i think there will be rampage between the foot clan or even the

  54. this looks terrible

  55. Oh no not another turtle movie the reason superhero movies are great is
    because superheroes are hot. FYI turtle are not hot I rather see Ollie
    Queen with his own movie over this bs ?

  56. Finally Bebop and Rocksteady.

  57. Mehmet Emin Palabıyık

    Damn Man! Where’d You Fınd Thıs ?

  58. 1:47 Only reason I’m watching the movie.

  59. Hey Michel Bay, can u stop ruining my childhood? thx

    oh w8, boobs

  60. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!

    The one and only thing I dont like about this is how they outed themselves
    and get noticed as heroes, they’re ninjas they never showed themselves
    publicly before and always stayed hidden, but otherwise it looks like a
    pretty amazing film that actually seems to copy over a lot from the
    original stuff we all loved it for, I liked the first film anyway but still

  61. This feels even more like Transformers

  62. And I quote, ‘This is gonna be good’

  63. look a thunderstorm let’s stand on the car and see what happens !

  64. im not saying this will be a good movie BUT i do think that now they have
    got the origin story done it will be ten times better, this movie actually
    looks fun rather than the dark and gritty counter part.

  65. Finally a Ninja Turtles movie about the Ninja Turtles.

  66. Yeah, a 2 hours long slow motion cgi fest with Megan Fox… I’ve never seen
    that before.

  67. The first one was good this looks way better

  68. It reeks of Michael Bay. Otoh, Amell is here!

  69. I’m a simple man, I see Megan fox, I pay to see it

  70. like for rocksteady and bepop

  71. Wooo awesome!!!

  72. Tricky!!!nice song:-)

  73. You have failed New York City!!!

  74. seems promising

  75. Looks like it will be a fun movie I’m down.

  76. Casey Jones oh yeah

  77. Notsolittle Gamer boy

    Call me ready to suicide,but I’m kinda excited for it

  78. Megan Fox dressed as a schoolgirl… enough said :D

  79. Luis Pedro Dominguez Aldana

    This is how you make an action trailer.

  80. Are we never going to tone down the cgi. Like really can’t they just ease
    up on the cgi? It’s very painful to watch so much cgi. I might as well just
    watch the cartoons.

  81. Turtles YOU HAVE FAILED THIS MOVIE!!!!!!

  82. As if the title wasn’t long enough….

  83. oh yeah I’m seeing this movie

  84. megan fox ?

  85. Laurentiu Stavarache

    where is Trick2g though?

  86. stpehen amell heeellll yeeeaaahhhh ????

  87. Rock steady and bebop yesss!

  88. The first one was good but this looks even better. I have to see the Fox
    and Ninjas again. Now there’s Madea lol can’t wait.


  90. 1-ly reason 4 watching TMNT is for MEGAN FOX

  91. Baxter Stockman can be the only thing to save this movie

  92. looks like comedy and explosions. just looking forward to watching Stephen
    Smell on the big screen

  93. As long as there is less megan fox than the last movie.

  94. The theme song is “It’s Tricky” from Run DMC (DJ Fresh remix)!

  95. 0:11 What?

  96. yeeeaaaaahhhhh

  97. Everything looked good except the first random typical Bay style portal at
    the beginning with stock footage from transformers 3!

  98. why arent we with the turtles , when something bad happens you want to be
    with the turtles . this is the best part for me

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