Terminus Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Sci-Fi Movie HD

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Following a near-fatal accident, David Chamberlain makes an unprecedented discovery that will not only determine the fate of his family, but of mankind.


  1. Pichu0320 the Pichu (pikakingbro0320)



  3. Terminus.
    Sanctuary for all,
    community for all.
    Those who arrive,

  4. *Insert Walking Dead reference here*

  5. Fist Me Daddy

  6. Seems good

  7. I will pass in the movie theatres. if it gets there.

  8. *Not affiliated with The Walking Dead.

  9. Scary this is actally the walking dead

  10. Wut?

  11. looks good

  12. So whaaaaaaaat ?

  13. CharlestonFreeLazer

    Man that dude really looks like Jensen Ackles

  14. im expecting zombies ?

  15. im expecting zombies ?

  16. im expecting zombies

  17. This seems like it’ll be another movue like the signal…

  18. TWD anyone ?

  19. I literally had to check if ‘terminus’ wasn’t exclusive to twd. ^^;

  20. are you my mummy?

    was i the only one?

  21. not related to walking dead

  22. Didn’t know a movie called terminus was coming out. But I’m intrigued.

  23. awful

  24. Blah Blah Blah Chronicle Blah Blah Terminator Independence Day Blah

  25. Looks good

  26. Sanctuary for all
    Community for all
    Those who arrive survive

  27. Can someone pls just make a movie with the plot of The Last Of Us?

  28. Another end of the world type of a movie.. yay .-.

  29. For some reason this reminds me of Earth To Echo but with adults in it.

  30. Samruddha sujit save


  31. Hello, I’m Mary. And welcome to terminus

  32. Evolution.. No creation
    and… And it’s from space?? SPACE??? HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHWHAHAH! OMG I’M

    What was I seeing again oh yeah uh… Walking dead meets hunger games meets

  33. Baby Hold My Hand

    Who else clicked the video thinking that the guy in the gas mask was David
    Tennant? :^

  34. So a couple years after Rick & the group escaped terminus Terminus decided
    to fight back with alien technology ? it already sounds awesome

  35. TheNoFlinchGrinch

    U wot m8

  36. Looks boring

  37. Aaaand there goes the entire plot.

  38. Interesting but I have yet to grasp what the blue and metallic object has
    to do in the film. The object seems to be really important but it is not
    really well explained. Can any of you help me out? I wasn’t hearing the
    trailer on full volume so that could be it maybe it’s a good movie but I
    definitely saw some cliches already so yeah. It’s not as if every movie
    didn’t have cliches. By the way I was really bored when I clicked on Thai
    video so if this seems irrelevant move on. Happy new year. ???

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  40. “Sci-Fi Movie “

  41. Charlie Bricknell

    Please not be one of these movies with a great trailer and end up being a
    shit movie with all the best bits in the trailer

  42. I thought this was a twd movie

  43. Those who arrive, survive…

  44. Julian is alive!!!!!

  45. Was I the only one thinking about the Walking Dead throughout the entire

  46. Noah

  47. Caffeinated Nation

    They were kind of opening themselves up to endless Walking Dead references
    by titling their film “Terminus”…

  48. hit like if you love muslims

  49. Can someone please explain what this movie is about? the trailer wasn’t
    clear to me.

  50. Jake Stanley (Bluemoon)

    Where the Zombies at?

  51. Are we sure this isn’t just a new series on the Scify channel?

  52. The walking dead?

  53. Bweekkk… Bwekkkkk…

  54. This looks like HP Lovecraft’s “The Colour Out of Space”
    Anyone notice that?

  55. *Looks interesting*

  56. Is it about cannabilism

  57. I have no idea what this movie is about from this trailer… First there is
    nuclear war? Then an alien thing lands and attaches to a human? Then people
    are wearing gas masks like man kind is being wiped out and people are
    starving?? What is this??

  58. For a second I thought I saw someone trying to jack Rick’s style lol

  59. Looks good


  60. Where’s the cannibals?

  61. This looks confusing as hell.

  62. it’s venom!

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