THE 13TH FRIDAY Trailer ✩ Thriller (2017)

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A Movie directed by Justin Price
Cast : Lisa May, Khu, Melissa L. Veg
Release Date : 10 January 2017
Genre : Thriller

© 2017 – Uncork’d Entertainment

Comedy, Kids, Family and Animated Film, Blockbuster, Action Movie, Blockbuster…


  1. oyHAlEuDsUkDywMTpDh f

  2. First and first dislike

  3. is this jason vorhees, freddy kruger or slenderman?

  4. looks very cheap

  5. 1:23 YOUR WELCOME

  6. I just see boobs in the thumnail and I click it

  7. Lawsuit incoming ?

  8. What the hell is this?! 😀 dat movie look like shit
    What are these special effects and costumes? CRINGE

  9. I saw boobs in the thumbnail so I clicked

  10. God it looks awfully cheap!

  11. I could shoot a movie like this, if i try realy hard it would also look as cheep as this one.

  12. You can’t even find a IMDB page for this movie! How should you find out the actreses names? I bet some of them were in other “movies” wink wink 😉

  13. Okay why’s their just a five second clip of the Descent thrown in, think il watch Descent one and two again instead of this shite hahaa

  14. Anyone think this was a jason voorhees movie…

  15. WOW A Movie With A Clickbait Title 😂

  16. James Logan Howlett

    Fuck I misread the title and thought this was the new Friday the 13th. Was waiting for Jason voorhes to appear

  17. This is another horror movie like the Japanese movie it’s American movie made in Japan where ever enter inside the house will die so basically nothing new what is going on with making movies these days did not even trying to just remake remake nothing new just going back and forth back and forth back and forth no good horror movies anymore

  18. The thumbnail looks like she has two boobs lmao

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