The Benefactor Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Dakota Fanning, Richard Gere Movie HD

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A philanthropist meddles in the lives of newly-married couples in an attempt to relive his past.


  1. First, this movie looks good

  2. is Richard Gere cosplaying Mikasa Ackerman with that red scarf?

  3. Well I see Theo James AND Dakota fanning so I’m gonna watch this

  4. Wtf is this trailer day? We had like 6 of them today.

  5. Looks good!!


    Newport, RI: The movie.

  7. Holy Mackerel the Third

    Started off corny, but actually looks pretty good

  8. Four, be brave.

  9. omg James and dakota…

  10. Oh god

  11. maybe

  12. I can’t wait to see this.

  13. Four<4❤️

  14. Theo James yessssss

  15. Theo james mm

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  17. carrot

  18. A small Loan of a million dollars$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  19. Melanie Teves (Editednightmare)

    i don’t buy it… going to be a shitty movie

  20. All I see is Theo James… I’m sorry.

  21. I will watch it just becuase Theo James is in the movie

  22. Dakota, Theo….Are all these viewers youngings? What about Richard

  23. i wanna see x-men apacalyse

  24. i wish that xmen trailer would hurry up and come out

  25. actually looks quite interesting!

  26. This movie looks great!

  27. Someone tell about what is this movie, i don’t understand the trailer ??

  28. Hmm..sinister..interesting

  29. OMG IS IT bad I only clicked cause Theo?

  30. The Benefactor, starting Gman

  31. I love the actors in it…Richard Gere still at his best for sure.?❤️

  32. Looks like something beyond the standard stuff I usually see.

  33. Only watched this trailer because I saw my Bae Theo

  34. Teen wolf or nah

  35. Richard Gere!!!<3

  36. I’m suprisingly interested in seeing this.

  37. Fanning and Gere are brilliant. Hopefully the movie is good.

  38. Theo is love Theo is life <3

  39. THEO JAMES!!!!!!!!! ❤️❣??

  40. Looks good I’m rooting for Gere to deliver.

  41. Four?

  42. I found Coraline and the RV lady!!

  43. 0:42 the most fake belly I have ever seen

  44. looks cool. sign me up.

  45. mysterymidnight 478

    Richard Gere???

  46. Theoooo ❤️?❤️

  47. Did Richard Gere really stick a gerbil up his ass?

  48. Four without tris?!?!

  49. اكره الافلام اللي تجيب الاكتئاب

  50. This is four after what happened in allegiant *not gonna spoil* he moved
    away and changed his name ?

  51. DanceLikeUmaThurman

    i guess four has moved on

  52. I’m here only for Dakota Fanning

  53. I dont get this …
    If he like a perv who gets his honyness taken care of when giving money

  54. always been in love with Dakota. pretty girl, great actress

  55. i kept replacing gere with donald sutherland lol

  56. Where’s Larry?

  57. This movie looked suddenly interesting with theo james in it

  58. I have a feeling there’s a major plot twist in this one…

  59. a definite twist in this

  60. i freaking looooooooooove dakota fanning <3 <3 so glad she's back <3

  61. Pin the thumbnail I thought I saw Justin Bieber

  62. SAME!!!

  63. Sammatha Mckerreghan


  64. Baeeeeeeee Theo James

  65. Where the hell is Ian Bohen? ?

  66. theo james is like aaron ramsey’s twin. vice versa. I would get confused
    which is which if both came up to me lol.

  67. To see Dakota Fanning cast as a pregnant mother.

    made me feel really old.

  68. Did I see Roger Waters at 0:52 ?

  69. Only going to watch because of Theo James??

  70. Reason why I’m going to watch this movie.Theo James ???

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  72. Unfaithful part 2

  73. I decided to see it for Dakota and richard because I am a fan of both BUT
    when I saw Theo in the Trailer I just ♥.♥ can’t handle it

  74. TOBIAS?!?

  75. Theoooo ma baeeee????

  76. Its GEAR not GERE ! like OMG, like literally I can’t ! Eww…

  77. Richard Gere still got it!

  78. Dakota is so lucky ?

  79. Unresolved grief
    Issues left unchecked coupled with power and control without healthy limits
    and/or boundaries

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