The Big Short Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Brad Pitt, Christian Bale Drama Movie HD

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The men who made millions from a global economic meltdown.


  1. This seems really promising actually! Gives me a good vibe!

  2. Nadheeran's Deep Space

    The cast…. Holy Angelina Jolie!
    If Pitt, Bale, Gosling, and Carrell, are in a scene together, my mind will
    literally and figuratively explode.

  3. steve carrell makes it feel like a comedy.

  4. Gosling is going to steal this movie and it’s saying something when u have
    cast like that

  5. Amazing cast, Christian Bale looks a bit like Manuel Ferrara in this

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  7. Probably one of the bet casts I’ve seen in a long time

  8. Great cast, still not interested though.

  9. I thought that was Mark Hamill in the thumbnail. lol

  10. That unfair moment when a stripper make more money than you without
    studying 4 to 10 years in college.

  11. why are only Brad Pitt and Christian Bale mentioned in the title? Steve
    Carrel appears in so much of this trailer.

  12. The Curious Case of 40 Year Old Virgin Batman

  13. I wish it said Brad Pitt had an academy award and not say nominee. He has
    an academy award for his producing of the best movie of 2014, 12 Years A
    Slave. But to be fair, he doesn’t have one for his acting and that’s
    probably what they meant.

  14. Ryan Gossling is famous for having no talent and still being famous

  15. I know he’s almost 52, but Brad Pitt looks weird with a grey beard.

  16. trailer song???

  17. brad pitt was once a star. but since world war z, fury and inglourious
    basterds brad pitt is dead for me.

  18. Liking Ryan Gosling as Jordan Belfort in this film…

  19. Whoa whoa …. there is a stripper who has 5 houses and a condo?
    Geez, where can I find this woman?

  20. Who ISN’T in this movie 

  21. Brad Pitt’s won an Oscar as a producer guys!

  22. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    She has 5 houses and a condo but she works a stripper? The logic…?

  23. This is why US needs to regulate banks… And i bet every republican
    candidate so far is against regulating banks.

  24. Sorry….I just don’t see a movie titled the big short being any good.
    Also….they tried this story 1 million times. All of them forgettable.

  25. Christian Bale.

  26. Those who shorted in 2005 will enjoy this movie :))))))))))))))
    Sorry for the bulls.

  27. Steve Carell makes the movie as if Michael Scott works with corporate and
    does stupid things. I can never take Steve Carell seriously, even in
    Foxcatcher. I guess I’ve watched The Office too much.

  28. Awesome cast…but will it be good or just boring oscar bait?

  29. Brad Pitt should get an Oscar for finally looking unattractive.

  30. What a cast!!! I see Oscar nominations ?

  31. Plot Twist: it turns to be a suspense movie with Patrick Bateman in it.

  32. If anyone wants to know how the housing market crashed, look up “Peter
    Schiff was right”. Then watch the seminars he did prior to the collapse.
    His explanation of the future recession prior to it happening is as good as
    any analysis after the housing market collapse.

  33. How weird, the advert that played before this trailer was the trailer.
    Never had that before. Looks promising, great cast and good to see Steve
    Carell in a series role.

  34. one correction… it is not “the big banks” who screwed up the people, it
    is the government and the FED…

  35. And this is how you prepare the masses for an economic collapse. :)

  36. It’s the United States’ excessiveness and pro-ego consumerist model that
    keeps the greed alive. There’s a reason why this nation is powerful,
    because it exploits everything and everyone to where it can make films
    based on it. Not only is this country rapacious and maladaptive, Capitalism
    itself is inherently anti-human.

  37. Isnt brad pitt an academy award winnet? (Produced 12 years a slave)

  38. Mohammad Umair Ansari

    Academy Award Winner, Academy Award Nominee, Academy Award Nominee and
    another Academy Award Nominee. Christian Bale stands tall among all of

  39. does anyone know the name of this song?

  40. I declare BANKRUPTCY!!

  41. Spoilers: They all get away with it

  42. Song name?

  43. Shanoriya Robinson

    a stripper with five houses and a condo….. clearly I went into the wrong
    business lol

  44. Make the movie about Iceland. Different ending ;)

  45. loooove the Coens, but their association with Clooney has only borne so-so
    results (Intolerable Cruelty/Burn After Reading/O Brother Where Art Thou?,
    from worst-to-best) thus far imo – not saying it’s Clooney’s fault
    (although I’m not a huge fan); but I am approaching this one with slightly
    more caution than is my usual excitement leading up to a Coen bros. release.

    looks like elements of Barton Fink and Lebowski, production-wise, maybe I
    say this due to the colour palette and use of Sailors!

  46. It’s kind of great how great this world works now. People get screwed by
    big corporations… Years later hollywood makes a movie about it (big
    corporations making more money) People buy the movie ticket and popcorn to
    watch how they got fu#*&d up the a$$ with no lube and after it; go back
    home and live with this delusion that it’s just a movie at this point
    almost as if didn’t happen. But hey amazing cast, looks like it’s going to
    be a good movie. So what that the big guys got away with it. Lets wait for
    the next catastrophic event to fu&k up the world again and maybe if we’re
    lucky we’ll get it see another movie about years later. Cheers!

  47. Brad Pitt looks like Benicio del Toro with that hair and beard…

  48. Brad Pitt has an Oscar… nobody remember that he won one for 12 Years A

  49. This looks interesting…

  50. This does not look like a hit, though.

  51. What a beautiful Cast

  52. “When The Levee Breaks” is one the best headphone listening songs out

  53. Sad but true, the banks , the Wall Street and banks with the help of the
    flim flame con artist Clinton, Bush’ stupidity and Allan Greenspan ripped
    off the American people to the tone of trillions of dollars. This America
    folks, a nation of con artists !

  54. A film about nominees. Sounds awesome…

  55. OMG Brad Pitt Christian Bale …

  56. I am glad the suffering of thousands of people that lost their savings can
    give the assholes in Hollywood some new material.

  57. 😀 when the leeve breaks <3 yup!

  58. why does someone need that many zeros in their bank account? I literally
    can’t afford food. Or shelter. But they have so much money. Why?

  59. …when the levee breaks…

  60. براد كافر

  61. Christian Bale looks like Keith Moon.

  62. Drink when they say Merrica. You’re dead

  63. “Oj weźmie się Duda za takich, oj weźmie”.

  64. Talk about hind sight being 20/20.

  65. Just saw it…..pretty good….6.5/10

  66. michael lewis – the big short.!! Read the book first….

  67. whadda cast!!!!

  68. That cast tho

  69. They did this already….Margin Call….and it had a superior cast to this.
    Sleep well on Wall Street Mr. Freakout……

  70. Where’s the mention of the federal reserve’s monetary policies and Alan
    Greenspan? Judging by this trailer it seems like the film makers are
    focusing more on how the private market contributed to the collapse, when
    in reality it was the failure of the fractional reserve banking system.

  71. Heh, wait what?

    So hollywood making a movie out of what Bush tried to do to fix this scam
    is going to make people, what? Interested in how people like Jessie Jackson
    Jr. and Shelia Jackson Lee stonewalled any attempts at meaningful reforms
    to the CIA (Community Investment Act) which enabled these companies to
    issue the overwhelming majority of these bad loans?

    Or is this going to make people more interested in how Bush wanted to
    reform Fannie and Freddy but was stonewalled (again, by democrats) Chuck
    Schumer and Barney Frank? Curiously enough, Barney Frank even admitted that
    stopping bush from reforming Fannie and Freddy due to his own political
    bias was a huge mistake.

    I doubt it.

  72. Great cast…. Bale, Pitt, Gosling and Zeppelin!

  73. Pray that this glorifies nothing about what has happened. And pray that
    this touches upon what has been happening ever since. If you thought 2008
    was wild, you ain’t seen nothing yet… :(

  74. And yet the Banks keep laughing at us as they continue to get bailed

  75. A Bunch of Men in Wigs Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Brad Pitt, Christian
    Bale Drama Movie HD

  76. movie’

  77. can’t help but seeing Michael Scott in a wig..

  78. I got screwed in this mess…still affects my credit :(

  79. Isnt this from a book about a bunch of guys who profited by betting against
    the banks? How is hollywood gonna make this into good vs evil?

  80. Looks interesting, although kind of misleading at the same time, big banks
    didn’t cause the economy to crash back in 08, it was federal restrictions
    and guidelines for banks that caused it.

  81. Looks like crap.

  82. With absolutely no knowledge of economics – this still made me interested.

  83. Is this just a remake of “The Experiment” or is it really better?

  84. This film bought to you by the greediest capitalist pigs on earth

  85. I hope the message will reach the people.

  86. I heard that Brad Pitt’s skinny legs looked like chicken drumsticks.

  87. fact check to the people who made the trailer, Brad Pitt isn’t a Academy
    Award nominee he’s Academy Award winner for Best Picture as a producer for
    12 years a slave.

  88. Its just like the people who predicted the housing bubble would collapse

  89. so this is what batman’s been up to after retiring

  90. this film will barely scratch the surface of the inner workings of the
    financial system

  91. Really enjoyed the book. Great cast line-up and gotta love the Led Zeppelin
    playing throughout the trailer. Problem is, this doesn’t give the full
    picture of what happened leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. Yes,
    banks and Wall Street deserve much of the blame but hardly all of it. If
    you really want to get a true, full picture of what happened, read The Big
    Short and Reckless Endangerment by Gretchen Morgenson.

  92. while everyone is focused on this entertaining movie we are being laughed
    at by the banks lol. This is Amerika.

  93. the director hired so many famous actors. high budget much

  94. So Batman returned as a Trader now ?

  95. Oceans 4

  96. I just finished reading the book. So, to all the commenters here who still
    want to defend the banks and blame the low income working class people who
    took the sub prime mortgages they couldn’t afford… read the book before
    you open your pie hole.

  97. Looks dull. People knew there was a bubble in real estate. I knew it and I
    was no longer in the field. Blaming the banks for this also makes no sense,
    since their execs did not profit from selling the bubble (according to my
    old friend Jeffrey Friedman et al research in his study, “Engineering the
    Financial Crisis: Systemic Risk and the Failure of Regulation”).

  98. The banks are setting us up for another collapse. We never fixed the
    problems in 2008. Wake up people. Use this movie to further investigate
    what’s really happening in our world, don’t use this movie to get an ego
    high on thinking you know what happened or have any idea on what’s
    continuing to happen. Wake up. You are ruining my future and the future of
    future generations

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