The Boss Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell Movie HD

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A titan of industry is sent to prison after she’s caught for insider trading. When she emerges ready to rebrand herself as America’s latest sweetheart, not everyone she screwed over is so quick to forgive and forget.


  1. the turtlenecks were distracting me.

  2. she lost lot of weight

  3. Sometimes I wonder what executives are thinking when they Greenlight stuff
    like this.

  4. How many movies filled with fat jokes and a sidekick she doesn’t get along
    with (until the end) can Melissa McCarthy be in

  5. I’m an 80s kid….this is Troop Beverly Hills.

  6. As long as it is better than Tammy we are all good

  7. Forget ISIS, this garbage is the biggest threat to the world

  8. most def better than i am single and dirty grandpa ???

  9. I’m over this actress and fat jokes.

  10. the turtlenecks and the nancy grace hair was throwing me off the whole time

  11. You gotta love Melissa McCarthy man lol

  12. throwing fat people against a wall? not funny anymore!


    She is so funny.

  14. Does anyone know how to leave the ending out of trailers anymore?

  15. “American humor for americans only” movie.

  16. No wonder Trump is winning, America celebrates all these rich

  17. This is gonna be one of those movies that looks funny, you see trailers for
    everywhere, is in the theaters for a week, says it’s the “#1 movie in the
    world”, and is then released on dvd and found in the bargain bin at

  18. Melissa McCartney again as an angry fat woman who swears a lot. I don’t
    know when will I get tired with this.

    *I stand corrected*, She lost a lot of weight so ‘overweight’ is the right

  19. Didn’t even crack a smile

  20. This comedian can be repetitive with her jokes and movies but this
    character fits her well..

  21. Hearing the word “shit” in a green band trailer still throws me off lol.
    Not that i’m complaining or being a prude.

  22. She looks like Rita from Coronation Street.

  23. I really want to see this!! It looks hilarious.

  24. Jesus Christ how many times can she play the same character? Bridesmaids,
    Tammy, spy, that Jason bates movie, hangover 3, and now this garbage.

  25. Lottie&HerOTP's4Life 23

    Melissa McCarthy! ????? only reason I came!

  26. VALENTINEproductions

    Such a bad trailer. Not one laugh was given.

  27. Melissa McCarthy derp de derp. de derpity derpy derpy derp. until one day
    de derpy derpy derpy derp. Derp derp da teetley tum. Melissa McCarthy is da
    derp da derp ta teetley derpy derpy dum rated pg-13

  28. we get it, Melissa mccarthy is fat and many different movies can
    she be in and act as the same person? over saturation has me rolling my
    eyes. .again

  29. Mellisa McCarthy
    you ROCK 😀
    big time

  30. i love herrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  31. Where can I find that remix of Mama Said Knock You Out with the Led
    Zeppelin song?

  32. Looks like one of the most unfunny pieces of shit movies ever.

  33. Did she lose weight?

  34. This movie reminds me of Ms. Abby from Dance Moms.

  35. Jesus Christ loves you repent of your sins and seek Him.

  36. I usually hate on her cause I never see any range from her (i.e. just
    comedy) however, this looks okay…hell the best part of Mike and Molly is
    the black cop…

  37. bruh 2:15-2:16 she didn’t even touch her in slow motion D:

  38. Why does this remind me of Get Hard??

  39. Almost all of Melissa McCarthy films have been with a max of two words,
    Spy, Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, The Boss, The Heat

  40. all her trailers look funny………until the movies come out

  41. what was that song playing

  42. Melissa McCarthy is a total boss!

  43. Can’t wait to see this masterpiece:-)

  44. OK, I hate Melissa MccCarthy. She’s unfunny, and all of her movies contain
    free filth, and swearing. You love her. Fine with me. She makes you laugh.
    Lucky you. But for me, she’s unbearable :(

  45. Melissa’s movies are my favs. She’s so amazing ?

  46. Have to see this movie!!!!

  47. Omg yaaaaas!! XD
    “Oh my god Claire, its like Geppetto!” XDD

  48. Nazlican Uzunsimsek

    This is like female version of Get Hard :D

  49. Oh my god I’ve never laughed this hard at a trailer for a comedy. I can’t
    wait that was hilarious, just like spy as so awesme

  50. What’s up with that turtle neck? What’s she hiding in there?? Reminds of my
    Roger Ebert in his final years.

  51. im down for anything Melissa MCcarthy !

  52. They showed way too much in this trailer. The first minute would have been
    enough to get me to see the movie

  53. Donald Trump: Who’s that woman? Is she single?!!

  54. funny asf

  55. 1:55 Life Is Strange movie. Chloe Price. Just dye her hair blue. Come on
    Square Enix!

  56. Haha this the female replica of Donald Trump, the exact same imitation.
    That said…
    ” Michele Darnell for president 2016!!!! You’re what this country needs!! “

  57. Hamster Up My Bum Hole

    This looks awful

  58. At least she done with ” I’m funny cause I’m fat”, comedies. That being
    said, I am definitely going to see this.

  59. It’s like Troop Beverly Hills.

  60. The Simpsons and Third Rock From The Sun did this.

  61. Laughed my ass of????????

  62. This is fitting fit her. I’m not a fan but this looks like she killed it.

  63. i LOVE her movies, shes so funny and natural it has to be how she really is
    in real life. i can only imagine. she must be a great personality to be
    around. cannot wait to see this movie and add it to my collection! <3
    melissa mccarthy!

  64. This women is really sassy

  65. Precious Gift Dupio

    i love u melissa???

  66. can’t wait lol

  67. Amanda Hootie Clark

    Oh God, I can’t wait for this!

  68. lmfao im def seeing this movie. She never ceases to amaze me with her
    roles. Gosh she is the female version of Kevin Hart

  69. Pointless movie pointless comment

  70. Bongkishiy Sheli Asheri


  71. I need this

  72. her turtle neck kills me the whole trailer long ugh

  73. Omg no words

  74. yessss
    her husband is always in every single movie that melissa’s in lol haha

  75. Kristen Bell has nice tits.

  76. cliche and generic

  77. With every new trailer I like to play the how long until she falls over
    game. Every damn trailer


  79. All i can think of is Paula Deen

  80. Kristen Bell??? When is this coming out? xD

  81. LIKE A BOSS!!!!!

  82. Looks low-budget.

  83. Oh look! Another Melissa (it’s funny because she’s fat) McCarthy movie!

  84. Poor Kristen Bell. She will be doing this types of movies the rest of her

  85. Where’s Meade ?

  86. why doesn’t that fat cow just stop making movies

  87. This looks awful.

  88. wow. this is horrible. Let’s teach young girls how to compete with each
    other and fight with each other. Hollywood sucks.

  89. A clear path to follow

    Not a single comment about the gorgeous Kristen Bell?

  90. Gossip Girl meets the Comedian. Great recipe for this hell of a comedy

  91. She looks great!

  92. ily Melissa McCarthy

  93. song played on tralier ??

  94. Turtle… necks…

  95. the turtleneck .. i cant.

  96. love it

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