The Boy Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Lauren Cohan Horror Movie HD

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Greta is a young American woman who takes a job as a nanny in a remote English village, only to discover that the family’s 8-year-old is a life-sized doll that the parents care for just like a real boy, as a way to cope with the death of their actual son 20 years prior. After violating a list of strict rules, a series of disturbing and inexplicable events bring Greta’s worst nightmare to life, leading her to believe that the doll is actually alive.


  1. Joe Biden's Shotgun

    Damn, why didn’t she just feed him.

  2. As soon as I saw PG-13 I stopped watching

  3. i bet he’s based off robert the doll

  4. Besides our pretty Lauren here, there’s nothing else to see.

  5. Bodybuilder Jesus Christ

    Αnnabellle’s boyfriend?

  6. should’ve followed the stupid rules. I mean that was her only job man !!!

  7. Why don’t you just smash the shit out of it? It’s a porcelain doll…lol.

  8. Just put him in front of a computer screen with minecraft and he’ll never

  9. this is proof guys Maggie dies season 6 of twd because she used a lot of
    time making this movie

  10. Goddammit, why dolls!?!?

  11. it was creepy till the last part with the painting grabbing her. would of
    been better for the boy in the painting to blink.

  12. she’s always fighting zombies. lol

  13. If they’d have given her the correct list, none of this would’ve happened.

    1.Don’t get him wet
    2.Don’t feed him after midnight
    3.Don’t expose him to bright light

  14. well Annabelle’s brother

  15. Is every horror trailer starting with image of a house lmao

  16. 卐 -backwards, mrotsdnas edurad 卐

    Where glenn at tho

  17. anabells brother

  18. Fabricio Doog [EGS]

    more or less …

  19. Damn it lady, You had One job

  20. (•_•)
    < ) )╯ 'Cause I just wanna feel my face for ya / (•_•) <( (> for ya
    (•_•) (•_•)
    < ) (> uh < ) (> huh
    / /
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  21. Would anyone really take a job from people who says that a doll is their
    son?? Is she really desperate for money??

  22. So if the real boy died, then why’s there a doll?

  23. So you telling me the doll moved and she stayed in the house. i would run
    and never come back

  24. The boy! the puppet looks scary then Annabelle! poltergeist doll! and
    Chucky from Child’s play

  25. rule number 7: Never Leaf Him Alone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    omg im so sorry guys but i just had to try this once xD

  26. is this based on Robert the doll

  27. Annabelle’s Brother

  28. im expecting a LOVESTORY between ANABELLE and The Boy.. soon in cinamas

  29. Wait. It says in the description that their actual son died 20 years ago.
    And the “Grocery Boy” (or whatevz, sorry my English sucks) kinda looks like
    he’s in his 20s. Is it possible that he could be their son or that he’s
    somehow related to them/the doll/something ? Ugh. Anyways, seems cool.
    Aaaaaand Maggie tho ^^

  30. Another attempt to make horror films with dolls? It can be very scary but
    in reality if a doll scares you you just need to throw it away.

  31. The song name RENEE OLSTEAD / sleepwalk 

  32. always dolls, like Dead Silence and Annabelle

  33. Its rated PG-13… YA idk man..

  34. Hey, I know the actor playing that boy. His hot sister was with Ryan
    Gosling in Lars & The Real Girl.

    typing in the lyrics but I can’t hear them over the trailer sounds.

  36. Plot twist: The boy is trying to tell the nanny to get out of the house
    because the old man and old woman will kill her since he was murdered by
    them! ?

  37. I wonder if maybe in some advanced, futuristic society, there would be some
    horror films where the main character wasn’t some “young and sexy” woman,
    and where you didn’t have to stare at scenes of her getting naked in the
    bath or shower. You know, like maybe in some futuristic world, people would
    grasp the fact that not absolutely everyone wants to see that shit over and
    over again every single time they watch a horror movie.

  38. Annabelle: Adopted Brother Comes Right In

  39. Who’s the girl? She looks familiar.

  40. Call glenn!…oh wait…

  41. What a copy of anabelle holly wood sucks now WTF!!!

  42. 100% the boy turns out to be nice and the grandparents are the wackos

  43. Anabelle’s boyfriend :v

  44. Cant wait to see this .hope its good

  45. OMG another friend of CHUCKY & ANNABELLE WTF

  46. Plot Twist: the boy is actually slappy on steroids.

  47. Well then, bring the boys out!

  48. I have a solution and it’s called a hammer. Stupid characters.

  49. what the freash dolls cant eat

  50. Neo Alpha Ultra Man


  51. Oh god the thing is creepy

  52. kick that doll in the damn face,solves all problem

  53. Oh another ghost/ possession horror, how original

  54. anyone know the song in the trailer?

  55. Salty Luck Joe Johnson

    Why can’t new movies be scary?

  56. actually guys she’s had 1 job. that consisted of following 1 list!!!!

  57. This feels like the male version of Annabelle…..creepy….

  58. Unfortunately, it’s a fake or a fan made

  59. americans are jenious every year like 1000 best movies will out i like yall

  60. JacksonvillesDonatello

    I would have followed the rules not take any chances. That look on their
    face when they were serious about their son said enough. She has brought
    this on herself lmao. Looks like a good movie. Is it to late to pick back
    up the rules? LOL

  61. what is the song of the movie background?????

  62. the boy looks like Lucius :o

  63. This is what happens when you don’t asks the Winchesters for help Bela

  64. It would be quite funny if her boyfriend just rape the doll.

  65. You toook the freakin’ job lady! Just follow the damn rules. I think I
    might go see this.

  66. A walking dead actor in a movie with dolls(me dying with happiness)

  67. Lauren Cohan <3333333333333333

  68. LonerOfLife MaybeImNot

    See what happens when you don’t follow rules!
    Some kids Could learn from this

  69. still Chucky is the best “doll horror” movie

  70. wai “clipz83” tsui

    omg its the h brothers… need to watch this….the h brothers only do
    horror movies

  71. okay this is the most creepiest movie! does anyone else think so,?????

  72. The doll looks like Hitler as a kid??

  73. Not sure how I feel about this one. First half of trailer seemed legit. 

  74. Why stay in the house? Come on forget the money or job i would have ran. No
    shame in running from a demon doll.

  75. this is AWESOME. believe that

  76. Which ones the scariest dolls Annabelle doll or the boy doll

  77. Besides hating Maggie…. and Glen, and esp Carl… I’d still consider
    seeing this movie. I just hate most of the characters on the walking dead
    now. Can’t take their roles serious.

  78. knockoutroundabout

    Dolls are literally my worst phobia this is like torture D:

  79. bullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllschit

  80. Eoq Soladoo

  81. Aw come on Bela! Jesus….you know how to do these kind of things. Salt and
    burn the bones….oh shit wait. He was already burned….

  82. Zachiary Bochy-Kimber

    Chucky with star power

  83. Africans could have eaten that sandwich

  84. Damn you should have listened to the rules

  85. ok seriously if someone left me with a to-do list for a doll ( a DOLL for
    christ sake!!) I would think it was all some big joke too and I would not
    do them. Just putting myself in the character’s shoes. Soooo I wonder if
    this doll is actually gonna do anything besides change locations and look
    creepy, please don’t be another Annabelle, I like doll movies but there’s
    really so much you can do with them. The trailer looks a bit clique and
    reliant on jump scares too. Still I’d like to see how it turns out

  86. Where’s Rick!!!!!

  87. Look like another scary doll movie were the doll never actually moves on

  88. Creepy! I bet they got this idea from Robert the Doll! Look it up it’s a
    real doll!
    It’s in a museum till this day, visitors say when taking pictures they come
    out blurry.

    Also any else think the design of this doll, looks like Damien from the
    Omen movie 1976?

  89. Today on the walking dead !

  90. Schnaider nineseveneight


  91. OH CMON guys! imagine yourself someone offered you a job, having that list
    for a creepy looking doll… would you even do it even if nobody is looking
    or just laugh about it?

  92. ❤Shrek_Is_Love_❤

    is pinocchio going on a rampage because he wants to be a real boyM

  93. You’re scared of an 8 year old who’s also a doll? ?

  94. Annabelle male version

  95. Watch my chanel

  96. Chucky’s nephew ?

  97. this looks like an amazing movie

  98. Wait…why don’t the old couple just bring the doll? if they care for him
    that much…
    and by the way… how do you even feed the darn thing?!

  99. Vuitton, The Ruler

    You had one job, with rules on paper and you still fucked up. smh

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