The Bronze Official Red Band Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) – Melissa Rauch, Sebastian Stan Movie HD

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A foul-mouthed former gymnastics bronze medalist must fight for her local celebrity status when a new young athlete’s star rises in town.


  1. Under 600 club

  2. What have you done Bernadette?

  3. “No ones gonna care about another generic teen comedy.”
    “Just add a lot of curse words and raunchy material!”
    “Great idea! the sheep won’t know what hit’em!”

  4. so I’m guess she’s trying to be a skinny Melissa McCarthy

  5. The Winter Soldier’s temporary job.

  6. David “The Hippie Atheist” Dautintuser

    Bernadette is so naughty and wow her voice has changed! puberty must’ve got
    her for the better :O

  7. Oh yes plz!

  8. Funny how I DID NOT laughed at all.

  9. I think this movie not bad like knock knock which is the worst movie

  10. F*ck it xD

  11. Maybe if this movie had McKayla Maroney doing some ‘nasty’ stuff, then that
    might interest me.

  12. Sebastian why

  13. Plot – B from Big Bang Theory swears and has an attitude.

    Thats the movie, enjoy

  14. well this looks shit.

  15. shit actor
    shit storyline

  16. the girl from big bang theory.

  17. Oh boy

  18. She keeps that damn jacket on the whole time, can’t see those huge tits she

  19. (。◕‿◕。) KAWAII

    Melissa Raunch can get raunchy with me anytime


  20. So this was the movie shot in my Hometown….dammit…I’d feel less ashamed
    if it were a Hallmark Movie.

  21. looks gd

  22. 0:16 league of legends? sound?

  23. no thank you

  24. love thomas middleditch but ya….not watching this

  25. cursing every few seconds not always funny

  26. So a really bad gymnastics version of eastbound and down?

  27. Bernadette Vs The Winter Soldier? Its ON!!!

  28. all the movie festivals talked about was the Melissa rauch sex scene(s). so
    I guess I’ll have to give this a chance.

  29. i like the way people are calling it shit without seeing it, give it a
    chance sheesh. looked alright to me

  30. 0:16 Sorry, cant watch this trailer. I have to jion a lol game.

  31. she cant get out of bronze?

  32. Where did her tits go? :O


  34. This was Rauchy.

  35. shit bernadette chill

  36. Rotten Tomatoes already gave the film a 13% rotten

  37. Oh hi Bernadette

  38. yeah that really sucked! this will definitely come & go like a fart in the

  39. The only reason I still find BBT bareable – TeamBernadette

  40. Terrible, absolutely terrible

  41. Bernadette?

  42. Bernadette is an underrated hottie

  43. Age-Restricted why ?

  44. not good at all

  45. So used to her being so sweet on the Big Bang Theory, weird seeing her

  46. Toronto Skyline in the starting! Pan am Fireworks!

  47. She totally looks like Shannon Miller.

  48. BERNADETTE her real voice…….!!! I´m shock !!!

  49. lmao whoever plays League of legends will recognize the sound effect at 0:16

  50. this movie = wet fart

  51. Didn’t even chuckle.

  52. This looks fun

  53. Bernadette why? she was so innocent

  54. she’s really beautiful though

  55. I’ll pass on this. What’s with the swearing??

  56. Look I can swear to make myself look hard and relatable. NEXT!

  57. Accidently on Purpose

    This is how The Big Bang is suppose to sound. No laugh track means nobody
    is laughing.

  58. sexy feet in this movie i can’t wait

  59. well she seems lovely

  60. Well…..that was a waste of 1 minute & 21 seconds.

  61. That earned a solid dislike from me.

  62. well that was crap

  63. lol she is angry as hell


  65. Sounded like i was playing a game of league of legends

  66. Марат Исмаилов

    Если это не стёб, то я решительно не понимаю-зачем столько матерных слов из
    уст такой милой девушки?

  67. watching bc i get to see sebby’s butt

  68. Would be better in her Bernadette voice. High pitch swearing is funny, just

  69. oh look an unfunny pilot to shove Bernadette in.

  70. Okay, I agree that this looks bad, but I gotta say, I still think this
    looks better than any episode of TBBT, so kudos to her for portraying
    something a comedic tier up from where she’s been stuck for ages.

  71. she looks…weird…put on some glasses dammit

  72. …was that her voice in the background music? O.o

  73. BERNADETTE!!!!!! She hasn’t changed, it’s the same person ???

  74. From the thumbnail I thought it was going to be a Tanya Harding biopic.
    Pleasantly surprised that it was not.

  75. ohhh cool it’s Bernadette …..

  76. She’s trying too hard to act. But she can’t.

  77. what a pile of foul-mouthed horse wank. …..

  78. 0:17 that league of legends match found sound

  79. BatmanFANizationReborn

    bernadette is that you?? dammit bucky you can do so much more than this

  80. Wow. I heard about this movie about 10 months ago and I thought the concept
    was cool. Well, I guess it’s gone to shit now….

  81. CapitalFProductions

    The Bronze, AKA the definition of trying too hard

  82. such a bad move . when youre in a successful tv serie you should never jump
    to starring in a movie right away. People have this image of you being that
    character of the big bang and its not going away any time soon

  83. Obscene Vegetable Matter

    I think she’s got acting talent we’ve yet to see. This looks promising.

  84. is this a trailer for a movie?

  85. Bernadette got a mouth on her

  86. anyone else cringe through the whole trailer :/

  87. sebastian’s hard nipples

  88. Howard wolowitz must be so proud of you

  89. Is this the movie with Bernadette naked? That’s all I care for

  90. I like her in the Big Bang Theory as Bernadette

  91. How can I watch this movie? It’s not on theater and I can’t find the source
    through Internet

  92. You could hide a whole family of Syrian refugees under that fringe

  93. I’m just gonna watch because there is a sex scene.

  94. This looks awful.

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