The Brothers Grimsby Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) – Mark Strong, Sacha Baron Cohen Movie HD

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A new assignment forces a top spy to team up with his football hooligan brother.


  1. What the hell did i just watch….

  2. It looked good, then it got weird.

  3. Was that the same font used in the Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

  4. I live in grimsby…

  5. I don’t know what to think

  6. Mark Sneddon (Mark767)

    Mark Strong Motherfuckers!!!

  7. Am I the only one who was interested/hyped until I saw the scene with Sacha
    Baron Cohen?

  8. Дмитрий Андреев

    uhm, Hardcore rip off much?

  9. the start looked like a CoD game lol

  10. Anyone lose think Marc Strong could be a good Red Tornado no , just me ok.

  11. Ali G stays Ali G. Forever. :)

  12. The start had me, but the end lost me

  13. looks like some joke………………..;)

  14. What an odd way to edit a trailer.

  15. Kingsman 2: Merlin’s origin

  16. Wow I didn’t know you could do that when shopping for a bed!

  17. I thought I had an idea of what this was going to be until the last twelve
    seconds of the trailer..

  18. You had me till I saw Sacha Baron Cohen.

  19. Vinícius Pereira de Morais

    Sacha Baron Cohen just showed to screw this suposed-good-movie

  20. Limey

  21. For crying out loud! Go away, film! You are stupid and we don’t like you!

  22. Евгений Печилин


  23. what the hell this went from Call of Duty to a porno…go back to the Call
    of Duty part please

  24. Is this a comedy?

  25. That first person view scene was incredible! :D

  26. 1st half of this looked like a decent fps movie. They just had to ruin it

  27. wait what

  28. this looked like a RocketJump video..

  29. Damn the first part of the trailer looks like a call of duty trailer

  30. Gopro fighting

  31. His mockumentary films like borat and brüno will still be better

  32. What did i just watch…

  33. It looks like Crysis

  34. am i the only one who thought just a random youtuber like filmed the start
    with a go pro

  35. Making a movie about my home town 10/10

  36. Made to appeal to fans of FPS games

  37. Wayward Martian Studios

    Ugh, why the hell is Sacha Baron Cohen still allowed to live -____-

  38. Finally am gonna see a movie for Call of duty solider.

  39. What just happened… comedy or action film? ??

  40. looks awesome!!! and its Mark Strong yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    then last scene shows………….

  41. Sacha Baron Cohen sucks.

  42. How long until this game is rel-… Oh wait…

  43. Did they get a Call of Duty director to pitch the action scenes?

  44. I feel like this is a follow up or a before of the movie the kinsman. Or,
    like one of the guys from Tom Clancy’s ghost recon soldiers gone rogue

  45. James Bond meets Borat.

    Seriously, WTF.

  46. Man…. People are really, really dumb.

  47. (((Cohen))) playing a British man.

  48. This is the kingsmen prequel

  49. it was all action until suddenly well…

  50. I love this whole FPS movie thing lately, the hype for me began with Doom

  51. Нехорошо у русских идеи воровать. Итак их кино в полной попе :)

  52. Wow they ripped off Hardcore QUICK

  53. they’re related? HAHAHAHA

  54. wow,.. so good til the end… so good…

  55. Станислав Малый

    looks like Ilya Naishuller and Sasha B C made a baby

  56. this guy should haven been chosen for the Hitman movie…

  57. LOL what the hell

  58. im straight up like, ok this looks like its gonna be a James Bond type
    movie but maybe from the villains point of view….. and then WHAAAAAM ….
    “we’ll take it”

  59. Lord Blackwood is back!

  60. warrior100girl (andi9x17)

    wtf! First it looked like an awsome Action Movie. then it was weird!

  61. 0:43 :D. 0:50 :(

  62. Merlin’s gone rogue

  63. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  64. …..m………….

  65. New Call of Duty looks good…

  66. well I mean it was a 100 £ bed….that’s not a bad deal

  67. wtf did I just watch?

  68. So bad it will be good

  69. Cohen is back!!!

  70. Gregory Andre Rickenbach

    Finally, Sacha is back!


  72. looked like the film hardcore… at the End

  73. Is this the Crysis movie?

  74. When you’re sitting here like oh that looks like a cool action movie and
    then comes the cheesy font cuts and Sacha lol… looks like it might be

  75. I was so hyped until the end of the trailer…….

  76. this did not just happened

  77. At first I was, “Alright, I can get into this.” Then Sacha Baron Cohen
    appeard… all hope for this movie is lost

  78. ok so the first 40-50 seconds I thought this looked really cool….then I
    saw him.

  79. Food for pigs !

  80. the last scene….????? wtf???

  81. thought that was adam Sandler for a sec

  82. nice!

  83. Serbian Girl Albanian Boy

    Looks fuckin awesome.

  84. Hyped up i was.. then end of the trailer came.

  85. Looks like a battlefield* trailer, not CoD. CoD sucks.

  86. lol, did not expect that


  88. What the shit just happened?

  89. Sacha Baron Cohen sorry pal… U r not funny

  90. That looks funny. Iol

  91. What is the music in the end of the trailer ?

  92. q merda

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