The Brothers Grimsby Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Penélope Cruz, Isla Fisher Movie HD

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A new assignment forces a top spy to team up with his football hooligan brother.


  1. Dustin League (LeagueofBulldogs)


  2. .first comment good trailer btw

  3. Merlin went rogue… Eggsy won’t be too happy about that.

  4. Michael the Magician

    Sometimes it seems completely random as to who Movieclips Trailers will put
    at the end of the title. Penelope Cruz and Isla Fisher were barely even in
    the trailer, if at all. Sacha Baron Cohen is probably the reason most
    people would go see this movie, why not put him in there?

  5. Such a weird concept. Doesn’t seem like it’ll be that great, but with the
    right combo of action and comedy (which is so rare) this could be a gem.

  6. The teaser trailer was funny, why isn’t this.

  7. Looks shit unfortunately… idea had potential though

  8. maybe

  9. AbstarDoesGaming - Minecraft and More

    Why does Sebastian look like Kevin Muscat?

  10. Ukrainian Ben affleck ?

  11. You can suck it or let me die

  12. The trailers for this movie has to be red band otherwise the movie just
    doesn’t look good

  13. Crap.

  14. Not a big fan of Rebel Wilson. Honestly this does look like shit.

  15. If i had known sasha cohen was in this, i would have never clicked on it. I
    thought this was a legitimate spy movie. DAMN YOU!!

  16. The King In The North

    Still better then Batman v Superman trailer

  17. THIS … IS AGENT 47 !!!

  18. will you stop shooting everything

  19. will you stop shooting everything

  20. Again, what is it with you people and your sick fascination with Rebel
    Wilson? We Australians were so very happy to finally get rid of her when
    she pissed off to USA to do crap movies, but then all you bloody idiots
    keep plastering her everywhere.

    Whats wrong with you?

    She’s not funny or interesting or even nice to look at, not even close to
    anyone one of those three, so why?!

  21. Not a bad trailer. Nice to see Cape Town in another cameo role.

  22. …yes…just yes.

  23. he could have been Lex.

  24. The intro to this trailer and then the soft music right after it threw me
    way off.

  25. Grimsby is my home town lol

  26. Hello I’m Brad.

  27. Is the “Ukranian Ben Affleck” Matt Brown, one of the top welterweight
    fighters from the U.F.C.?

  28. Sachah baron Cohen is a flipping legend .! And with rebel next to him is
    even better !!

  29. The Hell You Looking At?

    Even here Marvel fanboys came to comment “still better than BVS trailer”!!
    I wonder how their parents allowed them to be anywhere close to a keyboard.

  30. I love how he’d let his brother die with poison in his d**k??

  31. looks like a good laugh at the movies

  32. There are 2 different trailers (this one and one more) FYI…… BUt but
    BUT we got bullet proof glass i lost my shit..

  33. Lindsay Mead (Daily Vlogger)

    Ugh, couldn’t even finish the trailer.

  34. damn adam sandler best movie ever


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