The Choice Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Teresa Palmer Romance Movie HD

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Travis and Gabby first meet as neighbors in a small coastal town and wind up in a relationship that is tested by life’s most defining events.


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  2. Superman has put on some pounds after leaving Smallville.

  3. is she the chick from worm bodies?

  4. lol nice trailer, i watch the whole movie LOL

  5. What song is in this trailer

  6. This was a beautiful short film.

  7. of course theres a fucken car crash, of course, also how about you just
    show the ending, might as well after that

  8. Teressa palmer and kristen stewart together, just visualise that and watch
    this trailer, will be over quickly….

  9. aaaand they showed the entire movie in the trailer … talk about

  10. do anybody knows the name of the first song?

  11. When I saw Alexandra Daddario I don’t know why..
    I smile like an idiot ???

  12. Giancarlo Velazco

    Didn’t read the book, but I just saw the whole movie! Saved myself $27(
    cost of two for a movie)

  13. This was the first book of Nicholas Sparks I have ever read and it had me
    bawling. I have been waiting for years for them to finally make this into a
    movie. I am beyond excited. I encourage you all to give it a chance, or at
    least read the book.

  14. The guy is super handsome, especially since he’s not super young looking,
    but the story plot and the girl suck…. like A LOT!! Why don’t they make a
    better movie instead of wasting it on these super cheesy films! 

  15. I cant get past his sisters horrible poo brown wiiiig! Like human hair
    lacefronts, blend, somethin!~ Was the budget that cheap?

  16. Yep, cheating is always ok if the two people fall in love with each other.
    Ahhh, so cute.

  17. It’d be good if this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Y’know because of
    the cheating and stuff.

  18. can anyone the tile.of.the song please

  19. This movie seems a bit short..

  20. Who the hell did the hair and makeup for this movie? Everyone looks like
    George Hamilton covered in wax and bad lace fronts.

  21. sexmovies

  22. I read the book 3 years ago and I really loved it, I was waiting for a
    movie and it’ll be finally here ❤

  23. Tom Welling!

  24. It is Clark Kent!

  25. That’s unlike clark to go around punching people like that. He’s usually
    more responsible with his powers

  26. Thank you for showing us the whole movie! Now i don’t need to watch it. :D

  27. @ 0:54 we’re just gonna comment without acknowledging Clark from


  29. The history is totally Sparks lol but the actors i dont like 🙁 i expected

  30. “Come back to me baby, come bother me.”
    *nonchalantly bawls eyes out for the next 5 minutes*

  31. Whose definitely going to see this ? ?

  32. Just watching it coz Effy’s husband is in this movie. Kaya you scored a
    really good one this time…Benjamin is beautiful. xD Theresa is
    great…she is finally get some good roles. Loved her in December boys even
    though I am still a bit jealous she got to make out with Dan Rad haha .:-P
    like who has she NOT made out with? Daniel, NIcholas and now Benjamin…

  33. I do not want to sound mean but is the make up making everyone here look
    oddly old? they are all gorgeous and I have seen their movies before but
    they look like wax figurines here…

  34. Oh no, not again !

  35. 1:46 What is that song???

  36. is it a trailer or the movie? cause I feel like I saw the whole god damn

  37. He looks kind of old for her…both the love interests do

  38. Best 2+ minute movie I’ve seen and for free, on to the next trailer…


  39. the kicker is after they get back together after she wakes up, due to brain
    damage / swelling, she is never the same person he fell in love with due to
    her bipolar mood swings and violent outbusts. marriage lasts less than a
    year, after cronic alchoholism on his side and abuse of her medication on
    her side, knowing what they had in the past and unable to deal with a bleak
    future while still truly in love, he ODs her to relase her from a broken
    body then commits suicide to be with her in the afterlife….. oh wait
    thats “The CHOICE 2.”

  40. trailers are so bad for spoilers lately, its just amazing they do this. Is
    it like some new generation thing that they can’t have any mystery to what
    they see, or who are they making this shit for.

  41. I thought this was a comedy about abortion. Lol

  42. this trailer basically told the whole movie, who needs to see it.

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  44. what are the songs played in the trailer?

  45. What do you mean that Tom Welling isn’t the love interest??? What is wrong
    with people?

  46. You just showed the whole movie in there. Nice. Good Job. All trailers
    should be like this so that we could save money :)

  47. omg the boyfriend is Tom Welling! Like, Smallville superman Tom Welling lol

  48. They are all the same.

  49. Awesome! Another movie where they cheat!!

  50. Way too much makeup on the male lead.

  51. She’s a mom and Teresa is still smoking hot.

  52. wowowow i read this book when i was 13 and i fell in love with it and they
    changed a lot but it still looks good. it doesnt FEEL like the characters
    but the story is still MM i like .

  53. Wow!! This looks good. Can’t wait. (But Maggie Grace plz discard that messy
    wig. So distracting) Thank you. lol

  54. Tom Welling really let himself go

  55. is this nicholas sparks, cuz i’ll stay away then

  56. I just saw a 90 min movie compressed in to 2 mins.

  57. Cliche fanfiction

  58. “Every path you take leads to another choice”. So its another girl power
    movie where we cheer when she cheats on her bf.

    Picture this exact same trailer, only with a male protagonist. Doesn’t look
    good, does it?


    can anyone help me by providing song name playing at trailer’s background?
    please :-)

  60. White Southern Soap Opera With Words: The Movie

  61. The moral of the story is to spay and neuter your pets.

  62. I want the full move plz?

  63. “flame rekindle me fire meets gasoline” SIA is just….ahhhhh!

  64. Well that movie was great. Thanks trailer for basically showing us the
    entire thing. Well to be fair this is a Nicholas Sparks movie so we
    basically already know what’s gonna happen.

  65. I’m sorry but I hate these movies….

  66. I wonder if I’ll get laid if I sit through this piece of shit…

  67. His hair tho

  68. discount Kristen Stewart

  69. Do i have to watch the movie, cause i feel like i already have.

  70. yeah at first i was like are they seriously showing the entire plot of this
    movie and then i was like oh wait they totally are. and yeah it just looks
    so preidctable. spoilers i think she dies.

  71. Can we just safely assume that all Nicholas Sparks books will become movies
    at some point?

  72. i think from now on I’m just gonna watch half of trailers so the whole
    movie isn’t ruined for me. They shouldn’t have shown us them sleeping
    together, or the car crash. That just revealed too much. It was fine for
    like 3/4ths of it. Then they just showed the whole plot. nice.

  73. hahahah I just watched the whole movie thanks

  74. I wanna make sweet coco with his voice

  75. This reminds me a lot of If I stay.. not much originality 

  76. Teresa Palmer looks like the blonde Kristen Stewart. Also, hey Alexandria
    Daddario is there yaaay!

  77. Oh gosh Alexandra Daddarion is in it I think I’m gonna watch it I love that
    actress ???

  78. i knew it was nicholas sparks!

  79. when is Hollywood going to make a romance that’s nOT about two straight
    cisgender white people? yawn

  80. 1:16 is the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen

  81. wow. tom welling? boy got big. gosh, its been forever since i’ve seen him.

  82. this trailer just explain the whole movie.

  83. did it came out already?


  85. he looks like a younger liam neeson

  86. I hate Nickolas Sparks. That bastard makes me
    Cry every single time!

  87. She looks like kristen

  88. This movie is so shit :P

  89. She’s basically a blonde Kristen Stewart.

  90. Man, Nicholas Sparks movies just keep getting worse and worse

  91. ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  92. are they trying to sell and promote the movie with this trailer or was
    boredom the reaction they wanted ?

  93. with all due respect. ben walker could look like palmer’s dad……

  94. Woah – Tom Welling has been swelling since his Smallville days

  95. Her eyes are soooo blue!!! And beautiful… Lucky gal!!

    would they tell us about the car crash in the trailer uggh!!! Every movie
    nicholas sparks does ends with SOMEONE dying so showing us a car crash is
    basically spoiling it… i really hope she doesnt die D: but, I’m still
    extremely excited for this!!! can’t wait c:

  97. its so beautiful???

  98. which song is it at the end???????

  99. Great!! another spoiler trailer.. why not write “the whole movie in just 2
    min” instead of “trailer”
    guess i dont have to watch it now -.-

  100. Wow? , I love this movie so much cause about romance

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