The Conjuring 2 Official Sneak Peek #1 (2016) – Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga Movie HD

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  1. Natasha Romanoff007

    Omg! Now there are teasers for teasers?! WTF?!

  2. A sneak peek for a teaser for a real trailer

  3. Another one really? My family got mad at me for dragging them to see the
    first boring one.

  4. Teaser for a teaser…….its ok when Deadpool does it but this is just

  5. Obdu'l Jaliyl Beig

    I hope it focuses on those nurses & how they capture Annabelle.

    btw what really does happen if the cross is turned upside down? what does
    demon logic say?

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  7. Hope its as good as Sinister 2! (joke)

  8. Yay now that Paranormal Activity is over we can have 7 Conjurings

  9. Tumbleweed Gaming

    +1 like=get girls for life
    +1 sub=get girls and have good luck

    Ignore=die in 2016

  10. Hello from the other side

  11. cookieswithshades

    One like one poon

  12. donot settle (Wahyu and Kris)


  13. I honestly hype

  14. With James Wan back to direct it it will most likely be good, I hope it
    will be better than the first one though, which was very well directed and
    all but didn’t interest me enough.

  15. I knew this day would come

  16. A teaser trailer for a teaser trailer.

  17. Oh you cock tease.

  18. God, you’re all morons. They announced this like more than a year ago, the
    film would focus on the Enfield Poltergeist


  20. 15 second ad for a 16 second video.. Good one YouTube

  21. Was this filmed on a phone why is it vertical view?

  22. NORBISSS22 (DemonPenguinNorbis)

    omg i cant wait for this movie!!!!! i loved the first part:)

  23. Lol i do that clap everytime when its dark in the crib

  24. glad they got everybody back

  25. i’m really excited for this ?????

    the first one was amazing

  26. Insidious and the conjuring are the best horror films ever produced.

  27. Alejandro Durán O.


  28. Not another one, the first one sucked more than it should have sucked.

  29. One second of a crucifix turning. I know it’s just a teaser but that’s the
    footage you thought was the most interesting?

  30. So we apparently need a teaser trailer for the actual teaser trailer?

  31. a teaser for a teaser lmao


  33. Jeanine Heurtematte

    a teaser for a teaser cuz that wasnt a sneak peak at all .-.

  34. A teaser for a teaser trailer isn’t really anything new people.

  35. The first movie is not that good, but I still watch the new one. lol

  36. This time the ghost wins.

  37. Dat thumbnail tho

  38. OMG ❤?

  39. I thought it said Patrice Wilson in the title….

  40. God I hate when movies have a number to them.
    Like sinister 2, Men in black 2, etc. just sounds dumb and kiddish


  42. Cena still kicks out at 2.

  43. Its gonna duck like annabelle, they just want money

  44. I normally don’t say this, but that was literally a waste of my air. A
    teaser announcement. wtf.

  45. Wow! A sneak peak of a teaser for a trailer of a movie!!!

  46. Damn, can’t wait.

  47. Ratko Batinic (Puscifer91)

    who asked for this?

  48. God please let this be good. Don’t smear the title with black ooze of
    bullshitness typical cliché blumhouse horror flick.

  49. +yanuckshanyogarajah

  50. Looking At Everything

    oh my god can’t wait I’m in love with this movie

  51. When an original successful movie comes with a part 2, 3, 4… it always
    ruins the first one.

  52. A sneak peak for a teaser for a trailer.

  53. Ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiit

  54. soooooo, who was it?

  55. the conjuring was the best modern scary movie imo

  56. The Conjuring is my favorite scary movie. I absolutely hate all things
    scary, but the Conjuring was great.

  57. “Comes the next true story” lol

  58. this movie scared me so bad!

  59. When will hollywood realize, good horror movies don’t just have jump scares
    in them (not saying this is good, but that’s my personal opinion); in
    addition to the unnecessary truckload of horror movies. Also, was I the
    only one that pictured the night vision theater while watching this? The
    cheesy cheesy video of people with 3D glasses on, getting scared at a movie
    that’s at most a cheap (not so figuratively cheap) thrill.

    I know that this movie will get 12 sequels, 5 spin-offs and 3 reboots; it’s
    as inevitable as the slew of horror movies coming out this year and years
    to come.

  60. Did we all just forget how bad Annabelle sucked.

  61. thats not a sneak peek. that is just a 5 second clip from the old movie.

  62. Are you playing it dark forces again?

  63. OMFG!

  64. SERIOUSLY !!

  65. A teaser for a teaser for a trailer for a movie

  66. xXX “Fedorino” xXx

    i heard you liked i put a teaser for your teaser so you can
    watch two teasers

  67. waiting for this…… comeon

  68. teasers for teasers have to stop man.

  69. Am i the only one that thought the first one really wasn’t that good?


  71. i totally want to be possessed by an evil spirit that would be cool

  72. They better not mess up with this franchise anymore!!!

  73. Oh god not the claps, anything but the claps

  74. ??????

  75. They’re literally announcing an announcement.

  76. Ohh very exciting! The first one is very freaking scary! Looking forward to
    see teaser trailer and the movie!

  77. Oh look a haunted house full of jump scares ?

  78. excitteeeeddddddd ??

  79. I haven’t seen the first one, but God do I love Vera. She was so good in
    “Up In The Air” with Clooney. Also her sister is FLAWLESS in AHS and
    everything she does!

  80. nbbbbbb

  81. The Melting Sun Productions

    Annabelle kinda makes me not want to see this…

  82. wow I’m so scared… not

    this movie is for chicks

  83. This looks fake

  84. I cant wait

  85. omg yaaaasssss!

  86. love the first movie but i not so sure about horror sequels

  87. It’s gonna suck like Annabele like this comment after you watch the movie

  88. oh shiiiiiiit

  89. Kyle Demoderpifnlikskin

    eh I’m not expecting it to be good

  90. Cannot wait!

  91. *Pacific* *fun Nintendo stuff*

    But why?

  92. SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. That’s the whole movie!

  94. YAY !!!!….

  95. Is this for real?

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