The Danish Girl Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Eddie Redmayne Movie HD

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The remarkable love story inspired by the lives of artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Lili and Gerda’s marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili’s groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer.

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  1. Ha, Gaayyyyyyyeeeeeee!!

  2. Incredibly stupid comments about transsexuals incoming.

  3. The problem with the LGBTQ community is that they’re telling people that
    sometimes they’re born the wrong gender and that the only way to fix this
    problem is to switch genders through surgery, hormones, etc. The problem
    with doing this is that any research into cures for gender dysphoria that
    are not about switching the patient’s gender, gets labeled “transphobic”
    and intolerant.

  4. he looks like jessica chastain.

  5. As a straight male I’ve gotta say this movie looks really good. I’m all for
    anyone’s freedom of choice to be who they want to be, not what society
    tells them they need to be

  6. who the hell cares about an idiot transgender story?!!

  7. Trannies are just stupid men

  8. It seems that movies about transsexuals are on the rise!

  9. the “DANISH” girl… Sorry what? Why?

  10. 1 where is the DANISH language. where is the DANISH actors?

  11. That moment when Eddie Redmayne looks better beautiful and gorgeous with
    make up than you

  12. This triler is so gay I got gayncer.

  13. Maybe he wins another OSCAR…..!!!

    Poor DiCaprio…..he needs to be so fuckin’ good in the REVENANT….!!!

  14. 0:21 hey that in the warande-park in brussel i used live like three streets
    from there that’s so weird

  15. Oscar bait actor starring in Oscar bait movie directed by Oscar bait
    director, exploiting the life of a person in the wave of Social Justice
    warrior culture.

  16. i wish there was no comment section at all on youtube. This way i wouldn’t
    have to see so much stupid shit like “trannies are just stupid men” and
    even “Ha, Gaayyyyyyyeeeeeee!!”.

  17. This movie is based on Caitlyn Jenner, she is Danish ?

  18. Wat, isnt Caitlyn Kardashian North american ? Why is this saying shes

  19. Sylvester Vredenburg

    from the director of oscar bait comes oscar bait 2: “people will say the
    movie is good but wont see it because its boring af”

  20. Daniel Bosque Alonso

    OMG. It’s horrible. God forgive them.

  21. I think I just threw up in my mouth. I hate films like this.

  22. Делчо Раднев

    I hope they send him to a mental hospital in the end of the film. That’s
    where trannies belong…

  23. jonathan wakefield

    Tom Hooper is a boring director who makes boring films, Redmayne is a
    boring actor who makes the boring films, just a pair of one trick pony’s

  24. It’s extremely clever that Hollywood is releasing all these movies about
    trans people to propagate acceptance from people through entertainment, it
    is similar to how they made homosexuality more acceptable rather than a
    controversial taboo.

    Its much easier to provoke acceptance through entertainment than through
    critical dialogue about sexuality and morality, people will say, “I learned
    to accept people who are trans because I saw ‘The Danish Girl'” which is
    kind of sad.

  25. There are so many ignorant comments on this video! No one asked you to
    watch this. Go back to reading your bibles.

  26. What’s the plot about? Buttsecks?

  27. more lgbt bullshit trying to seep its way into the public I see

  28. Eddie Redmayne proving once again why he is deserving of the awards he got
    off of The Theory Of Everything.

  29. In near future, we will see Hollywood movies about pedophilia (sexual
    preference: children), incest (sexual preference: relatives), bestiality
    (sexual preference: animals), necrophilia (sexual preference: corpses),
    urophilia (sex involving urine), coprophilia (sex involving feces), &
    TRANSABLED people – they cut off their own limbs because they feel like
    imposters in their fully functional bodies with arms & legs. TRANSABLED
    people in Europe are forming groups, demanding their governments to pay for
    the surgeries to remove their limbs, & demanding their societies to treat
    them as normal just they treat transsexuals normal these days. Transabled
    people cut off their arms & legs and transsexual people cut off their
    genitals, Adam’s apple, & breasts, etc. Since we are now treating
    transsexuals as ‘normal,’ do we have to treat transabled people as normal,

  30. If you people think that gays and trans are mistakes, than you are saying
    that God made a mistake. And God doesn’t make mistakes. “Oh, but being gay
    or trans is a choice!” Let’s say it is. Why are God’s creations choosing to
    sin? Why are they choosing to make a mistake? I don’t understand how a
    being that makes no mistakes makes humans, who have done plenty of
    mistakes. And don’t give me that whole “the devil did it” bullshit, because
    Satan was an angel before he betrayed God, his creator, and was banished
    from heaven. If God is so perfect, why is everything absolutely shit?

  31. Oh shit… It’s a movie about a transsexual.. Let the hatred flow ?
    through the comments..

  32. so when he becomes a girl, is he attracted to guys or still loves his wife?

  33. We get it, it’s okay to be transsexual.
    Just like how we get that black people had it hard back in the day.
    Can we stop making these movies just to make that point?

  34. is that the Trans Era or what?

  35. Movies like these win awards because they’re well-made, and they’re
    dignified, perfect examples of the human condition that can be watched 300
    years from now when we’re all gone, and they’ll serve as elegant proof that
    we were here, we were cultured, and we felt and loved just as hard as any
    person who may live in the distant future, and that we lived tumultuous
    lives worth living. It’s the same way we look at great literature from ages
    past, like moby dick, les miserables, or romeo and juliet. Think next time
    you type ridiculous b.s. like “oscar bait”, because it just makes you come
    across like someone who crushes empty beer cans on their forehead for

  36. I hope Alicia Vikander wins for best supporting actress, if Eddie Redmayne
    wins for best leading actor then I won’t complain at all as I reckon it’s
    justified. I do however admit that I like most of the world, am backing
    poor Leo. I don’t care if he never wins another, he just needs one.

  37. The amount of stupidity in the comments section makes me want to cry for
    humanity. People hate on every single damn thing.

  38. i must confess that he is really attractive. Crossdresser or not ^^

  39. Eddie Redmayne is such a shit actor

  40. Eddie makes a beautiful woman

  41. Wtf is this movie, they are now supporting trannies? Burn this movie.

  42. Hvis de havde skiftet titeln på videon ville jeg ikke engang vide at det
    havde noget med danskere at gøre..

  43. Well ok, might have a look

  44. I literally looked at the thumb nail and was like this guy could definitely
    play a woman or a femine like character. He’d definitely kill it and be so
    good at it annnnnd boom what do you know. What a coincidence. Looking
    forward seeing this

  45. I for one am looking forward to seeing this movie

  46. I have a question.What will these actors/actress not do to get a Oscar?

  47. LGBT?

  48. he acted as stephen hawking so well! now as a girl, i am impressed.

  49. All faggots should just get it over with and walk into oncoming traffic.

  50. que alguien lo traduzca al español xfaaa

  51. ThealmightyFlinson

    directed by Caitlyn Jenner

  52. it reminds me of Caitlyn and Kris Jenner

  53. Leonardo Dicaprio is the best actor on Earth and instead they’re gonna give
    all the oscars to a movie about a man who wants a vagina.

  54. Bisexuals, Gays and Trans Are the Most Confused People in the world
    corrupting the masses………..Tearing families apart for their own
    selfish desires and vile affection towrads one another…………..These
    Individuals are not far fetched from anything but satan’s perfect workers .
    He works through them to deceive people and corrupt God’s Plan of Male and
    Female and Laugh in God’s Face. And People are too Confused to See that

  55. what’s the song in the trailer?

  56. 0:43 Cocaine Monkey!!!

  57. Redmayne is really going for the parts that allow for full body portrayals.
    Bravo for him. Some of those snippets of scenes were impeccable.

  58. please, someone! this song! i need to know what song this is! (im sure it’s
    not darude- sandstorm)

  59. It’s weird cause Eddie Redmayne looks like a girl in this movie.
    I know that that was the point but. . .

  60. No Danish actors and it’s not even filmed in Denmark.

  61. wtf is this ..
    is it a gay shit ?
    this is so fucked up

  62. I smell an oscar!!

  63. i thought this was a trailer about a guy who cheats on his wife and then
    the girl finds out and gets revenge
    (was not expecting that)

  64. Eddie redmayne makes a beautiful girl i am so excited for this movie 

  65. what is the name of the song?

  66. the actor looks so pretty as a woman he should change his sex for real

  67. maybe another Oscar nomination

  68. I’m excited about this film. I’ve read the book. Curious how their going to
    show certain things. It’s a remarkable, inspiring and yet tragic story.
    Can’t wait.

  69. You can even call them chicks with dicks now because it’s a sensitive topic
    this year . Hypocrite people get offended and a few years later they move
    on to another topic. But for now you can say men who talk a lot

  70. Lame . Just a movie made for Awards.

  71. why do all oscar nominated movies are boring? yet some actually won oscars.
    beats me!

  72. 0:41 –> Where is the beautiful landscape located?

  73. yeah this movie is a shameless oscar bait who is using social causes to win
    awards but it doesn’t mean you guys have to say bad things about
    trangenders… it’s not their fault Hollywood is pretentious

  74. Looks like Eddie Redmayne could be a strong contender to win his second
    Oscar in a row, though Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Fassbender are also
    worthy candidates.

  75. that moment when I guy who isn’t even trans looks better than u sigh good
    plot though wouldn’t it be cool of DiCaprio still got the Oscar for best
    actor ans he got it for best actress A SHOW STOPPER LOL

  76. I am going to watch this 15028383 times

  77. When Eddie looks more beautiful than you

  78. I am a cis gender straight female and I can not wait for this movie! It
    looks so beautiful I almost cried. No one should be bullied or treated
    immortally for who they are or want to be. No matter how you feel about
    this, and personally I don’t agree with it, BUT NO ONE should be bullied to
    the point of suicide. All are beautiful and deserve respect.

  79. I’ll see it because Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander are real
    honest-to-God gifted young actors.

  80. hem he play ed this part

  81. What a freak show disgusting scum I feel bad for all of u

  82. Can’t wait to see this–another great actor transformation. I didn’t love
    Eddie in Les Miserables but his choices since have definitely made me a

  83. i support lgbt…but this movie looks ehh…

  84. A movie about a transgender person that isn’t feminist propaganda? That’s a
    pleasant surprise

  85. Wow little make up and still a hot girl lol

  86. Alicia Vikander is sooooo brilliant!!!!!

  87. More propaganda to make society warm up to the freak show we call

  88. I am a transgender-transsexual woman, and The Danish Girl is a man, perhaps
    gay, a fake transgender and an intruder!

  89. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Mexico for Mexicans, Israel for Jews,
    but white nations for every race????
    “Diversity” = White Genocide
    ALL whites should watch David Duke’s videos and WAKE UP ALREADY

  90. I have to go to Hollywood to watch the movie? That’s stupid

  91. the mainstreaming of the fringe carnal freak-show continues

  92. Beautiful

  93. I already know the big debate this year is going to be Redmayne and

  94. I’m disappointed, if not un-surprised, by the invasion of the Teal and
    Orange Monster. This film deserves some realistic color grading.

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