The Divergent Series: Allegiant Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Shailene Woodley Movie HD

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Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton venture into the world outside of the fence and are taken into protective custody by a mysterious agency known as the Bureau of Genetic Welfare.


  1. Møønlight Jauregui


  2. Patty y Mario Torres


  3. YAS!!!11!!!!11!!

  4. Hahahaha this looks terrible.


  6. Theo ?

  7. Tristhefirstjumper IG

    This looks so similar to the book! Evelyn against the people outside the
    wall, Tobias “destroying” tris and the others! I can’t wait !

  8. LOL. Look at this rubbish. Bow down to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay PART 2!

  9. Never knew there was a second movie

  10. OOOOH, beyond the wall and into District 13 with a leader who isn’t so
    genuine as they seem! How unique!

  11. 1:38 isn’t the black woman from the help?


  13. looks Dope

  14. The Maze Runner: Mockingjay

  15. Donald Trump approves of promo speech 0:09

  16. So excited to see how they implement Tris’ death – hopefully not keeping
    her alive as her death is one of the saddest parts of the book!

  17. Micah Sergei Deschanel Johansson

    Better be good. And Kate Winslet is dead in the movie right?

  18. Why is Jeff Daniels always playing the white collar leader-type now?

  19. hmm very similar to maze runner, hunger games, etc but still enjoyable

  20. Who remembers four from the inbetweeners movie?

  21. Another generic young-adult book to film adaptation series: Allegiant
    I guess it’s fun for the people who read the books

  22. Between this, Hunger Games and Maze Runner, I’ve forgotten what was going
    on. They should just make one final crossover movie of all three tbh lol

  23. the Divergent Maze Running Hunger Games: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

  24. can i get 100 subscribers this is my first channel .please

  25. Does anyone even give a shit about this franchise?

  26. What i understand from this trailer, this main characters are going to
    fight with the guys who have techonology ‘centuries’ ahead from them and
    going to win? Hmm…

  27. Please stop comparing The maze runner to these films, they’re nothing like
    them both visually and story wise. People put a lot of effort into making
    these films and make small sacrifices to do it, can we just respect that

  28. Either I completely zoned out while reading the book or this is rubbish. I
    am pretty sure it’s the latter though.

  29. Well at least they didn’t divided the final one into 2.

  30. Even if this doesnt match the book at all, it still looks really good. But
    lol it wont win any awards except for acting

  31. is it me or are they trying to make her look like Jennifer Lawrence?

  32. so no part 1 and part 2 bullshit?

  33. not what i expected, looks too futuristic(dont know if its right to use
    that word) compared to the books.

    Note:- Don’t watch if you halfway on reading allegiant coz the trailer
    reveals too much imho.

  34. THIS IS THE BIGGEST RIPOFF EVER. Just mix hunger games and maze runner and
    you get this

  35. ummm from which series is this?! ?…
    really why they “adapt” it from a book when they are planning to change
    everything ?!

  36. Looks interesting. Why the dislikes?

  37. What, they are not splitting this movie into 2 just like Harry Potter,
    Twilight and Hunger Games since it’s the last book?

  38. This movie looks like a a great sci-fi movie but it looks nothing like the

  39. did I just watch the entire movie in under 2:15 or am I just super tired?

  40. As someone who has only watched the movies, can anyone explain the what is
    going on? First they go against the woman for wanting to kill everyone,
    then they have to get away from them but then they want to find them so
    they can kill the woman, now that they’re finally outside the walls and get
    what they finally wanted they want to go back inside the walls? It’s just
    not clear to me as to what they want

  41. Note to self: don’t look through the comments on trailers/clips of movies
    adapting books; they are full of readers that can’t handle even the
    slightest changes, yet alone the big ones. I’m glad to say I’m not one of
    those readers who whine so much. I loved the books and I love the movies. I
    see them as two different things – I’m not expecting them to both be the
    same unlike some people.

  42. So basically they changed the entire plot line. Ok.

  43. People complained because this is like hunger games, which is a good movie.
    So why complain? That’s just like me complaining saying “Ugh, Xbox is just
    like PlayStation”.

  44. The Communication Series

    Notice Tori isnt with them when they enter Buereau of Genetic Welfare

  45. Wait, is allegiant only one movie? I thought it was 2 parts!?!!?!

  46. Thought it was 2 parts. Oh well

  47. The Hunger Games turned The Maze Runner.
    Well, at least THIS franchise doesn’t go for the Part 1/Part 2 tactic.

    BETTER HAVE A GOOD FATE!!! also i thought aligent is on 2 parts, what’s up
    with that?

  49. why is everybody pissed off about the movie?

    because they didn’t follow the books???? I would be pissed off too

    but they already warned you: ” BASED on the worldwide bestseller”

    they warned you like 3 times. If they didn’t follow the book from the first
    movie then who said that they are gonna to follow in the next movies.

    Even so this looks pretty good. I love the second movie. It’s my favourite.

  50. Where’s Katniss??

  51. Shainlee woodley is a horrible actress and the whole divergent series is
    worse it’s a hunger games knockoff

  52. No two parts for last movie are you kidding me. Yeah so many movie doesnt
    need two parts for last movie of serie but this does. I mean the book is
    too long for a one movie and there so much action in the book so ı think
    this movie gonna like insurgent. There is so much scene in the book but
    they cant fit in the movie because if they do movie is gonna be too long to
    watch. This should be two part separated.

  53. The Divergent Series: Redundant

  54. Did I read the wrong book??? It looks nothing like the book

  55. whats the difference between this and the hunger games?

  56. movies are so bad. all of them are

  57. I swear I saw Daniel Dae Kim in the background at 0:10. Why hasn’t he been
    credited for Allegiant yet?

  58. this looks like an ok movie but its not like the book at all! if they
    wanted good reviews they would make the movie like the book, the book
    wouldn’t be impossible to make a movie and the producers just ruined the
    whole plot line. does tris die or does she live? she doesnt even die being
    shot out of the sky. where did those flying things come from? what tf is
    that headquarters supposed to look like. its like a star wars movie

  59. 0:55 I hate this girl, just after watching the trailer ?

  60. I bet you tris won’t even die

  61. This doesn’t go by the book! I’m so mad!?

  62. actors = great
    acting = great
    shailene woodly = great
    but its no at all like the book

  63. omg I Wanna SOOO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!

  64. The movie doesn’t look like the book…

  65. It seems like since they took too many liberties on the first one that they
    could not stay true to any of the plots for the other books and had to
    rework another storyline in the end.

  66. Peeps stop hating in the comments.

  67. I’m not sure why, but I love these movies! lol I guess I should read the

  68. yeah “based on” no wonder

  69. NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK !!!! but i’m still gonna watch it anyway :DD

  70. Is this a new sci-fi movie? What franchise can it be form? Oh, it can’t be
    the the Divergent series right, because if it is, its going aganist the
    book in unspeakable ways!!!!!??? Will not go spend money to see thank

  71. Oh my, this looks good! Can’t wait ?

  72. ❤Shrek_Is_Love_❤

    she makes me horny.

  73. Around the city there is a wall.Outside the wall there is a bigger
    city.Beyond the bigger city there is an alien hive.Then they will leave the
    planet and fight in space,then they will go to another planet.The first
    movie was good but stop with the Divergent and Hunger games series already.

  74. Damn they milking these teenage series hard , hunger games almost finished
    ,so now started puming divergent ,maze runner and other cheesy crap

  75. Trailer Music Movie

    Music is Really Slow Motion – Everlasting Legacy

  76. This is not a trailer, is a 2 minute resume of the movie, the literally
    gave away every God damn important plot point!

  77. she dies….

  78. Omg this is driving me nuts why do u make the movie and not stick to the
    plot line

  79. Anyone else see Agenda 21 in this?

  80. I’ve read the book, but that was when it was just published. This does not
    look like anything I remember from reading it… First two movies stayed
    more true to the books than this one. I want to see it, but maybe it should
    reread the trilogie again as wel

  81. looks like the are getting what they deserve, the blonde chick said you
    will not like what you see. lol.

  82. Everytime the same things… in the Hunger Games, maze runner and
    divergent. Always At the 2. Movie or book they are finding an another
    alied. they think “the alied” are good ones and trust them but actually
    they want to kill them blablabla (by the way this trailer has no connection
    w/the book):

  83. I think this movie is going to ruin my whole Divergent fangirling. The plot
    is too different than the book and just looks.. bad. And I really liked

  84. I don’t even remember this being the book? Were there flying hovercrafts in
    the book?

  85. thats the kind if hair she’s supposed to have in Insurgent, but yeah I know
    she had the really short hair for fault in our stars

  86. This looks a heck of a lot like Scorch Trails?

  87. omggggg

  88. Chezz zuz…talk about over sharing…I’m gonna go read the book now ok??

  89. Where’s the part 1?!?!?!?!? Yo Wtf happens to the divergent series??????? I
    can’t even watch another movie of this

  90. Basically maze runner the scorch trials?

  91. Omg why are people hating so much??! Seems like no one here watched the
    movies. Yeah ok there’s the books, but for people who actually watched the
    movies this seems like a awesome movie! Im so excited to watch it!

  92. i’d like to meet the first person to call all these films “dystopian”

    They arn’t – Dystopia is a setting

    This is a SciFi / Romcom film.

    The concept of living in a post-apolocolyptic world has existed, long
    before Mystique picked up a bow and arrow.

    cheers – now can we stop butchering the language, before oxford has to add
    another definition to “literally”

  93. why was Peter lacking the tattoo that’s on his forearm?

  94. Seriously disappointed. Not looking forward to it at all. It was meant to
    be a regular city and airport. Not a hub in the middle of nowhere

  95. I’ve read the books and it’s like Divergent is the best, Insurgent is okay
    and Allegiant is the worst of them. I think they are going for that for the
    films, so nothing really changed.

  96. Alyzza Kara Pantejo

    Characters based on Allegiant book, plot based on Maze Runner? Just saying

  97. this is nothing how i imagined it

  98. Yaaaas Tris keep slaying

  99. OMG lo he esperado tantooo

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