The Divergent Series: Allegiant Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Shailene Woodley Sci-Fi Movie HD

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Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton venture into the world outside of the fence and are taken into protective custody by a mysterious agency known as the Bureau of Genetic Welfare.


  1. omg this series sucks ass just stop already

  2. hunger games with uglier female main character

  3. The Diverwhogivesashit.

  4. the books are so much better

  5. Maze runner nor Divergent will never stand a chance against The Hunger

  6. Spoiler – tris died in the end and only 4 left…….I read the book….

  7. Another one

  8. My ballsack looks more interesting than this shit.

  9. I cant wait not to see this

  10. still waiting on their last movie Detergent.

  11. the movie is getting really retarded every sequel they make

  12. Trying to copy the maze runner

  13. I love Shai but this looks different from the book lol as Insurgent.
    Divergent still the best movie of the Serie

  14. can’t believe people still believe that they are copying the hunger games




  17. Allan Goncalves da Silva

    I’m gonna buy me that music!

  18. All these series (Maze Runner etc) are so deep bullshit that I can’t just
    ignore it.

  19. I lost faith in this series after Insurgent

  20. I’m actually a fan of this series #AllDystopian

  21. wait when did allegiant part 1 come out

  22. <3 M83

  23. 2015???????

  24. I pressed on the video paused disliked and came here to tell you

  25. why so many hate on these movies???

  26. I know I’m alone here but I can’t wait to see this

  27. Forced to take a picture with my ugly ass step-son or else im not gunna get that good ass pussy

    This first movie was trash. The entire series sucks. Lets be real ppl are
    only watching it because its based on a book and hype.

  28. Well damn I’m the only one out of this whole comment section that likes the

  29. She dies. End of story. Now no need to watch it

  30. Gosh this looks really good. A well put together trailer….. Haters gonna
    hate. These books and movies are better than the hunger games.

  31. Lionsgate is like: “wait, there was a book?!”

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  33. Did Donald Trump build that wall ?

  34. Does anybody care about this series anymore?

  35. It pisses me off that every franchise is dividing their final movie into
    two parts. It’s nothing but a disgusting money grab. This franchise is

  36. Yawn…

  37. MutantMedicus - Minecraft Daily Let's Plays!

    These titles make no sense

  38. OMG!!! Can’t even breath!!!!This bathroom scene though! *0* Theo is going
    to be the deathof me!! <3 Impatient to watch Allegiant <3!!!!

  39. Next movie coming next year. Rogient.

  40. So they left a strict government (divergent) to join another strict
    government, with this logic they should make 30 more movies as long as the
    money keeps pouring in

  41. Any one else burst into laughter when the music kicked in and they started

  42. So it’s basically the maze runner with a female lead that wants some dick

  43. The song is Jonsi’s Grow Til Tall.

  44. when the trilogy advance this movie is more similar to hunger games

  45. This looks awful as f*ck

  46. I like the idea of these movies but I can’t stand the main actress she
    kills the whole thing she is so blah

  47. I liked the first film, but I didnt even notice that the second one came
    out lol.

  48. saralynn laponzina

    Why are they trying to sexualize this ?


  50. Shitty movie.

  51. Divergent, also known as the movies Miles Teller does not want be in, but
    is anyway

  52. Marianne Sveum Lunde


  53. Shailene woodley is the best! (so are Dylan and Jennifer ofc)
    Ps: The HG, The MR and Divergent might have some similarities but they’re
    not the same movies. I don’t understand why ppl hate on the maze runner or
    divergent and love the hunger games better. Mayb because the book was out
    first idk.

  54. When is this out ?

  55. Can’t wait!

  56. Phoenix-Diamond Hart

    I heard the music and I thought “in the arms of an angel”

  57. when it says 2015 but its not even 2015 anymore

  58. Decent trailer, still gonna be a god-awful movie.

  59. JorgeBlanco México


  60. Uhm, what do this have to do with the main sequel? Same characters and
    that’s all?

  61. ??????

  62. I remember this movie.

  63. God I hate these kinds of movies.. make more mad max sequels instead of
    making shit movies like this

  64. Did she come out as gay already?

  65. Just 1:33 of shitty CGI

  66. “When I first found out I was to die a virgin…”

  67. When I first watched this and heard people saying its like the hunger
    games, I thought they were retarded. Now I think retarded one because this
    is very hunger games

  68. can’t wait tbh

  69. Tooooo much cgi! Makes the movie look like an animated one.

  70. Looks bad compared to Insurgent. And Insurgent was also bad.

  71. the best trailer in the world ♡♡♡ love it

  72. They should have protested against more White people…
    then the Jews would have made this with more Black actors
    then gave them some Oscars

  73. Is the third movie also going to be divided into two parts? so allegian
    part 1 and 2?

  74. Insurgent the first part was awful and boring doesn’t worth to watch

  75. Holy crap it looks so bad

  76. I had bought the 2nd one without see the 1st one, so me and my daughter
    watched the 1st one on Prime before watching the 2nd one, it’s still in the
    wrapper, never opened.

  77. “It’s time to go beyond the wall”, Jon Snow

  78. That was one well made trailer!

  79. Its 2016 not 2015 -__-

  80. awesome a third one!

  81. Why couldn’t they just stick to the damn books like that’s why these a
    movie in the first place !!!! This is all CGI bull

  82. It does not have so much impact as hunger games

  83. Another already?


  84. this shit again? this stupid movies…..

  85. who knows they might kill someone else instead of tris,just like they did
    in maze runner they didn’t kill newt

  86. shitty series + shitttttist cgi too

  87. I saw insurgent… they basically took away all of the things I liked about
    divergent and made the remaining crap even more shittier.

  88. The books were so much better.

  89. Insurgent let all my hopes down and this doesn’t look any better. WOW

  90. I am going to see this movie.

  91. Wonder if they’re gonna kill her like in the book

  92. Divergent went to Mars

  93. absolutely wow

  94. Sooong??

  95. Good. In March it’ll be done. I’m so sick of this series. When I read the
    first two books, I had hoped it would be something new. I should have known
    the outcome when Four was co-narrator. The ending, I feel, was the biggest
    mistake written in this series, and what ultimately made it fail for me,
    despite my patience. At least Hunger Games has a happy ending. This?

  96. I can’t wait to see this!!!

  97. Leo Anastasopoulos

    Honestly does anyone give a shit about this franchise

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