The Divergent Series: Allegiant Official UK Trailer #1 (2015) – Shailene Woodley Sci-Fi HD

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Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton venture into the world outside of the fence and are taken into protective custody by a mysterious agency known as the Bureau of Genetic Welfare.


  1. Awful series

  2. This whole series looks garbage lmao

  3. Divergent…shit
    LOL. Can’t wait for this one

  4. Will this one be a part 1 / part 2 format?


  6. This reminds me of Maze Runner….and Hunger Games

  7. AWESOME AMAZING SWEET COOL ?????❤️????????????

  8. Trailer ruins the whole movie:

    – They find these new guys
    – New guys overlyfriendly
    – Seems too good to be true
    – New guys have overly morbid plan
    – Good guys cant go along
    – Escape
    – Decide its worth dying to stop them
    – Some will die
    – Romance continues.

    How the hell did the books even get away with this shoddy storytelling?

  9. I think you guys should upload couple more of these

  10. *Safe Place Like Chicago* ??? Y’all don’t know about *Chiraq* I See

  11. Well that trailer just spoiled the whole movie…

  12. At least it’s not in two part……..still a shitty series

  13. Another one, Another one

  14. Lol these made for teens SciFi/love story movies are getting annoying. No
    really acting talent. Just pretty faces..

  15. Is this the second or third part?

  16. can’t believe but i like insurgent more than Hunger games Part1.
    IDK if this movie will be Ok, still want to read these books, hope they’re

  17. i dont care for this series.

  18. Lmao Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller are far too good actors for this

  19. Divergent is good, the hunger games are better, the maze runner is the best

  20. Dont know why people hate on this series…..first movie was excellent and
    i thought the second movie was good too. Hopefully the last two movies are
    just as good.

  21. Maze Runner + Hunger Games + The Giver

  22. I still haven’t seen any of these movies and I don’t feel like I have
    missed out on anything lol

  23. hey i read a book called allegiant once……….. doesn’t look like it has
    anything to do with this though

  24. So this is still a thing?

  25. I never knew this was now a sic-fi movie?

  26. Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, Actor & VFX}

    This looks like it’s going to be good. HEEEHEEE

  27. Four Four Four Four

  28. Nothing creepy about that……… lol

  29. 1:43 Nikitaaaaaa

  30. Pleeaaase, STOP THIS!!!!!

  31. welp whats the point of seeing this shitty movie if everything i need to
    know is in the trailer

  32. I like the hunger games and the maze runner more

  33. This is nothing like the book… Great work yet again…

  34. I thought I’ve read the book.. Can’t remember any of this..

  35. “safe place like Chicago”…hahahha, don’t mind me.

  36. ok, the ONLY reason I will watching this movie just because the fact I can
    see Tris death. Yea, tris was really annoying af.

  37. OH GOD I REALLY HOPE THERE A CHANGE TO SOMETHINg… to those who have read
    the books u know what I’m talking about…

  38. For some reason when I read this book I imagined the outside world to be a
    lot less sci-fi and advanced. Was thinking of a run down world similar to
    the place they were living in.

  39. Katy the cookie monster

    you know, you learn things from looking at comments on movie trailers. for
    instance, it’s all hate on the movie.

  40. Well. This trailer ruined the whole movie.

  41. This series is just too cliche for me.
    – The protagonists have personalities that scream “We’re the protagonists!”
    – everyone looks like young, hot models
    – everyone also looks alike
    – chosen ones
    – end of the world issues
    – no dialogue other than dramatic or inspiring speeches

  42. thats wow just spoiling a lot xD

  43. Happyloren Madrigal



    Spoiler Alert: Tris dies

  44. This is why people illegally download movies.


  46. Veronica Roth did not write 3 great books for this shit.

  47. This series should not have been made until The Hunger Games was finished
    (which would not have been a long wait).
    It should have aimed to follow The Hunger Games and fill the gap left
    behind in the market, not compete with it. The story and cast are good but
    The Hunger Games is more successful, so it is left in the shadow of the
    futuristic teen genre.

  48. Kimberly Rivera Collado

  49. Well Tris dies anyway so what’s the point

  50. I’ll stick with the Hunger Games thanx

  51. As soon as I saw Nina I just wanted throw up

  52. Too bad Tris dies at the end of the book, hope they stick to it

  53. ❤Shrek_Is_Love_❤

    I can’t wait.

  54. Best series ever ?

  55. the movies are absolutely nothing like the bloody books!

  56. Alexandra lingo2001

    i couldn’t force myself to finish the third book but i am sure it’s nothing
    like this

  57. i am confused. did they change the plot or my copy of allegiant was totally

  58. Will McAvoy WHAT ARE YOU DOING

  59. This ruined the books dammit!!
    Every movie is worse than the other

  60. parang di naman ganito yung nabasa ko :(

  61. is this going to be a 2 parts movie?

  62. this whole series looks garbage why does everyone likes it? I thought this
    series is amazing because I dislike hunger games ( also rubbish ), this
    should be stay kept in form of books or the novel, the acting and the
    visual effects looks terribly boring. they should adapt another movie which
    is suit the audience best.

  63. hahahahahahahhahahahaahhahaha, im not watching this, not even if someone
    pays me


    This movie looks like it’s going to be insane! Can’t wait till its match

  65. terrible lead actress

  66. Chicago will be erased? Wtf

  67. this is all false, it is completely different from the book and im angry

  68. 1:15 that was filmed in my town! :D

  69. “200 years” … :p Sounds like Fallout 4 :p

  70. Freakin Jeff Daniels needs a life

  71. juliejulieann Curtis

    she actually look like Kate Winslet with her new hair

  72. In this trailer we see the whole plot of the book… what the hell is going
    to happen in part 2?

  73. nope, those shit did not happen. why do u murder books.

  74. Ecrin Feyza Gultekin

    the books are so much better

  75. Although it is 180 degrees different from the book,I’m still going to
    support it because it is still the divergent franchise

  76. Worst trilogy ever. Tho the books were absolutely FAB!!

    – via YTPak(.com)

  77. I woner if they’ll keep true to the ending of the book.

  78. The story is not bad but darn both movies were boring af. I hope this one
    is the last part.

  79. ‘based on the worldwide bestseller’ but i didnt see any similarity with the
    book ???

  80. Tris would die, anyway. Why bother watching?

  81. Spoilers….. she dies

  82. Have I read the wrong book or what?

  83. javi que outra merdinha de crepusculo

  84. I love you too guys!!!!! Ariiooossss

  85. Really excited to see this movie!!

  86. I liked Divergent… but this.. has gone too far.


    spoilered evrything gr8 trailer

  88. So this is like Hunger Games , where you fight your own Goverment and unite
    with some other people that are thought dead by alive

  89. Maze Runner is 100x better than this garbage

  90. Oh dear lord ?, another book ruined . ugh

  91. Jeff Daniels is finally getting some good roles

  92. Rumbie Chantelle (Rue)

    the books are so goooood but the movies really didn’t do them justice:(
    great actors tho

  93. i hate this shitty series because it like the hungers games……….
    but hey in this one there is Roman Godfrey Hhahahah :P

  94. The Detergent Series: Allergen

  95. Mateja Kovačič Šubic

    There is nowhere to be seen ” Part 1”. I already like it. Yes sure it
    doesn’t look like the book but for some reason this is the first triology I
    wish the ending was different. Even if it is on a screen :)

  96. Recycled plot.

  97. Um, I’ve read the books three times over… Are they even trying to keep to
    the story?

  98. I wonder if Tris is going to die in the movies like in the book since the
    movie looks so much different.

  99. strange. I thought this would have millions of views already

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