The Divergent Series Ultimate Trailer (2016) HD

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After the earth-shattering revelations of Insurgent, Tris must escape with Four beyond the wall that encircles Chicago to finally discover the shocking truth of what lies behind it.

Music Credits:

“Sea of Glee” by Flaming Vito
“Danger Zone” by Billie Ray Fingers
“Blue Poppies” by Rachel Wood
“Strength of a Thousand Men” by Thomas Bergersen

Courtesy of Extreme Music.


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  6. thx dude third. Epic once again. thx

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  8. third person to watch trailer

  9. Hi I’m Richard ?

  10. I had diarrhea today… I’m just wondering how Movieclips Trailers got
    footage of that and made this trailer! :?

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  12. Nice

  13. Jered MC1 (Funniest youtuber ever)

    first dislike

  14. yay

  15. this series sucks

  16. make…it…stop…

  17. Song???

  18. I wonder how they are going to rebuild district 12 and escape from the maze

  19. ادعوكم لزيارة قناتي سيتم رفع افلام كاملة ومقاطع ..اقوى الافلام

  20. Fabienne van der Aar

    first one: totally amazing
    second one: wtf is this crap
    third one: maybe a miracle will happen
    fourth one: not even gonna bother

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  23. Divergent <3

  24. it looks kidna nice… i was always skeptical about this series but do you
    think i should read it/watch it?

  25. this trailer like the Divergent Series is shit

  26. This films are pure generic shit

  27. I actually want the third one to be good even tho the trailers suck. I
    hated Insurgent but really enjoyed Divergent…

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