The Finest Hours Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Chris Pine, Ben Foster Drama HD

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The Coast Guard makes a daring rescue attempt off the coast of Cape Cod after a pair of oil tankers are destroyed during a blizzard in 1952.


  1. Katerina Aivaliotis


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  3. hard to buy little affleck

  4. flop incomming

  5. Its Angel from the X-Men.

  6. Looking Great i say

  7. lan olum Turkiyeden ilk gelen benimmi buraya

  8. วรรณรัตน์ บุษยา

    He come back !

  9. he is fine
    can always call his gf Wonder Woman ;)

  10. is this a titanic spin off? looks plain boring to me.

  11. Where’s Ben?

  12. we already have titanic.

  13. One of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen. Still, the overall movie I think
    will be good. Oh my god but that trailer. Holy shit.

  14. can anyone tell me when this movie is set

  15. The Titanic mixed with The Perfect Storm.

  16. A whole movie on the sea,, then typical bullshit like we all work together
    or we all die *YAAAAAAWN*, get rdy to be pirated because the majority of
    people won’t watch this in cinema and/or won’t ever watch this movie.
    Sad but true.

  17. Life of Pi intro: The Movie

  18. This is a great cast, I really have big expectations for this movie…

  19. This give me chills, hope it will be great~

  20. This movie looks wetter than a nuns cunt…………I’m in


  22. cgis kinda shit in places

  23. Another Titanic?

  24. “The Perfec Storm”

    0:54 ist das Jürgen Vogel ?

  26. everything in america is so dramatic..!! :p

  27. Looks like filming would have been very cold.

  28. Where is Ben Foster ??

  29. why does this look bad ?

  30. Titanic 2.

  31. Since this film is apparently set in 1952 and it’s likely a pure
    coincidence, but The Finest Hours, is a line in an R.E.M. song, i can’t
    remember which one, but it definitely is 🙂 .

    (Possibly Finest Worksong, but again i can’t remember exactly which song
    its definitely from 🙂 .)

  32. A mix of the movie Poseidon, Titanic, and the Perfect Storm…

  33. Dammit…I plan on becoming a sailor a year or two from now.This scares the
    shit out of me.

  34. The music destroys everything.

  35. Seriously… This is The Perfect Storm: Part II.

  36. A Perfect Storm rip off?

  37. I wonder if submarines could be used for rescue missions like this? Take
    for instance the missile launch tubes, could they be converted to launch
    instead super sturdy lifeboats to the surface if the seas are too rough for
    the sub to surface itself. Or maybe the sub could be reinforced so that it
    could secure itself to a sinking vessel to aid in the rescue mission, that
    way there would be less worry about sinking as the sub is capable of
    submerging anyways. This fleet of subs would of course be manned by the
    Coast Guard and stationed where the most shipwrecks tend to occur.

    I also remember reading that the US only has two icebreakers in service and
    one is down at the moment for repairs. Maybe the answer to that dilemma
    could also be reinforced subs that could go along the artic sea routes
    under the ice and then break the ice by breaching the surface near the
    stuck vessels until they are freed.

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  39. OK. So I see Casey Affleck in nearly every scene and Ben Foster for about
    0.5 seconds. (I like Ben Foster BTW but…) Why does this channel always
    mis-advertise the stars??

  40. That colour palette is depressing

  41. “And then we…


    Dat ADR.

  42. I just watched the entire movie just from this trailer. Well, no need to go
    see it now…

  43. I smell a flop…


    oh lordy.

  45. why can’t Pine just call Scotty and ask to be beamed up?

  46. Сергей Лосев

    Looks like once again Chris Pine gonna be in some great movie. I love it
    already for being not a movie about relations between 30 years old faggots,
    or something.

  47. I guess those sailors had Panama papers.


    transformers music in every trailer ever…

  49. perfect storm 2?

  50. NO WAY they gonna survive that….

  51. Starring Ben Foster… for 0.5 seconds

  52. Basically titanic

  53. so its basically Titanic, but with all men and they replaced the ice berg
    and cold with a rogue wave and a storm??

  54. Really hope they don’t waste a brilliant cast to do just another action
    movie with no heart (Titanic? If you have to compare it to something, think
    The Perfect Storm)

  55. exited to see this it cassey is great actor by the way you should write his

  56. Save them Kirk!

  57. This is based on a true story, very excited for this movie! I love the
    trailer, great cast! Chris Pine is a plus! So I will be going to see this

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