The Forest Official Sneak Peek #1 (2016) – Natalie Dormer, Taylor Kinney Horror Movie HD

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An unexplained horror occurs in a Japanese forest.


  1. This is just going to make people afraid of camping

  2. I though Margery Tyrell was in prison how shw get out ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ ° )

  3. The cure song anybody

  4. Lol the forest game 

  5. OMG this is the film of the the game the forest/

  6. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    is this based on the Suicide Forest Aokigahara*?

  7. a forest isn’t scary STOP PERCIEVING FORESTS AS SCARY

  8. when mtv is involved forget the whole thing, it not going to be scary!!!!

  9. Is this based on the indie game The Forest?

  10. Finally, a comedy movie I’m excited to watch. Looks like a blast.

  11. Taylor Kinney is Emily Kinney’s sister. They almost look like twins.

  12. The most terrifying place on earth is a nickelback concert

  13. Guys the monsters in the forest aren’t evil. They’re good. They bring
    friends and families closer to one another true various tries trials. They
    help to reform and form old and new bonds. Good guy monsters.

  14. the forest of thrones lol

  15. I hope she’s naked in it

  16. Get ready to enter… Natalie Dormer…

  17. Joffrey came back for his wife.

  18. Definitely gonna watch this. LOVE Natalie Dormer. mmmmmm… lol!

  19. they should make a horror film where the black guy has to make it through
    an affluent white suburb community without the cops getting him.

  20. I clicked because Natalie Dormer.

  21. Brace yourselfs comments about Game of Thrones are coming……

  22. This seems like a story from are you afraid of the dark

  23. I dont know why, but i have this suspicion, that i know who is gonna die
    next on Game of Thrones :D

  24. A horror movie of teenagers in a desolate place? So original

  25. guy emmanuel fondjo


  26. looks terrible

  27. The Forrest Whispers my name

  28. forrest dump

  29. The most terrifying thing about this is that MTV still exists.

  30. Natalie Dormer! She is so awesome

  31. Game of forests.

  32. NOW I’ve seen the whole movie!

  33. see, whenever you hear a voice actor over a trailer, you know it’s gonna
    suck big balls

  34. finally a trailer that doesn’t spoil the entire movie

  35. “Get ready to enter the most terrifying place on earth..”

  36. mutated cannibals?

  37. I hope this is like the game 😛
    Oh and boobs.

  38. I was surprised to hear “This Wednesday,”

  39. Jesus, tusken raider?

  40. rip off from the blur witch project

  41. Needs more cannibals

  42. So the monsters are cannibals …..right?

  43. Reminds me so much of the game… This might make me watch tv again

  44. Finally, a movie that looks sorta scary and not some cheap shaky camera BS

  45. the thumbnail is what happens when you open a pack of gum in class

  46. yasss margery

  47. zombies??

  48. this teaser seems kind of… cheesy. I hope the actual film is better. I’m
    watching it for Natalie Dormer hahahaha ;)

  49. run forest run!

  50. exclusive trailer only on mtv = watch it on youtube same day.

  51. Welp, I guess Natalie Dormers career started and ended with Game of

  52. alright, people seem confused about this movie. this movie is supposedly
    based on suicide forest in Japan which is an extremely disturbing place
    where a suicide occurs at least every 3 days there are so many bodies
    hanging from trees in the forest that if you walk through it chances are
    you will see many dead people decomposing and its creepy. This is not a
    blare witch wannabe since in the preview you clearly see the creature or
    spirit or whatever it is that they are afraid of which never happened in
    blare witch and that was the whole point of blare witch it was a no budget
    indie film.

  53. Who’s liking this? ugh..

  54. So cliche

  55. Well shit a trailer for a trailer.

  56. Bet this movie comes out before the game gets out of Early Access.

  57. It feels like… she can guest star in Doctro Who.

  58. Poor GoT actors, they are constantly reminded that they are GoT actors…

  59. ugh….Dormer….

  60. Is this scary guy from Mad Max???

  61. from the producer of THE CAVE and THE LAKE. and the people who wrote THE
    HILLS and co wrote THE CREEK. COMES THE FOREST……………

  62. Underrated actress!!!!

  63. is this like the forest game

  64. Is this a version of the game “the forest”? Just wondering?

  65. so… they spoiled natalies death for us?

  66. Omg the high sparrow put her in the prison and now this !!!!!
    God help her

  67. another trashy boring pseudo horror movie. yawn.

  68. Is this a horror movie based on the game the Forrest?

  69. omg how original.

  70. what’s Natalie dormer doing starring in this shit

  71. you know nothing whitewalkers

  72. doot doot 0:08

  73. this is a movue about the suicide forest in japan it was abouced last year

  74. i want to watch this

  75. The Blair Witch Project Meets The Cabin In The woods

  76. Spoiler: Natalie’s husband dead.

  77. already watch official trailer…

  78. I ain’t afraid of no tree’s.

  79. Jeez, this film is going to almost mark my 10 year anniversary as a Natalie
    fan. Not what I was expecting, but hey, actors gotta pay bills too.

  80. RIP Natalie. Did they haft to give that away in the trailer?

  81. Game Of Thrones puns in 3..2..1..

  82. Looks like shit. The last 3 words of the trailer summarized it best: “Only
    on MTV.”

  83. I like how all the Game of Thrones actors can only manage to get roles for
    shitty obscure films that no one will watch.

  84. Run Forest run

  85. give me mayne Onaltı sekınds huur evlatları

  86. So I guess she dies in the next GoT season

  87. Natalie, you can do much better

  88. I thought this was going to be about the game

  89. why did queen Margery go beyond the wall?

  90. seems like another generic horror flick

  91. Scott noneyobeeswax

    Big fan of naked natalie dormer in her various historical dramas.

  92. I know a Japanese family who lost 2 people to suicide in that forest a few
    years ago. I’m sure they can’t wait to see Hollywood make money portraying
    their loved ones as evil ghosts.

  93. Trailer of a trailer wow

  94. ‫بنت بلادي‬‎

    i wanna see this movie

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