The Forest Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Natalie Dormer, Taylor Kinney Horror Movie HD

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An unexplained horror occurs in a Japanese forest.


  1. small loan of a million dollar$$$$$$$$

  2. So its a Zombie movie?

  3. The Ring meets Blair Witch Project. Lame.

  4. It’s like call of duty black ops 3 the frozen forest

  5. Is this movie based on the real suicide forest in Aokigahara, Japan?

  6. Frenzy 9th | @Frehnzyy

    this is a real place in Japan don’t go there

  7. This film looks terrible.

  8. You no pepole this park is real at the base of Mount Fuji Japan they call
    it suicide park pepole commit suicide there.

  9. So exploit a real place in Japan which has AMAZING potential, I get way
    excited at the beginning of the trailer then the rest just was
    disappointment after another… seriously… :”( so sad…

  10. I bet Natalie Dormer gave all the trees …. wood

  11. Looks beautifully shot but looks like the acting and story is gonna be
    complete shit.

  12. why this remind me the “forest” The game??? IMAO cant believe they made a
    live action vers of it

  13. I’m only 12 years old and Natalie Dormer makes my wiener rock hard!

  14. ive been my that forest but why do the white people think they can just
    walk around being fine when thry ignore the native people saying no like
    let your sister die. she wants to do it let her dont stop cause then she’ll
    do it again. also in that forest people kill them selfs there since ones
    you go in that part theres no way out. the magnetic feilds there are messed
    up since the lava from fuij hundreds of years old ago messed it up. so a
    compass wont work until your out of that area. also its a huge forest and
    people easliy get lost

  15. I just couldn’t help but laugh, because I have actually been there. It’s
    actually a really peaceful forest, very beautiful. I’ve never seen any
    bodies, no matter how hard i tried.

  16. Looks like a jump scare fest with no real tension build up…

  17. I fucked my sister

  18. The real story about the forest is very sad and disturbing. this is just
    pathetic corpse humping.

  19. Its creasida

  20. I am here for Margery Tyrell!

  21. What the hell, the first trailer made this look SO bad, but this trailer
    makes it look alright.

  22. Someone found a book on cliches and mixed it with a real world
    location..this movie looks embarassing

  23. the last jumpscare is so predictable……….

  24. We are not even going to see her naked… That would be the only thing that
    would save this

  25. Spooks!

  26. Love horror flicks but this…ehh

  27. this looks kinda cool

  28. Reminds me of a Japanese movie called Versus.

  29. Nope

  30. Oh lady Margaret

  31. Thought it would be like the forest the game crossed with castaway

  32. Educate your pleb selves… the movie is rubbish, Natalie is smoking but
    the forest is real.

  33. nice…. lets kiss

  34. wanna be blair witch project perhaps?

  35. Cool idea. I am familiar with that forest as it is real but looks dumb

  36. Some scenes reminded me alot of Blairwitch project. ^^ Definitely gonna
    watch it :)

  37. Natalie Dormer seems to be ‘everywhere’ :D

  38. if it’s PG13 what does that tell you about this horror?

  39. MyNameIsNotVeronica


  40. 0:13 reminds me of MK from Epic.

  41. Aokigahara is creepy but this just looks silly.


    Anyone else thought about “The forest” Survival game?

  43. Search youtube for ‘suicide forest in japan by vice’. good documentary on
    the real suicide forest in japan!

  44. Well she married joffrey so is not that bad being in that forset..

  45. i’ll give it a shot… in dl

  46. Didn’t syfy already make this movie ?

  47. Женя Помигуев


  48. What is Natalie Dormer doing in this piece of crap horror movie?

  49. Wheres slender man???!!!

  50. The King In The North

    Dont worry guys, the Tyrells will come and save the Queen of Westeros.

  51. Spook

  52. Um, where are all the Japanese people in a movie set in Japan?

  53. i think i shat myself once i saw the ending

  54. Are we out of the woods yet?

  55. This place is a legend, there’s a short documentary about it and it’s
    certainly 10000 times better than this … thing.

  56. too hot for horror imo

  57. I want to see this movie . ?

  58. I swear to god every genre of movie has a trailer template that the studios
    get to choose from

  59. Looks alright…

  60. so are all the monsters/ghosts in this movie Japanese? Just wondering.

  61. It’s about Aokigahara, again?

  62. the location in japan but they put hollywood ghost … bad idea for a movie

  63. Should of been rated R

  64. Alright , now watch this without Sound :(

  65. My bad 1 min

  66. Not as frightening as tentacle porn

  67. “Go back Sarah. Forget about the baby.”

  68. Yo this is totally the game Fatal Frame look it up!

  69. “You can’t stay after dark!”
    “I’m not leaving without my sister!”
    “Why don’t you just come back tomorrow and leave like a walky talky here?”
    /sum of all horror movies

  70. Fatal Frame called. They want their camera back.
    And their plot…

  71. OF COURSE the did a movie about that creepy place, it was just a matter of
    time. Yuck.

  72. This Film…. I’m going to see in cinemas 1st ❤️?

  73. I’m low key offended by this movie. Seems kinda disgusting to exploit a
    place with such a sad history. I felt the same way about the Chernobyl

  74. this is actually highly disrespectful. and before any of you assholes reply
    to my comment saying suicidal people deserve to die, stop in your tracks,
    because no ones gonna waste their time on you. Aokigahara is a place people
    go to commit suicide. In Japan. and you’re making a horror movie, that may
    have been filmed in Japan, but stars mostly white people? I’m not hating,
    I’m white, but if this is a tribute to aokigahara in any way, please
    include the Japanese mythology that goes with it, not just the fact that
    people commit suicide.

  75. Natalie Dormer and Sarah Bolger look a like

  76. a story about a japnese myth starring a non japanese person


  77. Told ya we can’t stay after dark

  78. crappy American remake

  79. really hope they didn’t film this in the actual forest. that would be super
    disrespectful to the dead, plus there’s bodies found there every day!

  80. Man I love this game!!….wait a minute

  81. That’s looks stupid

  82. What’s up, guys. You’re A Winner. tendency skin What do you think, guys?

  83. 0:55 Did Ben Stiller just try to jumpscare me?

  84. isn’t that the chick who plays on the Hunger Games mockingjay 1&2 ??? :-/,
    the female that had the half of hair???

  85. people critique scary movies by calling them “jump scare fests” but isn’t
    that the point? the “monsters” and ghosts ‘n’ such are suppose to scare
    you, and the only time I actually feel fright when watching movies is when
    something sneaks up on me, tension building is a great tool for drawing you
    in but without the scares these scary movies wouldn’t be all that scary, in
    my opinion.

  86. She actually looks ugly on screen every time except in GoT. How did they do

  87. {Comment passive-aggressively displaying knowledge about the “true” story,
    even though poster didn’t know that until they googled it themselves, but
    now wants to seem smart}

  88. does anyone else know exactly when a jump scare is coming in these
    trailers? xD

  89. Августовское воодушевление

    why is this movie called “the Forest” while it’s obviously taking place in
    the Aokigahara wood?

  90. is it her (NATALIE D) first movies as main actor

  91. I think I am going to see this because I loved her performance in the
    Mockingjay Part 2. Also I like horror movies.

  92. Looks like Hollywood is running out of places to turn into horror movies.
    First it was Chernobyl, now the Suicide Forest?

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