The Good Dinosaur Official International Trailer #1 (2015) – Animated Movie HD

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An epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend.


  1. An I the first one?!

  2. first

  3. Pixar is the Best

  4. damn this movie looks good asf

  5. First f*cking comentary yeah

  6. Randomly Awesome.

    love it

  7. boxing day? isnt that a canadian holiday

  8. Wow Jurassic World 2 came fast

  9. Dad is Tan
    Mom is red.
    Son is green.


  10. Why do I already feel that this is going to make me cry like little 4 year
    old girl

  11. I can’t wait until…Boxing…Day?

  12. animation is cool , but plot is stupid

  13. oh yeah I am so excited for this film!!!

  14. This has a similar feel to other movies Pixar has made, but who knows maybe
    it will turn out great when it actually releases.

  15. SPOILER ALERT: My father works for the Pixar animation team and he is
    currently helping on the rendering of The Good Dinosaur and he told me in
    the end of the movie the two main protagonist never do find their family’s
    but instead realize that they were family all along because of all the
    trials they’ve been through. But I’m not 100% sure, sorry to all those who
    wasted their time reading this.

  16. looks like an over grown turtle with no shell to be honest

  17. PIXAR!

  18. I can already feel the tears that will be shed when watching this film

  19. Big hype for this film, PIXAR ROCKS

  20. seems like a good movie with no sad moments….wait Up and Toy story made

  21. My only complaint is how the dinosaur looks. Clearly designed for better
    marketing and it just looks out of place, but other than that I can’t wait!

  22. I would watch thi. s

  23. Dead Hunter117 (Nokris, 3rd Hive God)

    “boxing day 2015” yeah but every ones going to go watch the 7th episode of
    star wars XD

  24. Reminds me of Ice Age

  25. Macchi C.205 Veltro

    Accuracy Intensifies

  26. Does anybody else remember Little Foot?

  27. They said “BOXING DAY 2015” like more than 10 people in the world know when
    that is.

  28. #voteforsips XD 117

    Better in graphical then atack on Titan Leo Disney directs atack on Titan

  29. The trailer music sounds like an orchestral version of Elastic Heart by

  30. Rip off of land before time! haha

  31. Evan “Rocket” Esparza

    that dinosaur is looking up that kids ass

  32. did they mirror the T-Rex roar part!?


  34. So much meh.

  35. There is something about the cartoony dinosaurs on realistic landscape that
    really bothers me. Why not make them more realistic. Even land before time
    was more convincing.

  36. i feel like this is gonna turn out amazing asf

  37. BOXING DAY 2015?

  38. boxing day?

  39. I have a strong feeling this movie is going to make me cry. Like ugly cry .
    Worse than the Up and toy story cry. ?

  40. Wait…why am I suddenly reminded of the movie “The Croods”? ?

  41. Adam Sloss Is a Boss

    :57 Dino run.

  42. i have a good feeling about this movie.

  43. Love how they put the Trex roar from Jurassic park in here :)

  44. I believe that PIXAR has just finished shedding a positive light on Fear in
    their last movie.

  45. I’m a little worried by this preview, but that was the same way with Inside
    Out, and that movie was great. Just hope the characters capture their true
    selves right, and don’t seem forced.

  46. SPOILER ALERT: My father works for the Pixar animation team and he is
    currently helping on the rendering of The Good Dinosaur and he told me that
    the movie is about a dinosaur and some kid

  47. i like this movie

  48. Song?

  49. This doesn’t look very great, at least not for Pixar standards. Hope they
    didn’t pull another Cars 2 out of their ass.

  50. seems interesting……but humans didn’t exist when dinosaurs where
    alive…. :/

  51. Seen this type of movie before…Ice Age comes to mind.

  52. So dinosuars developed the english language?
    My life is a lie.

  53. First they call themselves creators, then minds, now forces?

  54. prathiba panchumarthi

    waiting for that

  55. From the creators of the three saddest pixar movies

  56. Is it just me or all of the disney films I’ve watched are a total
    tearjerkers and I think this will be another one!

  57. So it’s about a dinosaur and his pet human… seems legit.

  58. did anyone realise that the t rex roar sounded a bit like rexy’s roar from
    Jurassic Park?

  59. probably gonna make me cry

  60. now this is awsome. so in this, movie dinosaur never extinct.. its so funny
    so a meteor is aiming toward earth but then it just misses

  61. Man arlo you gonna be on the screen on……boxing day?

  62. Does anyone else think his voice is a bit annoying?

  63. Can we please stop making movies where humans and dinosaurs exist
    together?!? There are already enough idiots in this world.

  64. Mattdav1601 Gaming

    NO, JUST NO!

  65. What’s up, guys. This video is nice pastoral exchange !

  66. Dammit they talk!

  67. This is almost like finding nemo though

  68. This Pixar film will in my opinion nom
    be as successful as Inside Out or even the Toy Story series as the film is
    similar to Land Before Time, Ice Age, Croods, Lion King and more obvilously
    Dinosaur (2000). Plus the animation unlike Dinosaur looks poor. The film
    also comes out at the same time as the next Hunger Games film, Spectre &
    Star Wars VII.

  69. dont get me wrong, pixar are amazing, but this looks abit shit…..and the
    voice actor for the dinosaur is a bad choice

  70. so cool I want to see it

  71. Don’t you think his parents would be looking for him (the human kid).

  72. tbh this movie is too cartoonish for a realistic background

  73. I’m gonna flip out if one of the dinosaurs die… Stop making us cry Pixar.

  74. This movie looks like it’s gonna’ be really good. I might have to go see

  75. Why the hell did they make the dinosaur talk……..

  76. This is the first trailer Ive seen where the Dino has talked. Thank god
    because I thought it would be like Wall-E

  77. If there gonna have the Dinosaur talk, I want it to be similar to Ratatoue.
    Where the humans can’t understand them but they still have a relationship?

  78. Finding Nemo backwards?

  79. Dinosaurs looked way more beautiful and that was made nearly ten years ago

  80. Adindarenan Kusumawardani

    Is that the sound effect of t rex from jurassic park?

  81. Hey, yo! You’re Neat! badge interfere What’s your opinion about it, guys

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