The Good Dinosaur Official Spanish Language Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) – Pixar Movie HD

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After a traumatic event unsettles a lively Apatosaurus named Arlo, he sets out on a remarkable journey, gaining an unlikely companion along the way – a human boy.


  1. The Epic Green Mask | Minecraft Gaming

    7th view, first comment

  2. I love Pixar and you?

  3. Is that Spain? Wut?

  4. “international” my ass xD

  5. Disney and marvel better that DC

  6. Espaninglish

  7. Taco taco buritto buritto!

  8. atleast disney did two dino films


    “este thanksgiving en 3D” lol wut
    why mix the languages like that, sounds retarded

  10. unbelievable that they used jurassic parks tyrannosaurus Rex roar

  11. Does international mean English and Spanish?

  12. I’m wondering how the dinosaur got across after his bit the ledge

  13. Isn’t this just the plot of ice age?

  14. what’s up with disney-pixar ??? they always kill a parent

    lion king

    and most of the caracheters don’t have one of them

    Snow white
    Little Mermaid
    toy story

  15. Finding Nemo – Green dinasour edition.

  16. is it Jurassic Park’s T-Rex roar?

  17. I see feels of green, tears falling too~
    On Thanksgiving Day, from me and you~
    And I can’t wait to watch~
    Pixar’s wonderful world~

  18. Everyone that works at PIXAR is a genius

  19. thats croods’s baby?plagiarism

  20. why are the dinosaurs so cartoonish, yet the environment seems os realÉÉ

  21. Why is the Dinosaur talking!!!!! Jesus!!! dont we have enough of these
    retarded movies!!!

  22. so spanish people can understand the trailer in english but they need a
    spanish narrator to tell them when it’s coming out

  23. is this about a gay dinasour??

  24. comes out on my bday :)

  25. Shit the dinosaur can speak… Well I don’t have any hope left for this

  26. Pixar Theory DESTROYED!

  27. I’m an 18 year old guy, and for God sake, I’m cutting some serious onions
    right now. *sniff*

  28. Why was it in spanish? I get that it is an international trailer but

  29. Stitchtini "Neon" Pines

    I am gonna cry in this movie I just know it.

  30. Finally a movie that find the use of the T rex arms, to nudge friendly ones
    that they forgot to roar XD

  31. The end logo is like brother bear

  32. ill show you about that tres D

  33. No falta el imbécil que va a preguntar: ¿Cual película es “Inside Out”?

  34. Anybody else feel like the voices didn’t match the movement of the
    characters mouths very well? I know just months ago they sacked 99% of the
    cast and had to redo the vocal performances but I hope the finished product
    turns out better.

  35. OMG yes

  36. I dont have any kids from my family to bring cos apparently i am the
    youngest so I bring my grandma instead just because she is older and that
    makes me feel really young lol

  37. Why is it in Spanish

  38. disniy pixar prisento

  39. Da gud dainasaur

  40. Wait, aint this just Pixar’s version of Ice Age.

  41. This had no business making me as emotional as it did

  42. Don’t forget to bring your tissue boxes

  43. I have a bad feeling about this film

  44. Completely not trying to cash in on the success of Jurassic World.

  45. Is this produced by Ken Ham?!

  46. Omg I’m so excited for this dam movie !!!!

  47. in spaynish cumming to a theeter neer u

  48. So it’s basically Donnie Thornberry meets Little Foot.

  49. Finding dinosaur.

  50. Awwww

  51. I can’t find the tissues!!!

  52. Song/ crystals by Of Monsters And Men

  53. The fact they used: of monsters and men – crystals as a song alone, I wanna
    watch it

  54. Putang Ina! Bakit Hindi English!

  55. Me gusta!

  56. Nice to see Pixar film which looks decent… Inside out looked old as if it
    was made 5 to 7 years ago.

  57. so 65 million years to today, they somehow gain the ability to speak

    stop by my channel and decide for yourself.
    thanks :)

  59. Copyrighted Jurassic Park

  60. creationist will love this

  61. I hate those chinese ching chang people

  62. Oh Pixar what happened?

  63. I have a feeling its gonna suck..

  64. I know the voice of Butch. Perfect for a T.Rex.

  65. Of Monsters And Men – Crystals


  67. Who else is more excited for Good Dinosaur than Star Wars VII!! ^_^

  68. Roses R red, violets R blue, the title is English, now so should the video


  70. the movie looks really bad , but then again i thought inside out was going
    to suck so i just have to put my faith in pixar

  71. Is the video in spainish for anyone?

  72. Thanks to Narcos we’re gonna get so much dual languages from now

  73. the land before time meets ice age

  74. Finally we get to hear the voiced for the dinosaurs

  75. so the t-rexes weren’t antagonist ?

  76. How do I know some Spanish when I never taken any classes and only met like
    a dozen Spanish speakers in my life? lol. movie looks fun too

  77. (Relief.) The voices actually seem to work. I wonder how recent the voices
    were changed, because only one voice from an earlier track remained in the
    film. Bill Hader, who voiced Fear in Inside Out, mentioned in an interview
    that he was voicing a dinosaur in this movie. All his lines were cut, but
    the interview was released just days before Inside Out was released.
    Granted, Wall-E had an eleventh-hour change that required reanimating the
    entire ending, but with The Good Dinosaur, the whole movie seemed to have
    been on its eleventh hour for the last 2 years, now four months, I’m still
    uneasy about giving velociraptors a haircut, but at least the new voices
    seem to work well. I’m interested. By the way, does Arlo’s father’s voice
    sound like Remy’s father from Ratatouille?

  78. esto es denigrante

  79. Narendra Martosudarmo

    Can’t wait for this movie!

  80. I love the song in the background. Crystals by of monsters and men.

  81. The t.rex sounds really cool, like a cowboy

  82. Let me guess… the dinosaur can talk but the human not…

    Disney 2015 :V

  83. 2 Reasons why I’m seeing this…

    1: Spot and Arlo’s little adventure looks cute to watch

    2: I spotted some Pteranodons, their my favourite flying reptile

  84. En que idioma esta el trailer en Spanglish?

  85. Not only did they use the JP Rex roar, thats THE roar, as in the final roar
    from Rexy at the end of JW.

  86. Everybody’s complaining about how the dinosaur speaks. So does that mean
    you hate ratatouille, Shrek, finding nemo, lion king, and pretty much every
    animated film of existence? Because if you do I’m totally fine with it, I
    just don’t know why you’re here? They’re are a few good movies of which
    animals don’t talk….but there’s not many. And who says dinosaurs didn’t
    speak back then? They’re are many theories, and a lot of evidence that
    point to the non-existence of dinosaurs. So…if they didn’t even exist,
    then why couldn’t they talk? Just food for thought

  87. that Kid! love it

  88. Traindude1234 Shields

    ummm did those t Rex’s have the same roar as the one from Jurassic park

  89. I’m watching this shit. they have 3 T Rex’s roaring
    that can probably beat the JP fight between the raptors
    in awesomeness OK I got drunk now. but still awesome

  90. Jacqueline Cabrera


  91. I was hoping that the dinosaurs wouldn’t speak :/ Oh well.

  92. #gooddino

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