The Hateful Eight Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell Movie HD

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In post-Civil War Wyoming, bounty hunters try to find shelter during a blizzard but get involved in a plot of betrayal and deception. Will they survive?


  1. Yes, more please!!

  2. want it now

  3. Can’t wait :-)

  4. So this is Quentin Tarantinos last movie ? :/

  5. I’m a simple man. I see a new trailer for Tarantino’s new movie, I assault
    the like button.

  6. I’m boycotting star wars to watch this movie!

  7. What’s the name of the song playing in the background?

  8. This movie looks kinda shitty but you know what? Tarantino is one of the
    few directors I trust more than my own opinion. I’ll always give him a
    chance no matter how shitty the trailer is. He’s that good.

  9. looks good, xmas time though its gona be up against star wars 2nd 3rd

  10. Retiring with a big bang

  11. Damn whats with all these good movies coming out lately haha

  12. Star Wars and a new Tarantino movie.
    December will be one of the best months in movie history

  13. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    Samuel L. Jackson is a Bad Madafucker!

  14. Now that Tarantino has gone anti cop I’ll skip this movie.

  15. all those conflicting people, confederate soldier, a black guy, a mexican
    guy, a sheriff, and most of all a cow puncher…this film is gonna be

  16. well I mean they can spoil some deaths here but I guess nobody expected
    people to live

  17. Y does this film look so boring I think its because of the location :(

  18. Sam Jackson to Tarantino is what Leo or De Niro is to Scorsese

  19. Dialogue looks forced and corny. I’ll wait to hear the reviews

  20. This is his 9th movie…why do they advertise it as his 8th?

  21. What’s the song’s name, if anyone knows ?

  22. Tarantino does not support our civilian-protectors, the men and women in
    On top of that, his movies now suck.

  23. I wasn’t that excited about this film at all until I saw this trailer.

  24. Too bad I won’t be seeing this movie. It looks like it would have been a
    blast. #SupportTheBlue

  25. If interested , the song playing is weishly arms – hold on , i ‘m coming

  26. Music! What is that glorious music around @1:19?

  27. So, people are just going to keep up the rhetoric that Quentin hates the
    cops now? Have you all actually read his quotes?
    I have.
    PS, he’s not anti-cop.

  28. I hope Tarantino is back on form here, I wasn’t sold on Django, Inglorious
    Bastards or Kill Bill.
    Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown & True Romance go down in legend
    though. Those movies were his best.

  29. Damn Sam Jackson in a Tarantino movie that’s unexpected

  30. The Ridiculous 6
    The Magnificent 7
    The Hateful 8

    I see a pattern with these westerns coming out.

  31. Tarantino
    Sam Jackson
    70mm film
    It’s all here this is gonna be so fantastic

  32. Another one

  33. Anson C (Anson Chang)

    Last Tarantino movie :(

  34. I love tarantino, and I’m sure this will be great, but for God’s sake don’t
    make another western. I just can’t stand them.

  35. is it bad that I think Samuel is overrated even thought he looks good in

  36. i bet the female is going to survive! i have seen enough of his movies to
    say that Tarantino won’t use one women in movie and kill her…feminist
    will charge into if that female dies! lol! remember my words!

  37. I support law enforcement so I won’t be seeing this in a theater. I’ll wait
    until it’s available for free or really, really cheap…like when it hits
    the bargain bin at Walmart or something.

  38. Love Tarantino…. But why did you call him “The Mexican”…. Thats racist.

  39. H8ful 8 m8, I might r8 this movie 8/8, but we’ll have to w8 so when it
    comes out dont be l8, mark the d8.

  40. 1:55 SPOILER hangman is dead

  41. 70+ cops disliked this trailer.

  42. william Aggrey-Orleans

    This movie has blockbuster hit written all over it….

  43. Yer starting to see bitches ain’t ya?
    Yep there’s one next to me right now and she’s taking me to hang.

  44. whoever is wearing the most orange is the odd one out

  45. Django the sequel

  46. The only half assed movies that get released these days

  47. naughts'an Kcrosses

    “Oh, that’s interesting”

  48. This is going to be awesome

  49. But where is Christoph Waltz??

  50. Django 2

  51. No blood? I am disappointed.


  53. 0:59 Isn’t Boyd Crowder on the wrong side of the law.

  54. sooooo.. this whole movie is a carriage ride and a house..i smell another
    Death Proof

  55. Hey, ain’t that guy who touched Jamie Foxx’s dick and ball?

  56. gr8 h8 m8
    y so h8ful m8?

  57. name of the song pls

  58. Did Kurt Russells’ Character died? @1:55

  59. Alejandro Lorca Gonzálbez

    No one said this job was suppose to be easy. Nobody said it’s suppose to be
    that hard neither. HAHAH! Reminds me of Coldplay’s The Scientist: ”Nobody
    said it was eeeasyyy!! No one ever said it would be this hard”

  60. been waiting on this all year!!!!! QT always delivers

  61. Am I the only one that thinks it’s kinda lame that Sam Jackson plays the
    same character in nearly EVERY movie he is in which is like FIFTY movies
    every year?

  62. I’m worried that the tralier just gave away on of the deaths a guy is on
    the ground with a coat that’s long and brown in one scene and the hangman
    from the tralier where’s the exact same coat

  63. Daeniel John Felismino

    you watch the add

  64. just because it’s a tarentino movie I will watch it

  65. Shitstain Knobknocker

    yawn….I wonder how many movies this one rips off (errr…sorry, pays
    homage to)
    And even more, I wonder how many blind fanboys defend more of this hack’s
    nonsense with “It’s what he does with the homages” or “He writes great
    dialogue” or the classic “All directors steal” rubbish.
    Tarantino makes rubbish (for a likewise audience) that’s either too dumb or
    lazy to appreciate the source material that this guy has built an
    (unfathomably successful) career out of ripping off.
    Homage-Frais indeed

  66. Is this supposed to be the unofficial sequel to Django Unchained?

  67. well i hate samual L jackson. pulp fiction, that it. cant be doing every
    movie on the planet like theres no other black actor to do movies anymore,

  68. Richard Virgen Lepe

    I masturbated 8 times

  69. another overhyped Tarantino-crap. who needs that….aight. noone.

  70. RIP John Ruth The Hangman 1:55

  71. “Spend the holidays with someone you hate”
    I always do :(

  72. this is basically django unchained 2 without jamie foxx, but it looks

  73. Directors like Tarantino are a gift not just to American cinema, but world
    cinema itself!

  74. Gabriel el tipo ese

    I should have sticked to the first trailer, think now i’ve seen too much!!

  75. Tarantino makes the only movies that get me excited to really go to the
    movies! It’s once in a lifetime experience!

  76. song?

  77. The Eight Masturbating Stranger coming to a theater near you.

  78. Шура Шпилькин

    Who’s to h8 here, I already love all of the 8!

  79. Hi, what’s up? Superb! festive swift What do you think…

  80. I’m kinda sad this is the 8th one, only 2 more

  81. It looks attractive. look measly !!

  82. Jackson+Tarantino=perfection

  83. it gonna sux like all tarantino movies

  84. Does anyone Know the name of the actress playing, “The Prisoner?” The one
    w/the bruised up face?

  85. you can see kurt Russell dead on the ground at 1:55

  86. what song is this????

  87. I’m going to watch this twice to piss the Police off.

  88. i hope there is more blood…….

  89. When am I getting my Afro Samurai movie directed by Tarantino?

  90. I wonder if you could do a ” Broadway Play ” of this film ?

  91. I came here for a shoot-out! A shoot-out is a shoot-out!….Like a western

  92. I can only get so excited about a movie that sets place in a cabin in the
    middle of nowhere with a bunch of old people.

  93. Anyone else think that the black guy kind of looks like Stephen in Django

  94. So it’s like Reservoir Dogs in Wild West, huh?

  95. Still waiting on Kill Bill Volume 3…

  96. The good, the bad and the ugly….and 5 more. Because why not?

  97. I love Samuel L Jackson’s 2015 merino wool scarf….lol.

  98. Otherwise known as Django Unchained 2

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