THE HOBBIT 2 : Behind the Scenes B-Roll Video # 1

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THE HOBBIT 2 : Desolation of Smaug
Official B-Roll Part 1 – Making-Of Video
Directed by Peter Jackson
Release Date :December 13th, 2013
© Warner Bros Pictures


  1. Thranduil !!  oh my god Thranduil ..I just I…


  3. My God, New Zealand is a Beautiful Country.

  4. 3:13 … Honestly… it there something more handsome in the world than Thranduil smiling?? Oh help, I’m sure people will throw me out of the cinema tonight as I will be screaming “ahhhhhww Thranduil!!!!” all the times. =)

  5. Watching actors deliver their lines without special effects and audio work is so damn awkward to see.

  6. The elvenking is beautiful.

  7. It’s so great that Orlando wants to do his own stunts and he makes suggestions in order to get his character as good as possible! 🙂

  8. Oh god, Lee’s long legs will be the death of me..and Orlando.

  9. Thranduil is so fabulooouuuuuuus ! XD

  10. I’m always amazed by actors, but never more than when I see footage like this. It would be difficult enough acting in an environment that actually exists, but this is just mind blowing. 

  11. it’s so funny that scenes in the movie looks so impressive and how they edited it so well that you have no idea of the whole crew around the scene 0.0

  12. Tímea Karminás

    Lee Pace’s voice = eargasm. 

  13. fantasyfangirlno1

    lee pace hit a friggin genetic lottery. he looks good o matter what he’s doing, wearing or saying.

  14. 3:27 “I’m patient, I can wait…” – Lee Pace is such a good Thranduil <3

  15. King Thranduil <3 Hes so sexy

  16. lee pace aka. thranduil is just to hothothothothothot i cannot handle it

  17. I have a serious Thranduil problem after watching bofa. Too much Lee Pace awesomeness! Came here to watch more of it!

  18. Southern Grace And Beauty

    Legolas and Thranduil together? Cant…contain…hotness

  19. Arwen Edhel Of Jotunheim

    Does no one notice his beautiful legs @ 3:11?? My god xD Great acting too by the way.

  20. Would have loved to see more of Thranduil and Legolas instead of Lego and Tauriel.

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