The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 Movie Clip – Star Squad (2015) – Jennifer Lawrence Movie HD

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After being symbolized as the “Mockingjay”, Katniss Everdeen and District 13 engage in an all-out revolution against the autocratic Capitol.

Good luck getting any work done once you start poking around this channel.


  1. damn im early

  2. Meh. This isn’t looking as good as the others.

  3. That last quote was so fcking forced

  4. I like Jennifer Lawrence

  5. But wrong you are my precious little angel :(

  6. hristianna bieber

    Suicide squad now Star squad….Jeez whats next Selfie squad?

  7. only what missing is peeta.. ☺

  8. *It’s a trap!!*

  9. Where’s Joanna?

  10. That last quote was so fcking forced

  11. Finnick got way AHEAD of the others in this clip ?????

  12. The Natalie Dormer camel-toe is real!

  13. we need a star wars trailer

  14. Squad goals.

  15. This was the least exciting part of the movie they could have showed us.
    How is this supposed to make us hype except for the last quote?

  16. For the people who think this is a “trailer”, well it isn’t. It’s a “movie
    clip.” This movie is going to be great!

  17. It’s This kinda shit that reminds me why I like Battle Royale so much.

  18. I like The Hunger Games

  19. lawrance have nice boobs and ass i r8 9/11

  20. Why thanks

  21. Forget all this hunger games crap…. GET ME PICTURES OF SPIDER MAN

  22. 48 DAYS ????????

  23. Gale…. As hot as ever

  24. Yep still can’t look at Jennifer Lawrence after seeing her naked

  25. actual squad goals

  26. podian ponerlo en español?

  27. When is this going to be in theatres?

  28. 5ntenido


  29. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to shit acting

  30. She fight for a dick

  31. i cant even watch this. its so… horrible. CRINGE.

  32. It is actually annoying me how all the tops look of centre because the
    buttons are not in the middle

  33. So excited!

  34. I Have A Page On Youtube I want subscribe Please.

  35. Snake called.
    He wants his IDROID back.
    (MGS: V)

  36. So I heard Prim had a blast… bet she’s going to bomb her acting.

    Also where did Prim go when the bombs went off?


  37. XXXzivaNcisfanXXX

    This is so good ! I love Jennifer Lawence!

  38. Just give me the damn clip where katniss and peeta are kissing

  39. Hate this movie

  40. Love Finnick?

  41. finnick tore this role apart

  42. Guille Fett (Bounty Hunter)

    Lawrence <3

  43. Jennifer is perfection As always .

  44. fucks margaery doing in the hunger games?

  45. Is it just me or does J-Law look a bit Asian in this video? Idk it just
    seems like she could be part

  46. The final trailer is now being seen in Best Buys in the United States. Yes,
    because there isn’t any other countries in the world that want to see the
    trailer. It’s only the US. I mean, why release the trailer for everyone on
    the same day when you can put yourselves first. The US again proving what
    selfish cunts they are :D

  47. That was amazing!!

  48. Lemme guess without even reading the book i know Finnick dies in this ( ͡ °
    ͜ ʖ ͡ ° )

  49. Why do you wanna know my name?

    *Sees Mockingjay part 2 clip in notification box* OMGOMGOMGOMG *dies*!!!!

  50. star wars > harry potter > hunger games > twilight

  51. Prim dies when President Coin drops bombs on her.
    Katniss shoots and kills President Coin instead of executing President Snow.
    Katniss marries Peeta.

  52. just came by to thumb it down

  53. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 76th money grab games” This movie is
    gonna get shitposted so much on /tv/

  54. So cool ”welcome to the 76 hunger games wow

  55. Well that was boring. Still keeping my fingers crossed for the movie tho

  56. Im almost 40 and loved 1 and 2 . Deal with it.

  57. Let me guess the frontline troops will get in trouble and the only one who
    can save them is Shatniss and Weeper 

  58. I’m really really excited on this movie! I can’t wait for November. “Ladies
    and Gentelmen, Welcome to 76th Hunger Games -Finnick” Everytime he says
    that makes me feel like I’m going to explode on excitement! Hahaha. Such a
    great movie! Makes me feel crazy all the time!

  59. I want Finnick to hug me like that !!!

  60. Tassia Nascimento

    jogos i love you. Ansiosa?????

  61. i like this movie

  62. Where is PEEEETA?

  63. I’ll stick to never watching this shitstorm of a terrible story and film

  64. I just finished reading the The Mockingjay book because I had finished the
    other two books before this movie was released and I just couldn’t wait. I
    remember this scene and it seems to be near exactly like the one from the
    book just as the other two movies were so similar. This is going to be an
    insane ending to a great trilogy. Truly exciting, and not to mention mind
    blowing events will go down in this movie. Can’t wait.

  65. that was great

  66. Honeymoon in the capital after it’s taken!?!?!? What must you hurt me in
    this way!!!!!!!!!!

  67. I hope its the last of this series


  69. There’s a Hunger Games even when there isn’t a Hunger Games

  70. NO, NOT THE MUTTS!!!

  71. Not to sound a perverted, please. But knowing I’ve seen her naked makes
    seeing on screen a little more intimate, like a I know her personally A
    LITTLE, I guess? Thoughts? lol

  72. All I saw was tits.

  73. #WhosGonnaSaveTheirMoneyForStarWarsInstead?

  74. Lady and guys welcome to a better movie

  75. I watched the last part in the cinema , honestly I almost fell asleep

  76. Yep, looks just as boring as Part 1.

  77. only thing that pissed me off was their collars on the costumes, oh my god
    my ocd will kick in the cinema

  78. 1:19 Should’ve said: “Let’s finish this Game.”

  79. After Mockingjay Part 1 I’m starting to wonder if this is the most exciting
    part of the movie…

  80. She gets the best roles.

  81. This isnt out yet right?

  82. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch this in theaters, because I don’t feel
    like ugly crying in public. I’m not readyyyy

  83. is the lady near boggs supposed to be jackson?

  84. Right, let’s put all the most skilled and most politically important
    individuals in the same squad. A+ strategic decision.

  85. “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the 76th Hunger Games…” Dun dun duhhh

  86. If I keep watching these trailers, I feel like the movie won’t have any
    surprises. I hope that people who love the series, but haven’t read the
    books, don’t watch these trailers.

  87. all the hunger games movies suck. yup i said it.

  88. boring..

  89. iko dino (SpringLock)

    the answer of the last one is 14, 18, and 40.

    I guessed this before watching the answer,

    because I subtracted 18 & 14 from 72. then got 40. idk if that’s correct
    but its my guess

  90. aladdin suleymanli

    black guy is look like guy from battlefield 4

  91. miley grande (xomileyarianaox)


  92. If they go with the propaganda shit again, I’m gonna be pissed -.-
    Mockingjay part 1 was by far my least favorite Hunger games.

  93. Can’t wait to watch thissss !!

  94. Rip Finnick

  95. Hmm… Who knew there’s brother and Alice would be friends..

  96. The Fappening 2.0 lol

  97. i hate it when finnick saids, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 76th
    hunger games, it ruin everything!!!!!1

  98. Stop revealing the blutty movie. Your going to make people not want to
    watch it. No more clips. Real movie

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