The Huntsman: Winters War Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron Drama HD

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The fantastical world of Snow White and the Huntsman expands to reveal how the fates of The Huntsman Eric and Queen Ravenna are deeply and dangerously intertwined. Chris Hemsworth and Oscar® winner Charlize Theron return to their roles in The Huntsman Winter’s War, an epic action-adventure in which they are joined by Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain, as well as director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan. Producer Joe Roth (Maleficent, Alice in Wonderland) once again leads the team in a breathtaking new tale nested in the legendary saga.


  1. Oh god. Not another one…

  2. why is the cast fantastic… but the movie including the CGI looks aweful

  3. What song is at the end?

  4. is this narnia?

    thor doesn’t bother me anyway

  6. So, prequel or sequel? I couldn’t tell ?

  7. Didn’t expect Snow White and The Huntsman to get a sequel.

  8. is a snow white movie going to be a annual thing now?

  9. Finally! No more Kristen Stewart. I love the 1st movie. But not Stewart

  10. I’m so freakin excited for this.

  11. Haven’t seen the first one yet.

  12. Kristian K. Kirilov

    “From the producer of Maleficent and Alice in the Wonderland”….Hahaha,
    and those are selling points? No thanks….

  13. this lack of Stewart in the trailer looks quite promising…

  14. Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt? This movie is full of
    beautiful people.

  15. 1:03 holy bad Cgi

  16. Emily Blunt as Elsa.

  17. Vader...You Seek Vader!

    Looks pretty good.
    I’m calling the Ice Queen will switch sides.
    Setting up Charlize vs Emily, winner gets to be Captain Marvel! :)

  18. Emily Blunt’s ice queen versus Elsa from frozen

  19. I mean, Blunt, Theron, Hemsworth and Chastain. At the very least this movie
    will have very good acting.

  20. the sequel no one asked for

  21. 0:21 why they trying to be harry potter. wtf

  22. Everytime I see Jessica Chastain, I have to resist the urge to masturbate.

  23. Why do so many shit films get sequels

  24. Is this a prequel or what is it?

  25. !knife

  26. It’s a prequel and a sequel… Ice Queen trained the Huntsmen. Fell in love
    with Eric (Chris Hemsworth) but loves the Warrior (Jessica Chastain).
    Founds out about their love affair. Made them separate. Events of Snow
    White happened. Ravenna is killed. Ice Queen finds out big sister’s death.
    Retrieved the golden mirror and resurrected the Evil Queen Ravenna.

  27. What happened to Snow White then?

  28. What’s that song?

  29. prequel or sequel? to snow white

  30. Halsey <3 Best soundtrack ever

  31. Is EVERY woman in action nowadays OBLIGATED to do that jump, wrap her legs
    to a bad guy’s head and throw him to the floor move? IT’S IN EVERY GODDAMN

  32. The best thing about this is Charlize Theron.

  33. Looks awesome, still resent that they got rid of kristen stewart because of
    her personal life…people still watch woody allen and roman polanski films
    don’t they?

  34. Looks unfinished visually, or the chi is cheaper because they spent the
    budget on the cast

  35. Ok, giving Snow White and the Huntsman a prequel is completely unnecessary,
    but I give them points for originality

  36. LOL Did they kick Kristin Stewart out of this?

  37. My two favorite actresses in the same movie.

  38. Is this a prequel/sequel of sorts or just a prequel?

  39. Note : My 2 Cents. ?, See how good a movie can be, if they put some
    quality into the project. Very Nice.

  40. DoomBox Movie Reviews!

    So, I’m confused… Is this a sequel or a prequel to “Snow White and the
    Huntsman”? It really doesn’t make any sense.

  41. So an alternate universe where Elsa is an Evil Queen and Anna is the one
    who was born with ice powers, falls in love with the huntsman and her older
    sister, the queen denys her the happiness of being with him.
    Sounds legit.

  42. Let’s be honest the only good thing about the first movie was Charlize
    Theron. This movie looks so much better.

  43. So is Kristen Stewart not in this film? Is this a Sequel? or Prequel?

  44. I figured there’d be a sequel but with Snow White in it or at least the
    character William. i mean you got the seven dwarf’s in the new one and
    Ravanna. Why isn’t Snow White or William in it?

  45. Christos Charalambous

    Wasn’t queen Ravenna supposed to have only one brother, Finn who dies in
    the first movie? How can she has a sister now?

  46. Brace yourself, Frozen comparisons are coming.

  47. People are bitching and complaining but they’re going to go watch it.

  48. Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain in one movie!!! Shut up
    and take my money!!!

  49. I adore Charlize and Emily but the special effects make me dizzy, how much
    money did they spend on them? Oh, yes – NOT ENOUGH.
    I have just read something. The supervisor for the special effects worked
    on the Pirates of the Caribbean..whhaaaa?

  50. Looks better then I had expected. The absence of Stewart in this is greatly
    appreciated by me. She was the weak link in the previous movie in my
    opinion. Blunt and Theron are amazing actresses, one being an Academy Award
    Winner. The other a future winner of the Oscar. I like Hemsworth as well.
    Looking forward to seeing him in upcoming Moby Rick movie.

  51. This is like my dream foursome

  52. Uhhhhm … Can somebody explain HOW this fits in with the first movie?

    As far as I remember, the evil queen was on the road with her mother, when
    the king (Snow White’s father) kidnapped her and killed her mother … Then
    he took her as his second wife and she killed him later out of revenge,
    etc. …
    There was never talk of a sister, was there?

    So is this a prequel or a spin-off?
    And what’s the story?

  53. Andrew “AOP” Ochoa

    Just by this line: “If its a fairytale tale you’re hoping for, prepare for
    so much more.” I know this will be a crap film. Not to mention too much
    plot-revealing and cheesy lines. Hollywood crap at it finest. The 1st one
    was painfully watchable. Thanks but… no thanks.

  54. Wasn’t snow white supposed to be the huntsman true love or something? How
    do they explain his new chick?

  55. song ?

  56. refuse to watch any movie with Blunt in it. She regrets for becoming
    American then why should I spend my American money on her?

  57. the music pls tell

  58. What’s the music in this movie

  59. Which was the song playing behind the scenes?

  60. damn !! nice soundtrack

  61. the music is good

    but with this trailer? Nope.

    didnt liked it, I dont know why. Id rather listen to the song by itself,
    and watch the trailer by its self.

  62. I’m not sure where the storyline is going to flow after watching this, in a
    bad way I mean. The visual effects looks decent though

  63. Does anyone know the song they are playing in this trailer?

  64. i need the name of this song

  65. Brad pitt

  66. music name ???

  67. Stephen Reynolds Ilioes

    name of the songs at the end please?

  68. 0:24 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

  69. Is it me alone or is Charlize Theron getting more and more beautiful with
    each movie…

  70. Queens : “We have an army.”
    Huntsman : “We have… Dammit. Not this time.”

  71. I really hope this is better than the last movie

  72. Finrod “Hewer of Caves” Felagund

    Came here for Cersei, then realized it wasn’t Cersei

  73. They should have chosen something else for the music of the trailer. It
    doesn’t feel epic or intense. The visual effects are nice though.

  74. Luis Diego SotoDelgado

    what’s de name of the song? It’s very nice!!

  75. awesome theme song..

  76. whats the song?

  77. Jessie Christopher



  79. Charlize Theron owns that role

  80. Wow, they just can’t come out with anything new now, can they?! The world
    problem of having too much money and 0 creativity. Pass. Next?

  81. If this is the same ice queen from the 17th century book, of which Frozen
    was originally going to be based on, Thor will be in for a world of hurt.

  82. I’m confused. Prequel or sequel?

  83. The trailer looks really promising and I love the soundtrack ?

  84. Thankgoodness that awkward filth is out of the movie

  85. awesum….team evil ?☺

  86. number one reason this movie looks better no Kristen Stewart

  87. what is with all of these hemswoworth’s doing all these movies its crazy

  88. I think it is a prequel. Look they showed the young huntsman trained by
    show queen.

  89. Halsey ♡ So excited for this movie.

  90. Maria Fernanda Parra Daza

    oh cool I was hoping they`d fix this movie seems like they got ride of the
    problem and now it`s all better.

  91. Jessica chastain looks like electra for some reason

  92. Is this a prequel? Is this a sequel? Is this somehow unrelated? Is this the
    great movie the other one could have been were it not for Kristen Stewart
    and terrible writing? What the hell is this???

  93. that movie looks good

  94. all i care about is halsey

  95. Oooh my God! Halsey’ s song :)

  96. I only came here for Halsey TBH

  97. halsey as the soundtrack yEs!!

  98. Does anyone know what’s the name of the song they used? I love it

  99. im here because Halsey tweeted about this, ang good lord i’m so thankful
    that she did ?

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