The Huntsman Winter’s War Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin Movie HD

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As two evil sisters prepare to conquer the land; two renegades – Eric the Huntsmen – who previously aided Snow White in defeating Ravenna, and his forbidden lover, Sara set out to stop them.


  1. The Man Called Sting

    No Kristen Stewart. Nuff said.

  2. You had me at Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron.

  3. So this is a prequel?

  4. Kaptain Fitzy (TheKaptainFitzy)


  5. This is literally the R rated version of Frozen….Can’t wait!!

  6. Frozen 2 looks like a CGI mess.

  7. The story before? Isnt the second part of the movie taking place after Snow
    White though since the queen here knows who the Huntsman is?

  8. song playing during this movie trailer

  9. So….is this gonna be another rendition of the same story frozen is based
    on or is this completely original.

  10. Did anyone actually ask for this?

  11. So this is Snow White(Dark version) with Frozen(Dark version) with a bit of
    Thor like Huntsman mixed in? You know what, this is actually really
    interesting, i really want to see this combination of cool fairy tales
    taken to the extreme.
    I wanted to add that the cast is also very nice so +++ for me

  12. I see narnia and frozen bits put in here.

  13. BULLSHIT!!

  14. This looks dumber than the first one.

  15. Took everything good from the first film (which there was plenty of) took
    out the bad (Kristen Stewart….sorry), added Emily Blunt and Jessica
    Chastain, and then focused more of the movie on the good actors/actresses.
    That is how you make a “Sequel”.

  16. wait so if snow white was harmed and this happened before snow white …err
    what is the actual story of snow white based on
    just wondering

  17. Elsa from frozen is playing on this film? (sorry for bad eanglish)

  18. ErdenTsetseg Tengis

    This Movie Need Reason
    and that reason is Professor Charles Xavier

  19. Bodybuilder Jesus Christ

    She left the fight against Mexican drug cartels and now she is raising an
    army to fight her sister

  20. Amazing! I can’t wait!!!

  21. is this a prequel to snow white and the huntsman?

  22. the writers should be put in shakles and locked in that same ice tower for
    eternity. .this makes no sense, the original huntsman said that the baby
    lived the mother died,the evil sister married the king and killed him in
    his sleep. how is this a prequel when in the original the huntsman did not
    know the evil queen. this will be interesting to see

  23. Frozen on steroids

  24. kaleesi?

  25. 0:03 Mini Gollum

  26. and here i thought the ice queen and the other queen were bff’s in the
    first trailer, turns out they are not. cool. so is there a possibility that
    the ice queen’s daughter is snow white? and maybe part 3 would be kristen
    using ice magic and all that shit? hahahaha

  27. The fight between the two queens looks like it’s going to be pretty

  28. So this story isn’t related to the first in any way?

  29. No one asked for this movie, seriously no one. I did not hear one voice
    that said ” I wish they could expand on the snow white and the huntsman
    universe” Great cast, just why

  30. Next level retarded

  31. cool cool muve ??

  32. So um Frozen in the wonderland with the 7ish huntsman

  33. what is this music? anyone knows? its amazing!

  34. Looks like lord of the rings

  35. So actually the sister is enemy?

  36. Yay, no Kristen Stewart here!

  37. So this is frozen earth 2??

  38. Вообще круто!

  39. throw the hammer!

  40. seriously is this a prequel or a sequel to Snow white and the huntsman

  41. love the clarification thats its the story BEFORE snow white ?

  42. Frozen vs Goldilocks

  43. Because… Frozen and Game of Thrones are popular! So, why not…

  44. Frozen The Movie?.

  45. The Huntsman: Captain America

  46. after all he is THOR with axes….wait what????

  47. I don’t care about what happened before

  48. for me, the fantasy genre is kind of taking over sci-fi. I like movies with
    magic and elves and warriors with their weapons and fighting. Like Hobbit
    or Shannara.

  49. I. Swear I thought this was Disney gone wild

  50. It said before snow white at the end, but the description says “who
    previously aided Snow White”. So when is it set?

  51. frozen vs golden girl in Thor planet ??? cool history broo

  52. Bad trailer, spoiled the ending pretty well.. Still going to watch it

  53. SHES ELSA WTF lol my initial first reaction

  54. Is this like before Snowhite was born?

  55. “Do you wanna build an army? Come on let’s go and fight…”

  56. It’s based on a true story. Walt Disney’s frozen remains are somewhere in a
    secret vault & only a princess can break the spell.

  57. this is somehow looks so damn dope! god, it’s charlize theron tho’ ?

  58. Elsa is on her period……

  59. Charlize Theron can’t be bad.

  60. is this a reboot of the one with the chick from twilight? or a sequel? or
    is this thor vs elsa

  61. ah ok, i get it!

  62. Jirayu Arayaprayoon

    Why every friggin trailer gotta show the whole story derrrrrrr

  63. So this movie went from looking super rad to super lame in two minutes and
    twenty-five seconds. :/

  64. I can’t wait

  65. So frozen live action

  66. excited about this movie! ?

  67. Bruh.. Is this frozen?

  68. Why do they always ruin the second trailer? ?

  69. Halsey!

  70. Frozen? Wtf

  71. this will be weird.. the hunter will be with snow why this girlll ughhn

  72. Wait….. Frozen?

  73. “Frozen 2: Live Action Trailer”

  74. Finally a good version of Frozen.

  75. HALSEY ?

  76. Didn’t we already see this?

  77. the story before snow white was frozen. uh who’d have funk

  78. the visual is beyond beautiful omg i love this movie already

  79. Autumn Henderson-Brazie

    more confused than before, but still VERY excited.

  80. XD it’s *”magic mirror on the wall” DID I JUST CORRECT A MUILT MILLON

  81. cold vs hot………………………….bah

  82. what sister? didn’t she have a brother? did I stumble into a parallel

  83. Who will win? The evil queen. We know this already. I hate prequels.

  84. This is gonna be epic

  85. Frozen IRL

  86. At least this Ice Queen has a backstory that makes the audience get some
    sort of an understanding why she became evil. As opposed to the glorified
    Mary Sue type characters Disney is accustom to. No offense I love Elsa but
    Freya (the ice queen in this story) is much more cooler with a plausible
    backstory. I also like how Universal appreciates the common folklore of
    European fairytale as opposed to watering them down. 

  87. That Emily Blunt bit with the child is heartbreaking!


  89. C’mon where is Sam Claflin ?

  90. If this is a prequel, wouldn’t that mean the Ice Queen loses?….

  91. frozen live action

  92. So Thor Is The Huntsman?
    He is one busy dude

  93. Coming out on the same day– Mirror Mirror 2.

  94. Looks awesome

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