The Influences of Zack Snyder – Career Retrospective (2016) HD

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See how director Zack Snyder’s unique style and sensibility has influenced a new generation of filmmakers.

Watch More:
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Dawn of the Dead
Legend of the Guardians
Man of Steel
Sucker Punch


  1. 8 sec early

  2. First Lol

  3. ViolentKid123 Velasquez

    first like

  4. Stabbing Everything

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  5. Ŭçhįwä Į Įţäçhį Įţäçhį

    How abt a god of war movie for a change huh ?!

  6. F “15wintergreen” W


  7. like 10

  8. Some impressive work he has done.

  9. How about a good movie instead of visual changes, cause I am yet to see a
    positive review for Batman v Superman, all are average or below average.

  10. yay you fixed the thumbnail

  11. great director. visually unmatched

  12. Is that Kristian Harloff from Schmoes Know?

  13. Wow! Did not know he was the director of 300

  14. R.i.p Zack “The Hack” Snyder

  15. deja vu. this video was uploaded twice O.o

  16. DarkLanternOfSteel

    I love every single one of Zack Snyder’s movies! His style is
    breathtakingly epic!

  17. what is the name of the outro song ?

  18. Music at 1:48?

  19. he is one of the worst directors in the world. He destroyed 300, Watchmen
    and DC completely.

  20. Jose A. Mendoza-Huijon

    Not a Zack Snyder fan at all, but one of the few who think Watchmen is an
    absolute masterpiece.

  21. Leonardo Rodrigues

    “Influence” – Causing something without any direct or apparent effort.
    Who or what has he influenced or been influenced by, nobody knows and this
    video sure won’t tell you any those things either.

  22. Mr.Snyder for Justice League…..Promisingly acceptable!!!!

  23. +movieclipstrailers veria mas tus videos si tubieran Subtitulos en español,
    creo que nos soy el unico que piensa eso, deberian poner subtitulos a tus

  24. I don’t know why or how he got chosen to take on Superman…the only note
    worthy movie he has made in the past decade is 300, and frankly, Man of
    Steel was shit.

  25. if only Dark Souls or The Witcher can be movies, ZS is the man, somebody
    start a petition already.

  26. 300 was good. Then nothing.

  27. He’s my favorite director…I love everything he’s done except for the owl
    movie because it just wasn’t for me

  28. “stunning fx that enhance his storytelling” – storytelling? yeah ok……

  29. He is definetly one of my favorite directors, due to his visual style

  30. I love all of Zacks movie’s they are fun and entertaining.

  31. Maxim “Lite” Sorokin

    Hack Snyder, literally one of the worst mainstream directors there is

  32. Is Kristian Harloff narrating? I would know that voice anywhere.

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