The Jungle Book Super Bowl Trailer (2016) – Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray Movie HD

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An orphan boy is raised in the jungle with the help of a pack of wolves, a bear, and a black panther.


  1. The flores brothers

    Why does this have to be live action?

  2. the voices dont suit the characters. looks and sounds terrible !!

  3. That poor kid had to be alone in a green screen room for months



  6. It might be good (doubt it), but did anyone ask for this?

  7. 1:08 omg that acting is terrible. Hope that its just this scene.

  8. The voices really don’t seem right

  9. Looks absolutely beautiful, but man those voices dont fit at all. It has
    nothing to do with the actors, but I hope further in post they make the
    voices sound like they are coming from the type of animal they are.
    Full on human voice was weird.

  10. The nostalgia is real

  11. i can’t wait for this!

  12. if this movie is good my childhood will be complete

  13. this looks badass

  14. looks awesome but the voice don’t suit some of the characters.

  15. Mary Marshall Martin

    Why am I so happy that Lupita Nyong,o is in this?

  16. I never knew monkeys could be that big!

  17. Another destroyed part of my childhood…

  18. Ratko Batinic (Puscifer91)

    something is of with the voices…

  19. didn’t see Scarlett Johansson. I ain’t watching it.

  20. This is something I wana watch

  21. I don’t understand hats. this looks amazing especially if you remember this
    was filmed in a green screen room. and stellar cast and even Balloo is
    funny at the end

  22. Rafael Valenzuela Castro

    Trailer > Movie

  23. RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  24. I’m sold! Can’t wait to see this in theaters!

  25. Something just feels……off about this, i dont know what, maybe the
    voices dont go with the realistic cgi, ehh idk. Any one else feel the same?

  26. This CGI is beautiful. Technological masterpiece already.

  27. They forgot the Vultures

  28. Connor “The Big Gamer” Thomson

    This is going to be brilliant and i hope if this does well there be a

  29. Dang a 2 minute trailer for the super bowl ? Disney blowing mad money. It
    actually looks kinda dope though

  30. cgi looks like it’s going to be phenomenal

  31. Wow, this looks awesome.

  32. Really don’t know how to feel about the voice casting choices, they just
    sound like they were casted more for name dropping rather than actually
    suiting the characters

  33. O necessário, somente o necessário *-*

  34. I think I’m more excited for this movie then my kids.

  35. Not enough trees. 0/10

  36. That one tiger worked fine in the Life Of Pi, but he behaved like an
    animal. Having a bunch of not that well made animals that actually speak
    (and boy do the voices not match the visuals) is a bad idea. I don’t hear
    an animal speaking. Is hear Bill Murray or Scarlett Johansson in a booth
    recording their lines.

  37. cool cant wait to see it I love animals that poor tiger the animals are so
    beautiful I just love nature

  38. holy child hood

  39. Walrus is in the Matrix

    They trying to make a Garfield sequel? Since when has animated animals
    voiced by famous actors in live action movies ever worked?

  40. trust in meeeee

  41. Would there be anyone out there who after seeing all this so far, be
    against a live action Lion King?

  42. Not gunna lie that trailer left a bad taste. The Voice acting was a bit meh


  44. the kind of movie you watch only for once…

  45. woooooow

  46. The voices just feel so OFFF to me

  47. his ears got ears ?! damn

  48. not sure how i feel about the voice choices

  49. The World Critic and gamer

    Great cast i cant wait

  50. Spoiler.. THE TIGER WINS…

  51. This looks stunning.

  52. Bear necessity.

  53. shouldntyoubecooking

    I’m looking forward to Andy Serkis’ version more and more.

  54. Writing seems fine, but the environments are just beautifully astonishing!

  55. I’m probably not seeing the same trailer everyone else is seeing. Lot of
    you are praising this, but they’ve ruined my favorite Disney movie of all
    time. No thanks.

  56. childhood coming back wow amazing! going to watch it!

  57. Christopher Walken as a big ass ape?…
    10/10 would pay billions to watch.

  58. Looks cool

  59. the voices do not match at all.

  60. Christoper Walken as King Louie LOL

  61. Why couldn’t you leave it as a cartoon

  62. I live in the middle of South Central LA, I got the jungle right outside my

  63. none of the voices really fit well with the characters

  64. I haven’t seen the original (I know, unbelievable!), so I don’t know how
    Baloo (or how ever you spell his name) sounded before, but I like Bill
    Murray as him. The music is good too. I probably will go see it.

  65. That soundtrack tho…. ?

  66. worst cgi

  67. the company that did the CGI for the hobbit, the lord of the rings, dawn
    and rise of planet of the apes, avatar, and king Kong, are doing the CGI
    for this so you know it’s gonna have good visuals

  68. We dont need this movie it looks so fake

  69. I know you all got the chills at 1:45

  70. Damn this looks beautiful

  71. Beyond Amazing!

  72. The Year of The Talking Animals

  73. Tarzan or Jungle Book? Which seems more promising?

  74. Oh god the cringe is real! Someone send this to pyro… Now!

  75. The movie looks amazing, sure you could argue that the voices don’t fit;
    but hey, they did what they did. Sometimes people best fit for the job
    don’t accept because they are a**holes. It looks really good, too good to
    hate this movie because of some voices, that I think are really great and
    different from the original (which isn’t bad, these voices seem better to

  76. I’ll watch it since Christopher Walken’s in it.

  77. Content Aware Phil

    If you can’t make convincing CG animals then don’t make the movie.

  78. I already prefer this over the animated version! Play the Nostalgia card
    all you want, but what this version has going for it are bigger and better

  79. Why do people complain so much? Can we just enjoy a movie together!?


  81. MovieclipTrailer Tube

    The movie looks great but the voices seems off

  82. the voices seems wrong its bil making baloo voice?

  83. I’d have been so happy to hear Tom Hiddleston’s voice instead of Scarlett

  84. Jessie Riethmuller

    this looks great

  85. if the animals talk why does it need to even be live action

  86. Only I can protect you…


  87. these voices are f***** except the tigers one

  88. Lucas Ariel Ledesma

    The lip synchronization is awful!!!!!!!

  89. Josue Luna Medrano

    keed I gat eers and mah eers gat eers

  90. The voices do not match AT ALL. What a shame

  91. 0:39 looks like the herd that killed Mufasa

  92. Yeah, I have low expectations this will at all be good, if not decent.

  93. Charlie Theanteater

    Well………………………the hype train has slowed down now hasn’t it

  94. Who else laughed when Christopher walked said his line

  95. The voices are awful, specially the monkey one.

  96. This trailer looks so cool. Can’t wait to see this movie.

  97. i cant even enjoy this obvious masterpiece with these voices MAKE THEM

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