THE KIDS FROM 62-F Trailer (2017) Family New Movie HD

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A group of kids find classified information from NASA and an object from another Planet and work to get it back to its rightful owners.

A Movie directed by Imani Shakur
Cast : Michael Sun Lee, Eden McCoy, Giovanna Cappetta
Release Date : Coming Soon
Genre : Family, Adventure
© 2017 – I.S. Entertainment Group


  1. spy kids new generation

  2. 2nd

  3. earth to echo and spykids

  4. a porn parody is better than this shit

  5. …worse than a straight to disc B-movie

  6. Was this made by 5th Graders for a film project?

  7. are they paid 10$ to do this movie or what??

  8. Jamaican Me Crazy

    awe they’re so cute. let me know how it goes

  9. Kids name is cole train?

  10. wtf is this shit this movie is fukn terrible I would rather hang myself than watch this

  11. lmaoooooooooo ????? who did This? somebody come get they kids

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