THE KILL TEAM Trailer (2019) A24 New Movie

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  1. Hi im the first to comment

  2. Super

  3. obama thumbnail

  4. Adrian Imanunggal

    Friendly fire ???

  5. Damn Staff Sergeant Colbert has a long time carrier

  6. There’s 5 good apples & 1rotten. Due to that 1 rotting apple 4 of the good apples become rotten! All become rotten except 1 who refused the invitation to become rotten! he’s the 1 apple that wants to stay fresh and not become rotten unlike the rest of he’s so called brothers! So he fights back and this movie is that story of my fresh apple 🍎 fighting back!!..Am I right Hollywood??

  7. I love american movies

  8. Warcriminals still going at it almost 20 years now…

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