The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Freya Mavor Movie HD

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A beautiful secretary steals her boss’ sports car to go joyriding in this stylish psychological thriller. She goes to visit a seaside town she swears she’s never been to, but everyone knows her name. And when a body turns up in the truck of the car, she is suddenly the lead suspect in a murder she knows nothing about. Is she going crazy? Based on a novel by Sébastien Japrisot (One Deadly Summer, A Very Long Engagement).


  1. best title, worst movie

  2. The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun, She Kisses a Guy and Fucks
    Another. see the Movie and You Will Figuer Out the Rest Official Trailer #1
    (2015) – Freya Mavor Movie HD

  3. Andrea Nicole Pichardo



  5. watching

  6. next month gonna hv “The little girl in garage with handcuffed and a
    Carrot” by brazzer

  7. That title is longer than a fall out boy song Jesus Christ

  8. The music made this trailer good.

  9. Why woman are nasty ??

  10. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    Is this from a book? because that title is long dick style!

  11. read the description if confused about the movie

  12. They still bother with this feminist propaganda?

  13. Why all the hate? :O

  14. Woah, this trailer blew me away ! I loved Freya Mavor in Skins and she
    looks great in this !!! Can’t wait to see this film :)

  15. what’s that song’s name?

  16. That’s mini and she has glasses and a gun, also sitting in a car.

  17. starring benicio del toros younger self

  18. the lady in a cra with glasses and a gun 2 the epic conclusion to the film
    with a pointlessly long title

  19. Wu-Tang…

  20. Very creative trailer ;)

  21. OI

  22. pritika subramaniam

    Well, that’s one long title

  23. All its missing is a Kennedy driving her off a bridge

  24. The title has about 60 characters that’s like half the tweet box

  25. Is this movie name real?

  26. Damn why not just tell the whole movie in the title

  27. Daisy Ridley?

  28. I really think they’ve given up on movie titles…

  29. Well That escalated quickly!

  30. The good thing about this title is that it’s short, snappy and rolls off
    the tongue!

    *rolls eyes sarcastically*

  31. Was waitn for WU Tang to start going in

  32. not sure if it’s a movie title or a novel

  33. doesn’t look bad , but the the fuckin title is the death of marketing .

  34. To those who know her as Mini! You guys are awesome! Skins all day!!

  35. what a name

  36. Andreas Elberg (Andemad)

    Sooo… The var got glasses and a gun?


  38. what a very imaginative title

  39. Aho shit yalls better be scared

  40. MINI!!!!!!

  41. Title falls right off the tongue


  43. it would be awesome if she turned out to be a mermaid

  44. Turvo esse bagulho de filme.

  45. Googled it 😀

    This is a remake of a film from 1970, and it has the same title! :D

  46. I really don’t get this new generation, ya’ll get mad cause apparently
    999/1000 trailers spoil movies. You’re all missing the point. There are no
    twists, you’re supposed to just go and enjoy a story. Twists were only
    meant for super rare types like sixth sense etc. but now you’re expecting
    EVERY movie to have that same experience.

    No, go look at every movie released in theatres in the past 10 years and
    see how many are based on common stories everyone knows already; fairy
    tales, popular novels, comic books, true stories, remakes, reboots,
    prequels etc. almost EVERY movie falls under these categories and therefore
    are NOT meant to be shocking and surprising at all. We all know what
    happens because most of us read the book or comic or saw the original.

    I go to movies to experience a well told story performed by masterful
    actors that take me away, I couldn’t give a crap if I know what happens in
    the next scene, it’s all been done before and not much can be surprising

  47. when i read the title first thing that came to my mind was : Much hipster
    such culture many art wow…..

  48. I was waiting on the sundance film festival logo

  49. what a stupid long ass title

  50. The aesthetic of this trailer tho

  51. xXX “Fedorino” xXx

    “the lady in the Car with glasses and a gun then drives of the road in to a
    tree almost dies but crawls out of the car to saftey to find her love damn
    this movie title is to long” coming 23 oct. 2077.
    Rated P for Pirates

  52. Sexism everywhere

  53. What the heck this movie name mean that girl going end like this name movie
    seriously we already watch the end this movie jezz don’t need to watch this
    movie because Dumb

  54. Can someone ID the song please?

  55. original title.

  56. one of the worst title i’ve ever heard

  57. The Title That Was Completely Uncreative And Way Too Long

  58. long ass title

  59. I’m guessing the person who came up with the title wanted it to sound
    something like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

  60. Skins!

  61. title sounds like a porno…..2 Ladies with Glasses and a cup….lol

  62. Yup, the trailer is as weird as the title of the movie.

  63. Huh. I’m interested.

  64. and I thought “The girl with the dragon tattoo” was quite specific title!
    and now i am waiting for its sequel “The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a
    Gun, She’s blind and has no bullets…also she’s a he” official trailer #1

  65. Based on this trailer, I can only assume that this movie is about
    absolutely nothing.

  66. Also gonna make a movie titled ” the guy in a car watching a movie who
    realized its title was way too long”.

  67. whats up with trailers now adays, i have no idea what this movie is about

  68. Well you can’t have a more descriptive title than this…. maybe Dumb and
    Dumberer is

  69. They are really getting creative with the title.

  70. So I wonder how many people will continue saying how they gave up on movie
    titles/names, when they realise this is a remake of a film of the same
    name, based on a book of the same name; so I would think changing the name
    might have some difficulty.

  71. Skins 2.0.

  72. Freya Mavor!!!

  73. She’s from skins right or nah

  74. Does the thumbnail look like Daisy Ridley to anyone else?

  75. Grandmaster Sub-Zero

    What next? The Girl that went to the store to buy some milk?

  76. Drew Movie Trailers

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  77. The Conscious Philosopher

    Title too short


    Wow writers are not trying very hard to come up with good titles

  79. She reminds me of Faye Reagan. Anyone else?

  80. The only good thing I got from this trailer is my desire to listen to
    Liquid Sword.

  81. soungali prospere coulibaly

    j.aime ça

  82. A trailer with a plot twist!

    Directed by M. Night Shyamalalamalmalmann

  83. “Shame” (the movie) for women?

  84. I thought it looked fun and great, then I got scared.

  85. Well I”ll give it a try

  86. style, children. style!

  87. Ughhhhh!! So irritating!!! That “thunggggk” sound they keep using to
    emphasize a cut is INTENDED to be used for something substantial, not for a
    big screen full of credit text!! It’s already overused, at least use it for
    the title or just cut to black or SOMETHING decent lol. Sorry y’all. I’ve
    been watching too many trailers and it’s making me go a bit craycray. I’m
    right though. :)

  88. jesus, the movie title is bigger than my future

  89. Minnie from skins omg

  90. Mini McGinness will have her revenge.

  91. Freya ???

  92. H Ramóna (rammievengeance)

    Freya Mavor♥

  93. Can anyone tell the name of the song

  94. This trailer is pretty cool :D

  95. Song name?

  96. Sex with a redhead is the best, especially if its Mini from Skins !

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