The Lady in the Van Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Maggie Smith, Dominic Cooper Movie HD

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A man forms an unexpected bond with a transient woman living in her car that’s parked in his driveway.


  1. Dominic Cooper is very underrated! Too bad he is not in the trailer.

  2. next movie: the man in the big house

  3. this is red band ?

  4. do it mcgonagall

  5. BBC Films are always beautiful .

  6. The Visit 2?

  7. Is it going to be shit? Yes. Am I going to watch it to confirm? Also yes.

  8. Yer a foooken caaaght mcgonagall

  9. What a charming looking film. Can’t wait to see it :)

  10. “and 10 points to griffindor”

  11. This isn’t a bang bros video WTF?



    I think it needs a little more British…

  14. Diego Navajo Alonso


  15. OMG!!


  17. Pretty sure this came out a year or two ago. Didn’t it?

  18. Get ready to fondue

  19. Way to go, professor!

  20. cant wait

  21. cant believe dumbledores death made her like this

  22. Umm… I clicked on this video for Dominic cooper.

  23. Monster High Lover


  24. abadakada….. shit, wrong movie

  25. aye mcgonagal thing

  26. AKA Mrs. Magoo

  27. I hope she finds Postman Sam

  28. Jon Youtube Comments

    is this funny?

  29. Efrain Oblea Lopez

    Was this before hogwarts was even built?

  30. Kenneth Wayne Lee II

    i really want to see this movie ;)

  31. Maggie is adorable

  32. This is exceedingly British

  33. Dominic Cooper as Maggie Smith.

  34. Victor del Castillo

    Maggie Smith is marvelous!

  35. So we all agree we’re going to watch a movie about a homeless person & then
    drive right by that person at the light with the sign they made, right?

  36. so…. that’s what happens when you retire from Hogwarts…. Dumbledore did
    took the easy way

  37. I can finally send my annoying grand ma to the the cinema so i ll be fine
    for 2 hours

  38. Maggie Smith has been playing an old lady for like 40 years.

  39. Rated PG-13

    …..for a brief unsettling image????? Wut

  40. The Hell You Looking At?

    The british humor was always better than the american.

  41. BatmanFANizationReborn

    prof mcgonagall and howard stark

  42. Was it down by the river?

  43. Cole Winters The Sniper

    I’m a sick woman! Dying possibly! XD

  44. the movie looks so nice but then I saw james cordon….. but ill see it for

  45. Is this Van down by the river by any chance?

  46. this is after prof.McGonagall retired from Hogwarts.

  47. Damn, Dumbledore’s death really messed her up

  48. I’m on tears, dunno why!

  49. Hello There, Thank You For Caring. cub caring What’s your opinion about
    this, guys

  50. so thats what happen to Professor McGonagall when Hogwarts closed

  51. Jonatan Napitupulu

    oh merlin … professaaa what the hell u doing?

    piertotum locomotor

  52. They writing films for Maggie Smith specifically now? I mean seriously, if
    she had said she wasn’t interested would they have cast Helen Mirren
    instead? I think not.

  53. How to recycle British actors.

  54. I didn’t know she was kicked out of Hogwarts… And know she lives in a
    van.. That’s so sad :'(

  55. lady violet living in that van?

  56. This is going on my “to see” list :D

  57. Mr.NaksHD/ Minecraft and More

    Woman version of Michael Kane?

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