The Last Witch Hunter Official Preview Trailer (2015) – Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie Fantasy HD

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The last witch hunter is all that stands between humanity and the combined forces of the most horrifying witches in history.


  1. Walrus is in the Matrix

    I’m sure the critics won’t like it, cuz it’ll be heavily CGI’d, but it
    looks pretty awesome.

  2. Did the end of this just ruined the story

  3. you know nothing, Vin Diesel

  4. Vin Diesel you are not suppose to be on unrealistic movie.

  5. Vin diesel this isn’t youuuu ?????

  6. “One last ride”

  7. The Song is Ciara – Paint It, Black :)

  8. Look actors are actors so Vind Diesel probably does this movie to earn some
    money chances are chances

  9. So we now knows that girl turns bad right… *sigh*

  10. awesome…

  11. what the song ?

  12. Did they just ruin the whole story in the trailer? But why marketing team,

  13. Welp thanks for ruining the ending

  14. am i the only one that is excited about this movie?…

  15. i cant wait :D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D

  16. hola!

  17. Joe Biden's Shotgun

    Hollywood cliche #245 on the list: Always have an old british guy give
    advice or narrate in the movie.

  18. another movie that looked like it had potential ruined due to spoilers
    revealed in the trailer……..smh. Anyway, does anyone know the name of
    that song, I dig it. I could blast that in my house while I play Witcher

  19. Why am I watching this here? I see this every time I watch a video on utube

  20. who cares if the trailer spoils the ending. youre still going to watch it
    for the cinematics either way

  21. I really need to stop watching trailers if all they gonna do is ruin the
    movie. I’ll still see this just for visuals alone, I have no faith in the
    actual plot, never did, but I do have faith in Vin Diesel and Ygritte to
    entertain lol

  22. you know nothin Vin Diesel

  23. wither 3 rip off ?????????

  24. Looks good… but I want The Last Witch(er) Hunter movie, only me? Oh, ok

  25. looks epic. great actors.

  26. Two things: 1. I think people always rate these films for what they’re not.
    This is a fantasy epic; not a romantic comedy. 2. I hope they place that
    song properly in the film.


  28. this is gonna be awesome in a really stupid way

  29. vin is a fat baddie.

  30. You know nothing, Vin Diesel

  31. damn how many more trailers are they going to release for this movie

  32. This looks amazing!

  33. I thougnt this was a movie about republicans going after Hillary
    Clinton…..misleading title

  34. Nikita Belomestnykh

    “The last hollywood fail”? No, but one of them.

  35. where are the cars?

  36. Vin Diesel turns Macklemore during November!

  37. Vien Diesel O.o

  38. who sings/what is the song in the trailer please

  39. ALFRED!

  40. I live my life a quarter mile at a time…
    You know nothin…..

  41. The Witcher 3, someone ?

  42. Liam Smith (Jinkis)

    1:25 hmm, looks like a Feline silver sword with a few runes, wonder if he
    won that in Gwent…

  43. nice

    – via YTPak(.com)

  44. Vin Diesel isn’t the right person with a sword in my opinion, he’s more
    shotgun and larger weaponry.

  45. BatmanFANizationReborn

    visually this looks stunning, that beard & wig looks awful on vin diesel, i
    might check it out

  46. what so is that becaus i love it

  47. bo3 trailer song

  48. you know nothing, Vin Diesel…


  50. i love movies with imagination and weird characters !!

  51. song?

  52. This look so bad in some many ways.

  53. yay alfred is back

  54. Fabrizzio Velasquez

    geralt de diesel

  55. here for rose leslie

  56. What’s the song very nice

  57. Screw that.Do Riddrick

  58. Vin Diesel with hair
    10/9 -IGN

  59. Watch to 1:20 The rest is a spoiler!

  60. Departed Reflections

    Please don’t suck…….you look so good

  61. Oooo cool

  62. looks interesting !!!! but stupid trailer showing us everything ….

  63. keep making trailers. still gonna suck

  64. You know nothing, vin diesel!

  65. cool song

  66. Looks cheesy as hell but will still see it :P

  67. Look great! BUT what is that song? ^_^

  68. What’s the song they used?

  69. is that you ragnar lothbrok?

  70. So is this supposed to be the modern Geralt of Rivia? o.O

  71. Kev Gunner (skillage18)

    Did they attempt to do some type of Witcher movie ?

  72. which song was playing in background of trailor?

  73. ONE LAST HUNT!!!

  74. Looks like the shit I just took

  75. Maybe a demon took over her body and vin diesel is trying to get the demon

  76. Worse cover of paint it black I’ve ever heard.

  77. Isaac Vernon-smith

    im going to see this

  78. What is the name of this song?


  80. He never Knocked on nobody…

  81. it’s difficult to imagine how badly this movie will do

  82. Song name?

  83. Looks like the Seventh Son.

  84. Wolfrik Hordenailer


  85. Yooo wtf this trailer just told us that chick goes evil and shit :/

  86. I was looking at the reviews and they say there bad i don’t understand why?
    this trailer looks like the film will be amazing

  87. This song is amazing??

  88. Thats not how you get Brian back , Toretto.

  89. OMG remember when they made this movie and it starred Nick Cage?

  90. its a good movie

  91. early reviews saying this movie is terrible but Rose looks really good in
    black so I’ll probably watch it

  92. Badass movie in the making Right HERE…;)

  93. dogshit lead actor

  94. great movie go see it????

  95. What’s the song in the background???

  96. its leaning a bit towards Bloodborne/Dark souls i like it

  97. Vin Diesel <3

  98. OMFG OMFG OMFG its Alfred batman 3 comfirmed there are also 3 points to a
    triangle the triangle is the illuminates symbol illuminate confirmed

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