The Legend of Tarzan Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) – Alexander Skarsgård, Margot Robbie Movie HD

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  1. I can’t wait for my wife to abuse me while watching this.

  2. YES

  3. Konstantin Tapirow


  4. I just watched the jungle book trailer and people were begging fopr this

  5. Lel^^

  6. So uhhhhh, shit I better say something, uhhhh…

    I like poop

  7. teaser trailers are almost 2mins long? when did this start? what next
    trailers will be half the runtime of the movie.

  8. This is gonna be good

  9. This looks better than I expected :o

  10. Spiderman in the woods :o

  11. Nick Fury: “I’m here to tell you about the Avengers Initiative… oh

  12. Son of man

  13. A 2 minute long TEASER trailer…

  14. Yeahs!!!!

  15. Yes

  16. Jeff K (SternFan247)

    looks pretty amazing

  17. Oscar bait

  18. this… actually looks good… well not good good but good

  19. Get ready for some more white guilt

  20. This was better than the batman vs superman trailer

  21. Mark my words this movie will be bad movie.

  22. Are any movies original these days?

  23. Apes don’t like guns…

  24. King kong

  25. Harley Quinn looks great in this

  26. Looks a lot better then I thought it would.

  27. Halo Forward Unto Dawn Music

  28. Looks Better then i thought it would be

  29. I recognize that ape actor from planet of the apes!

  30. It looks pretty good. But wheres the Elephant ????

  31. now thats a movie

  32. this new planet of the apes movie looks great?

  33. Sam Jackson in every movie ever


  35. I am astounded that they made this movie look as good as it does with the
    direction they’re taking it. I am, 100%, down for this movie.

  36. A.J. “NippleNecter” Pancake

    Tarzan more like Retardzan


  38. Why does everything has to be so epic?

  39. Was not expecting this.

  40. This actually looks pretty epic

  41. I will be honest first time I read The Legend of Zelda.

  42. Has there been a modern movie about the jungle that was particularly bad?

  43. 1993 called, they want their CGI effects back.

  44. Why does Jane have an american accent? Or is that someone else talking?

  45. is it just me or can Margot never seem to change that stupid accent for any
    of the films she does?

  46. I pressed dislike immediately but after seeing the trailer I changed my


  48. I rate the trailer 4 out of 5 potatoes, the CGI is lacking, but it looks
    like a decent retelling of the story.

  49. *insert comment about apes looking similar to black actors, hur dur*

  50. Looks cool

  51. not the same without Phil Collins

  52. Dawn of the planet of the apes part 2 we out

  53. This isn’t a teaser. It’s a trailer.

  54. Legend of Tarzan X

  55. Tarzan: the movie where the only white man in Africa is king…….its over
    for these movies and their silly propaganda

  56. People always say films shouldn’t be recreated into love action, when I
    feel there’s nothing wrong with it. Because if they feel that film will
    “ruin their childhood” it won’t. Becsuse they STILL have there classic
    animated film to hold dear to them. Some people in general hate when Disney
    recreates live action. I don’t mind it just obviously as long as its good

  57. So Nick Fury is going to recruit Tarzan to the Avengers?

  58. But will it be better then the 1999 animated movie? because that one was
    pretty good.

  59. This looks exactly like King Kong…… remember how that turned out?

  60. Kala looks so beautiful and strong as Tarzans ape mother should be. 🙂
    I must say that I’m quite impressed!

  61. anyone remember Tarzan and the lost city? I think Greystone was the last
    good Tarzan movie

  62. Wow

  63. Baron Münchhausen

    I’m so burnt out on Samuel L Jackson.

  64. Jose Rodriguez (Guero)

    dark knight + disney=this movie

  65. This and Jungle Book look really good

  66. Sam L. Jackson has to have the total earnings in Hollywood history.

  67. Grand overlord empire

    meh ?

  68. INDIANA JONES! 0:30!

  69. Me Tarzan …You Jane :)

  70. Holy shit, this looks good!

  71. Christoph Waltz playing another bad guy

  72. christopher Waltz would be a good actor for this movie

  73. First, Jungle Book, now this? Let’s see what they got to offer! ?

  74. TARZAN, JANE, and the JEW-HUNTER!!

  75. SON OF MAN

  76. I never expected this movie to look THIS good

  77. The fade to black is so hilarious

  78. This deserves a watch just on the cast lineup alone.

  79. I’m so excited for all the new Phil Collins songs

  80. I could easily imagine this: Samual L Jackson to Tarzan “In that Jungle of
    yours they call Tarzan, out here we just call you One Badass Motherfucka”

  81. Tarzan…..TAAAAAARZAAAAANNN!….mother fucka.

  82. If it has Christoph Waltz it will at least be a decent film.

  83. MegaGrunty FlipYap

    Honestly I feel like the Halo music made this seem better than it might
    actually be. Which is good work actually from whoever edited this.

  84. hello from the other side

  85. I’m going to watch this because it has two of my favorite actors in it.

  86. Rebecca-Anne Diner

    This trailer screams King Kong ….. Literally …….

  87. It’s bout to be lit??

  88. Hey remember when harley quinn and Nick fury went to enlist tarzan to be

  89. not sure if king kong or planet of the apes

  90. I could almost sense that cameo in the end being a thing.

  91. holy shit ik what im watchin

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