The Legend of Tarzan Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Alexander Skarsgård, Margot Robbie Movie HD

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Tarzan, having acclimated to life in London, is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining encampment.


  1. First

  2. second

  3. George of the Jungle looking fresh af

  4. i want all these reboots to fail horribly

  5. looks great but they gave the entire movie away in the trailer.. smh

  6. xXFreakenShadowXx

    I can already tell it’s going to sucks ass! the gorillas looks so stupid

  7. This looks surprisingly good…

  8. I’ll watch it but I ain’t buzzing.

  9. Pretty awesome ! I don’t think this will be bad anymore .

  10. edgy tarzan

  11. Tarzan=Aquaman

  12. Why is he wearing pants? The monkeys couldn’t teach him that.

  13. This looks like a complete trainwreck tbh.

  14. this was a nice movie

  15. peter “pedalocam” cameini

    Looking forward to this movie

  16. very bad cg >.<

  17. The legend of CGI.

  18. This loks like Gah-Bage, shit CGI and boring characters. No more jungle
    movies please unless it is King Kong.

  19. I liked this..

  20. I thought a leopard or something killed the parents

  21. Why doesn’t Eric just use his vampire skills and kill all these pesky meat
    sacks? Silly humans!

  22. God It’s Alexander!!!!

  23. A jaguar killed his parents, A FUKIN JAGUAR, GOD FUKIN DAMMMIT, THESE

  24. TheYoungCommunist

    No Phill Collin?

  25. The apes coming down to attack the humans reminded me so much of avatar
    lmao I was crying

  26. Vive en la selva y no tiene ni un pelo en la barba. Comprara Gillette en la
    tienda de Paco el Gorila fijo…

  27. Tarzan and The Jungle Book? LIVE ACTION? This was my childhood.

  28. do
    the apes talk

  29. Danny valar morghulis

    Tarzan trailer > x men apocalypse 2 trailer

  30. I think Disney wins…

  31. are they in a savanna or jungle?

  32. all that fighting for his wife, hope she never files for a divorce.

  33. The chi looks crap

  34. another movie no one asked for.

  35. oh look it’s Christoph Waltz playing a bad guy again. but I’m not

  36. Oh hey, it’s that nazi guy from Unglorious Basterds

  37. Oh shit…

  38. I can get behind any movie with Alexander Skarsgård shirtless tbh

  39. Spiderman?

  40. MortalKombatFan4Life

    Plot twist: King Kong appears and kills everyone. The End.

  41. The Amazing Lucas

    Does Tarzan even lift?

  42. greystoke the legend of tarzan 1984 is better then this piece of shit!!

  43. Reminds me of that Lebeouf scene in Indian Jones 4, and look how that
    turned out.

  44. He is more than man, He is Tarman!

  45. The Javanese Wisdom

    “Tarzan : The Shame Of Jane” still the best

  46. Looks pretty good

  47. Damn it! Rip Hunter needs to set the waverider to this time!

  48. shite crap

  49. Holy shit! My Most anticipated movie forever! Dream’s gonna come true.

  50. is that mowgli

  51. Woy! C’mon, guyv. snotty sprout What do you think, guys… !

  52. jose leonardo ojeda martin

    oh shit!

  53. Francisco Almeida

    I saw Caesar ? /o

  54. I want to watch it tbh

  55. I actually want to see this more than I thought I was going to lol

  56. Finally AN ADULT MOVIE and not some Tarzan for kids.

  57. Before the trailer i was thinking not another Tarzan movie but after
    watching it I have to say it got me interested

  58. So basically Tarzan comes back to the jungle after living in the normal
    world with his wife Jane for a couple of years because most likely Samuel
    L. Jackson’s character tells him that Christoph Waltz’s character is
    planning on doing something to the jungle or the animals there and he goes
    back to protect them but then Christoph’s character abducts Jane in order
    to use her as bait or bribe for Tarzan to kill him or lure him out. In the
    meanwhile a war is brewing between the tribes and animals in the jungle and
    the bad guy and Tarzan is going to need to defeat the tribe leader to gain
    their trust and make them fight for him along side all the animals of the
    jungle against the bad guy and save My women crush everyday for the rest of
    my life Margot Robbie <3... Good job trailer I kind of understand the movie
    now... I hope the big twist you guys didn't reveal in the trailer is good,
    oh wait... Is there a plot twist or did they just give out the whole movie
    in the trailer?

    LOL!!! WTF is with this studios and their trailers hehe.

  59. Got them chills man…

  60. this looks like shit

  61. Where did he get his pants?

  62. vi todo o filme nesse trailer, obrigado, poupou minha grana

  63. Christoph Waltz plays the best antagonists.

  64. compared to the new ghostbusters trailer this looks dope af

  65. Who else was sensing a rapey vibe when the ape approached the baby?

  66. Looking forward to this.

  67. Rondarius “Dareis” Johnson

    Got goosebumps watching this so it gotta be good!

  68. Jonathan Zargosky

    Who came here for the gorillas?

  69. 0:45 Come stop your crying, It’ll be all right. Just take my hand, Hold it
    tight. I will protect youfrom all around you. I will be here
    don’t you cry ♫ ♪

  70. “Sookie!”

  71. He lived in the jungle his entire life and doesn’t have a single hair in
    his body. Yeah, sure, great movie.

  72. Those were some seriously cartoony cgi apes

  73. ERIIIIIICCCCC!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

  74. Why is cgi getting worse? Shouldnt it be improving?

  75. They call me Bam Bam

    I feel like the concept it almost like avatar with having to get people on
    his side

  76. the trailer for this was the add for the video

  77. Looks very grey and gritty.

  78. am I the only one disappointed that Jane isn’t English in this film?

  79. Looks like there finally doing a Tarzan movie right.

  80. The Hype for this is also hella real.

  81. Um who asked for this…?

  82. Christian Kongolo

    Still mixed about this movie but we’ll see

  83. I don’t want to admit it but this looks pretty cool.

  84. Hell yea, looks like it’ll be quite good. Can’t wait to see this & the
    jungle book.

  85. Very serious Tarzan Movie
    I Love It :)

  86. the next planet of the apes?

  87. semble mieux comme chiottebùrster

  88. 80% cgi..

  89. André Haugaard Pedersen

    The shots are amazing. The CGI is terrible

  90. The jungle book and now this?
    I sense a pattern…

  91. legend of the 1st swinger

  92. shit, a hippo!!??

  93. the casting is wrong af.

  94. Damn the homie Tarzan getting body waxed in the Jungle!

  95. Looks shit

  96. You know, I remember when I learned that pretty much all of disneys movies
    were based off of classic fairy tales. However, whenever I think of Tarzan,
    jungle book, Alice in wonderland etc. the last thing I think of is the
    fairy tales. That’s the kind of impact disney has on us. Love disney or
    hate him, he has managed to place himself into our lives 50 years after his

    And this is a movie not owned by disney, that’s not based off of disney,
    and the first thing we think of is a disney movie that had pretty much
    nothing to do with Walt Disney.

  97. so many awful cgi moments geeze.

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