The Lego Batman Movie Official ‘Batcave’ Teaser Trailer 1 (2017) – Will Arnett Movie HD

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A spin-off film featuring Batman from the 2014 film ‘The Lego Movie’.


  1. Abel Villa (The Cynic)


  2. The Squeaky Gamer

    This movie is going to fail.

  3. Would of rather had LEGO Movie 2…

  4. Darkness! No parents!!

  5. Much rather pay to see this than Batman vs Superman.

  6. This will be better than batman vs superman

  7. Will be better than Batman V Superman.

  8. they said batman begins twice tho

  9. this is the best movie in the world????????????????

  10. ChickenBurgerDude

    Emmet should be Batman’s friend ……

  11. I’d laugh if two minutes if the movie was just the microwave scene

  12. Is it me or did this trailer come way to early……
    Like suicide squad?

  13. So they wait for Batman V Superman to get shit reviews and then release
    this to redeem themselves?

  14. It’s probably funny but this teaser was lame.

  15. Sebastián Allegre

    So….basicaly they are bringing a lego movie because they can’t afford the
    special effects in real life

  16. I think this movie will have more mass audience appeal than BvS

  17. ohhhhhhhh shit the Bozz is back IN HOUSE

  18. #dcfansdeservebetterthanBvS

  19. It will be kinda funny when this gets a better rating the Batman v

  20. 1:23 Who is that between Wonder Woman and Aquaman?

  21. Whoever thinks this movie? is going to fail is crazier than a bag of
    ??Angle Dust this clip is??

  22. Darude-sandstorm

  23. Wow, the computer voice is Siri… Ha

  24. What, Batman has no love for Mask of the Phantasm? It was the best Batman
    movie, and animated as well.

  25. good style

  26. Yup, looks funny

  27. I will definitely watch it

  28. You know what it is…

  29. I bet it would better than BvS (BS)

  30. TheMCBow King of SkyWars

    XD LOL

  31. batman is the best lego

  32. So…..its the same douchebag batman that dated Wildstyle?

  33. I would rather a lego movie 2 but this seems funny plus its batman haha

  34. lol, at 1:15 the batman beyond suit

  35. Is that speech bot at the Batcave?

  36. this is real? is a good movie ?.

  37. Why does the Bat Computer sound like Siri?

  38. I can’t wait XD

  39. Looks better than Batman vs. Superman.

  40. You know things are bad for Warner Bros when you’re more excited for a Lego
    batman movie than Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

  41. This will be snubbed at the Oscars, just wait.
    Also is this in the lego movie universe, or is it its own separate thing?
    Also i would rather have a unikitty movie.

  42. I fell in love with this movie already. :DDDDDD

  43. OMG!!

  44. I can’t flippity wait.

  45. Wait, is the entire League in this? They gotta get Channing Tatum and Jonah
    Hill back for Superman and Green Lantern!!

  46. This looks better then BvS

  47. ya me arto que diario están chingando con trailer diario y lejos de ver el
    vídeo de lo único que me da ganas es cancelar la suscripción para no lidiar
    con ustedes

  48. Sebastian Przybysz

    EVERYTHING in this movie will be AWESOME !!!

  49. is it directed by Phil Lord/Chris Miller? Their movies are always good.

  50. Graf Grünsteiner

    Already better than BvS…

  51. This was a pretty good trailer. Can’t wait to see the movie

  52. When the Lego Justice League is formed faster than the live action Justice

  53. Halarious reminding us of Batman & robin

  54. Still better than ghost busters

  55. Sell the rights already.

  56. Replenishing the goodwill BvS is about to spill all over the carpet.

  57. that intro lol

  58. How much is siri gettng paid to be in this?

  59. M. Yousaf Hussain

    haha that was good. I gotta say. I hated the lego movie, the trailer has
    sold me. Just have to wait and see now.

  60. why did they mention batman and robin. I would have kept that a secret from
    new fans

  61. Miguel Moura e Silva

    I dont think you should be proud of Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin

  62. From the studio that brought you Batman Forever and Batman & Robin…
    From the studio that brought you Batman Returns, Batman Begins and The Dark

    I don’t know if they’re telling me if this movie is going to be good or

  63. he’s got Alfred to make his food

  64. So THIS is where BvS left it’s “fun”

  65. well i’ll never be able to look at batman the same anymore

  66. The one and only villain reveal in this trailer is… Captain Boomerang. :P

  67. this looks brilliant

  68. Christmas ForJuan

    I didn’t know I wanted this … but now I NEED it!!!
    I’m sold on the new DC Cinematic Universe (lego-version).

  69. is that Kevin Conroy?

  70. I want the lego batman belt

  71. This is going to get so much hate xD

  72. This is a joke

  73. channing tatum and jonah hill better be superman and green lantern again

  74. the Wiz Khalifa really dates this trailer by 7 years

  75. matthew milligan (CaptainBatMatt)

    is this legit or teasing for Lego movie 2

  76. never owned a Lego toy :(

  77. I don’t even think this stuff was in the script, it looks more like Will
    Arnett just did a bunch of improv and they animated around it.

  78. they used Siri voice ..???

  79. looks dum

  80. SuperEddie Gaming

    I swear the 2nd LEGO movie was going to feature the Doctor.

  81. Wait what 2017!? it still 2016 and it’s not half of the year!? but cool
    trailer :)

  82. ??????.

  83. Nobody cares about Lego Batman

  84. This looks better than batman vs superman.

  85. I just hope Chris Prat makes a cameo he’s hilarious

  86. Anonymous Hamburger

    No thanks. Would rather rewatch all the Batman movies.

  87. I don’t know why a lot of you are giving it hate, sure it’s going to be
    cheesy; it’s for the younger generation lol. But me personally can’t wait
    to see this, so all I’m saying is give it a chance and if you don’t like it
    then you don’t like it. Anyways that’s all I have to say (probably made
    some errors) so enjoy your life, bye.

  88. 2017 ARE YOU BAT-KIDDING MEEEE!! >:(


  90. can’t wait

  91. Omg this is so amazing ?

  92. matthew zinnecker


  93. What is this crap?

  94. Fro Flarecrow (Professor Fro)

    The Douchebag Batman you all loved from The Lego Movie: The Movie.

  95. LEGO Justice League > Animated Justice League > How it should’ve end Batman
    and Superman > Batman V. Superman

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