THE LION KING Trailer TEASER (2019) New Disney Movie

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  1. I’m fast

  2. where is the scene HAKUNA MATATA???

  3. Drop a animation movie into a real life animal 🦒 DONE !!

  4. Movie theaters gone be packed asf

  5. 😲Been waiting half my lifetime for this rightchere…HALF! It had better be worth it, lol🥰😁

  6. Gregorio Del Ghingaro

    italian version is better

  7. 00:47 is the most epic Scene in Disney’s history

  8. Disney queriendo volver a torturarnos con la muerte de mufasa ahora real y a todo color😂😂😂😂😂💔

  9. Dark Angel Sims 30 30


  10. Nice trelar

  11. instant dislike for any remake of anything

  12. Hope they don’t ruin the franchise

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