The Man Who Knew Infinity Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons Movie HD

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Growing up poor in Madras, India, Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyengar earns admittance to Cambridge University during WWI, where he becomes a pioneer in mathematical theories with the guidance of his professor, G.H. Hardy.


  1. Del Pateu indian scums!

  2. slumdog millionaire

  3. Looks and feels too much like ‘A Beautiful Mind’

  4. Knew Infinity and…..forgot this? Well, what next?

  5. Its going to be epic

  6. So this is how he became the Slumdog Millionare…

  7. I can’t wait to watch it ???

  8. All I can think is Skins

  9. ohhh you guys and youre infinity Stones

  10. it seems im the only one who dislike it.

  11. This is 60% on Rotten Tomatoes right now. Wasted potential.

  12. Looks good, definitely gonna check it out

  13. hey its that dude from slumdog

  14. He knew Pie now Infinity……

  15. Hey guys, check my new video on my chanel. Thanks for watching

  16. Chappie

  17. At first I thought it was The Marigold hotel 3 trailer??

  18. Who’s watching in 2020?

  19. A beautiful mind is ecceptional over it…

  20. but you are my maker.

  21. Inspirational music, race tension, down with intellectual elites, who needs
    proof when you have God, war, Jeremy Irons

    The Oscar Bait is strong in this one

  22. alfred meets prince zuko

  23. Another trailer that tells the whole story. When will they learn…

  24. The world would have been a better place without most of these white fools.

  25. Maybe 2

  26. The life of pi 2 NICE!

  27. sumail is that you ???

  28. I’m sorry, but this looks really pretentious and shit. Well overacted, and
    annoying music.

  29. wow this movie is on one of the greatest mathematician of my country. I’m
    so happy to see that and I’m proud to be an Indian.

  30. Slumdog Extraordinaire

  31. They are actually making this into a movie? Cool

  32. Looks like it has a lot of feels ;_;

  33. wasn’t there a white actor available to play this role? yeeeeesssshh

  34. Coming this year… thr alternate version of “Life of Pi”

  35. Can we start a maths debate on how much is wrong with the title as a

  36. How to make a glass of milk:

    -Coca Cola

  37. Pratyush Shrivastava

    This is the proof that even if a guy knows everything he will still get
    REKT by folks.

  38. cant wait to see it

  39. What are those?!?!!! 1:00

  40. Stephen Fry? I’m in

  41. Indians are genius. Most of them come here smashing silicon valley or other
    related subjects. Its expensive to live here tho so most of them don’t take
    that leap

  42. I’m looking forward to this.

  43. dev Patel is truly genius he is best Indian actor alive I think

  44. Good thing It didn´t show up sooner, this would kill The Revenant at the
    Oscars because of those stupid old judges.

  45. slum dog part 2

  46. There better be another one of those amazing dance scenes at the end like
    in slumdog millionair

  47. Yesterday I farted in an Apple Store and everyone evacuated… Cuz they
    don’t have Windows.

  48. what is a song name? anyone?

  49. there always has to be a scene of racism towards colored people. white
    people just don’t get it. all of you and your ancestors sorry but check
    your history, “you people” repeatedly do this. that is why people hate the

  50. This looks promising.

  51. Hippity Hoppity

  52. I’m so happy for Dev Patel. Go make them movies :’)

  53. Real story of great mathmatician Dr s. Ramanujan.. cant wait to see..

  54. why is this the only Indian male actor known to the British Movie Industry?

  55. the trailer was good until the lead character started talking about god.

  56. Anwar you bright bastard !

  57. Is anyone else getting a The Theory of Everything feeling about this?

  58. I’d watch it if i didn’t already know the whole movie.

  59. I can hear right through that fake indian fake accent.

  60. For those who are saying cheers on diversity… Let me tell you that Dev
    Patel is a british actor (not an indian). His parents are indian immigrants
    but he is in all sense british.

  61. good will hunting part 2

  62. ᴶᴼᴺ Youtube Comments

    Good Will Hunting 2

  63. Isolated Queen's Pawn

    Is this the Indian kid that was mentioned in Good Will Hunting?

  64. another Bollywood movie

  65. Cannibal_dong95 Christ

    Oscar B8.

  66. #MyNiggaDevNeedsAnOscar

  67. The S stands for hope :D

  68. Im black, even though the guy in the profile picture is white.

    It’s odd. A movie like this clearly is only gonna attract a older mature
    audience, yet they condescend us with the trailer’s corny inspirational
    music and slides. “Some journeys…..have no limits”.

  69. Proud to b an Indian!! *SRamanujan* did it all…

  70. Releasing date?????????????????????????????????????????

  71. Allah is real

  72. Looks like it is going to be a great movie

  73. finally a movie about ramanujan! always wanted to know more about this

  74. now it is time for British White racists…

  75. checklist …. marked

  76. Song: two steps from hell – nero

  77. Is it racist that the moment i saw Dev Patel and the word “infinity” i knew
    it was a movie about Ramanujan?

  78. man I need to watch this!

  79. What’s the song playing at 0:50? I think it might be Ludovico Einaudi or
    possibly Yiruma? Can anyone help?

  80. anwar… what are you doing? where is maxxie?

  81. Zuko pls

  82. Finally…..waited for this movie for infinity

  83. This movie is seems really dumb. If you submit a theorem you need a proof.
    Anyone familiar with math knows this especially because there are certain
    math theories that you cannot test.

  84. A Remake of the Tamil Movie named Ramanujan. Initially a south Indian actor
    was approached to play the role of Ramanujan but they wanted an
    international actor.

  85. dude you could give this guy a movie with the quality of imitation game or
    theory of everything, but they do this ;(

  86. great personality for every young indian ……

  87. i want to see it :)

  88. I wonder how many of you know who Ramunajan was and what he did.

  89. Why dont he hunt the Avatar??

  90. The worst part of this movie is that no Indian film company ever tried to
    make it…ramanujam born in India but will be told to the world by the

  91. Is this life of pi 2?

  92. Oh… this almost looked like a good movie

  93. The Other Theory of Everything

  94. i always wanted to make this film

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