The Many Faces of Zoolander Mashup (2016) HD

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Zoolander 2

From blue steel to magnum, check out our mashup of the many faces of Zoolander.

Music Credits:

“Slave 2 the Rave” by James Donald Davies

Courtesy of Extreme Music.


  1. FIRST IN A HCNANEL WITH 8 million subs OMFG

  2. Early not that anyone care

  3. Yeah! Second

  4. Never saw the first movie. Don’t plan to see this one either.

  5. 2nd on e to like 8th veiw

  6. Like= kiss your crush
    Subscribe= F*** your crush
    Ignore= Bad luck for a week!

  7. What’s wrong with models?

    They are so full of themselves, they don’t know anything and they are

    I know where your coming from, but I meant male models!

  8. if I get one more notification I will DIE

  9. Haaruun A. Abdulle

    Really really

  10. i never seen the first one. the second one doesn’t look any better.

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