The Nice Guys Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) – Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe Movie HD

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A private eye investigates the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles and uncovers a conspiracy.


  1. fffiiirst

  2. hell yeah

  3. Looks good… 3?

  4. Geoffrey Hernandez

    Third yay

  5. I m here early ….so early

  6. Diego Leandro Pilco Cerdan


  7. waiting for release

  8. Alright this movie looks like one of the good ones!

  9. Yay, Boobs /

  10. vice city…..???

  11. Iron man 3 was a pile of shit. Why would you want your name on that……

  12. Classic buddy cop comedy. 70’s fashion, nudity, and old fashion ass
    kicking. I like it when they bring up old movie genres back to life. Let’s
    hope it’s good.

  13. Honestly, this looks like it could go down as a masterpiece/classic if they
    do it justice. The ideas look great, including a solid cast.

  14. Needs more Emillia Clarke, 3/10 – IGN

  15. If someone dislikes this trailer. They need to look up the definition of

  16. Looks great. Kinda strange that they put Iron Man 3 instead of Kiss Kiss
    Bang Bang, which is more in line with this movie and it is arguably better
    than Iron Man 3.

  17. looks like a good movie

  18. kiss kiss bang bang was awesome. I’m ready for this

  19. Russell Crowe has never looked funnier and love the music theyre using.

  20. Shane Black is kinda insane

  21. Definitely checking this out.

  22. This looks so good

  23. Nadheeran's Deep Space

    THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC. Feels like a throwback to the classic 70’s/80’s buddy
    cop comedies, with the over-the-top action, gratuitous nudity, and
    slap-sticky, physical comedy.
    Plus, Gosling’s one of my favorite actors and Crowe is always great. Also,
    Shane Black’s already proven that he can do an amazing crime-comedy with
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which leads me to question why they put Iron Man 3
    instead of that..

  24. Looks funny

  25. Mungunbayar Batbayar

    Nice companion! Glad to see them cool guys together

  26. xXX “Fedorino” xXx

    Fightin’ Around the World
    Where it Tugger?

  27. Its like Starsky and Hutch meets Boyz in the Hood!

  28. I really hope this is good. Has tons of potential. And Russell Crowe.

  29. Now I really want to see this movie.

  30. james brown was a good choice for the soundtrack

  31. I’d watch it. On dvd.

  32. This looks good.

  33. Amazing!

  34. ben türküm

  35. this actually looks really good !

  36. This looks great. I can’t wait

  37. See shitty RIDE ALONG 2, this is how you do a classic comedic buddy cop

  38. looks awesome.

  39. Holy Mackerel the Third

    They’re on a mission to uncover why they’re in the friend zone

  40. this looks great

  41. What’s the song?anyone?


    looking good…

  43. Those trailers this days, they tell everything, so where is the point?

  44. I absolutely lost it at 2:28, can’t wait to watch this movie!

  45. 01:49 that’s look so real

  46. that scream !!! :D

  47. I’m in.

  48. this looks dammnn good..

  49. songs??

  50. Phenomenal I must see this

  51. so the iron man 3 director can indeed make something good…but not iron

  52. Can’t wait to see this

  53. Nice

  54. This looks awesome and I loved Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. I can’t wait to see
    this. Looks like it could be a 10/10.

  55. John Goodman’s masterpiece

  56. Wow! I cant wait!

  57. Oscar for Ryan!!! :D

  58. finally some good buddy comedy….looks hilarious

  59. Damn, it’s gonna be a long wait till Summer 2016.

  60. now this is a movie i must watch trailer had me cracking up

  61. this looks awesome. has the feels of a 70s/80s buddy cop film.

  62. i just found my most anticipated film of 2016

  63. Shane Black, the director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,

  64. I have a feeling the daughter is going to be this movies downfall…

  65. Looks hilarious.

  66. russell and ryan Best buddy cop duo since mel Gibson and Danny glover

  67. Ryan gosling actually acting instead of playing the driver in every movie
    he’s in

  68. First Gosling movie that doesn’t look like it’ll bore me to death. (Not
    that his movies were actually boring but half of them pretty much bored me
    to death) Anyway, looks really fun.

  69. This looks very promising, it kinda has a Tarantino vibe

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